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Starting From Scratch

Chapter 1: Getting away from it all


Naruto was fighting Sasuke on a lake when Sasuke said, "Naruto, for the last time. I'll kill you if you get in my way or Orochimaru's."

"But Sasuke! Orochimaru doesn't care about you! All he wants is to over take you! Why won't you listen!"

"Even if you're telling the truth, at least I'd get revenge on my brother!"

"Do you thing Orochimaru cares if you get your revenge? What about-"

Sasuke interrupted shouting, "You'll have to take me back by force!"

Naruto realized there was nothing he could do, "FINE!"

Forming a rasengan, Naruto was able to find an open spot in Sasuke to attack. But then…

Sakura found the two and saw Naruto charge with a death attack for Sasuke, and she shouted, "Naruto! Stop! How could you try to kill Sasuke?"

Loosing his grip, Naruto missed Sasuke, who then kicked him in the head and sent him through the trees.

Sasuke ran off and left Sakura with Naruto.

Waking up with a red mark on his face, Naruto was shouted at by Sakura, "Naruto! It's all your fault! Now Sasuke will never come back!"

End flashback

So first thing wrong:

1) Naruto couldn't bring Sasuke back for the third time.


2) Sakura hates Naruto for attempting to knock out Sasuke when he never intended to kill him.

Walking down the street, Naruto was given mean glares from villagers around him, this time though, more than usual.

Thinking of his rejection, Naruto remembered the third problem:

3) The villagers despised Naruto for returning to the village after the two-and a half years.

Why should he have come back? It didn't matter. There was no reason to stay in Konoha anyway, except Sakura, Tsunade, and Hinata. As for Jiraiya, Naruto always traveled with him.

Tsunade was the Hokage, but can't control the villagers who hate him.

Then remembering, Naruto took out the necklace Tsunade-baachan gave him.

Maybe he could make things better.

The next day, Naruto found himself in the local park

He tied the 1st Hokages necklace to a small box and looked for Sakura.

When finding her at the bridge, Naruto said, "Sakura-chan, I'm sorry if I disappointed you again, I'll do better next time…"

Naruto gave the sour faced Sakura the present and she examined it for a just a second.

She then hit him in the face knocking him off the bridge shouting, "I held this from you for a long time Naruto! I told Sasuke this a long time ago! You enjoy my pain! All you do is meddle with others lives! I want you to leave me alone! Nobody wants to be with you!"

Sakura, with her extreme strength, crushed the 1st Hokages necklace in two, and threw it into the water, back to Naruto.

That was it; Sakura passed the line. Naruto had chuckled, making Sakura scream, "What's so funny fool!"

"You never told Sasuke that."

"What do you know!"

"Feh. That was me who you told. Say something I don't know."

Naruto disappeared, and at the scene, villagers were laughing and smirking.

A lady approached Sakura and asked, "Has that boy done anything to you?"

Sakura smirked and said, "Yes, he has. All my time he's been pestering me. And I made sure he won't do it again."

A man in the back smiled evilly and asked, "What's your name girl."

"Sakura Haruno sir."

"Thank you. I'll be on my way."

While walking back to his apartment, Naruto walked by the tavern district, where which men were drunk and their kids were running loose.

Naruto was hit with a rock, thrown by a boy who was probably told to do that from his drunk father.

Throwing the rock back at the boy, Naruto knocked the kid on his feet.

But hey, what would the father do? Thought Naruto emotionless.

Arriving at his apartment, Naruto entered his mind.

'Hey fox?"

"What do you want?"

'Nothing, just came to talk.'

"Why should I talk to you?"

'I thought it would get lonely in here.'

"You got nerve entering my cage."

'Can I ask you something?'

"What the hell is it?"

'What do you do when things go wrong?'

"Either you make it better or start over."

'Ok then. Thanks.'

The next day, Naruto listened to kyuubi's strangely helpful advice and went to settle some things.

When he reached team sevens training grounds, Naruto met up with Sai, Sakura, and Kakashi.

"Good news everybody!" said Kakashi.

"What is it? New make- out paradise?"

"Haha…no. Starting today, I'll be back in my old Anbu position, but during the day, I train you three."

Everyone nodded and at the end of the day, Naruto walked up to Sakura and said, "Listen, Sakura. I know we-"

"Listen Naruto. I don't want to talk to you right now. Please leave me alone ok?"

Realizing Sakura didn't hit him; Naruto already made progress, and decided to leave Sakura alone.

On the way back home Naruto passed by a crowd of people who were all signing a paper a man was showing on a desk.

"Maybe it's a voting stand." Thought Naruto.

Knowing that he was never able to vote in regular community things, Naruto transformed into an average boy to observe the paper.

On it, the paper said,

Yesterday, Uzumaki Naruto was seen molesting Haruno Sakura. From this boy's history, I have decided to write a petition to the council in favor of banning or executing Uzumaki Naruto. All in favor of this idea please sign below.

Looking at the bottom of the paper, Naruto could see it was filled with signatures, and not only that, stapled to the first paper was another with even more signatures.

'All these people want me gone eh? And Sakura...she probably knew of this. They all want me dead.' thought Naruto lifelessly.

Looking at the man responsible, little did Naruto know, he was the man who had confronted Sakura and asked for her name.

'If they want me gone, they'll get their wish.' Thought Naruto walking to his home.

When he reached his apartment, he immediately packed a bag with clothing and food.

When night fell, Naruto wrote a letter and placed it on his bed.

"On second thought…"

Naruto crumbled up the paper and chucked it in the trash.

Then he started a new letter and placed it in an envelope. Then he wrote an address and slipped the necklace into it.

When he opened his door, Naruto said, "No more…I don't want to have anything to do with this place anymore!"

Now outside, Naruto placed his letter in the send-box.

Reaching the gate, he could see that five Anbu were guarding the gate.

Naruto tried to penetrate the wall but fell into a trap net.

Coming up to him, the Anbu saw him dangling in the air and chuckled, all but one.

Naruto said, "I'm leaving, you should be happy…"

The Anbu chuckled and said, "We can assassinate you right here!"

Looking into kyuubi, Naruto said with an emotionless voice, 'Help me get out.'


Naruto was temporarily shrouded in dark red chakra, which burned up the net.

Immediately, the tallest Anbu did some seals and then the others fell asleep.

"They'll wake up and forget what happened."

"Why are you helping me?" asked Naruto.

"If you want to go, get moving now."

Naruto thanked the man behind the dog mask and ran off through the forest.

"Naruto, sorry it came to this…" said Kakashi.

The Next Morning (A.N.: From here on out, there are no more changes.)

When Konohas chunin rookies woke up and arrived at the academy, they all searched for the blonde haired ninja.

The clock hit noon and a sound went off in the building.

All the kids turned their attention to the announcement, "Uzumaki Naruto has gone missing. Take your time to search the city for him. Thanks."

The ninjas sprung into action and searched for an hour when they heard another announcement, "You may cease searching for Naruto."

At three, Sakura went down to Tsunades for her daily work out.

Arriving, Sakura could see Tsunade rummaging through some items.

"What are those?" asked Sakura.

"These are things that Naruto left in his house."

Sakura observed the desk and didn't see many things.

"Naruto apparently-"

Before Tsunade could finish, a council member brought Tsunade her daily mail.

Tsunade took the letters and threw them back as she read who sent them.

Once she reached the last one, her eyes widened and she ripped the envelope open, dropping from inside, the necklace, which seemed to be tampered with, as though it was broken once.

As Tsunade read the letter while biting her nails, Sakura said, "Naruto tried to give me that dumb necklace and say he'll help me. I just want him to leave me alone."

At the very moment Sakura finished her sentence, Tsunade analyzed the note, Sakuras comment, and the shattered necklace. And Tsunades deduction wasn't good.

"Sakura! This note is a letter that Naruto sent! He left the village!"

Sakura didn't believe what she was hearing and Tsunade continued.

"You say you've seen him recently and what did you do!"

Sakura realized the extreme line she's crossed and didn't want to answer. So Tsunade answered for her.

"The letter reads that Naruto has been mistreated and offended. Tell me right now Haruno Sakura! Tell me what you did to Naruto!"

Sakura again fell silent and bit her lip.

"This necklace is made of the hardest stones in the land! Only two people in this entire village could have broke it! They are myself and you!"

Sakura said, "It's just that-"

Tsunade interrupted shouting, "This necklace was my most precious heirloom and I gave it to Naruto as a gift! This necklace YOU destroyed belonged to my ancestry of the 1st Hokage! You broke Narutos heart!"

Sakura closed her eyes and thought Tsunade would attack her, instead she turned around and said, "Just go alright…don't come back tomorrow, I need some time to think…"

Sakura knew what she'd done and felt stabs of guilt each time she took a breath, she didn't deserve anything right now, and neither did the villagers.

Tsunade alerted the council and they brought in Hatake Kakashi and the four other Anbu.

"Kakashi," said Tsunade, "…last night you were on guard duty for Konohas gates. Did you see anyone penetrate the wall?"

"No Tsunade-sama, not one person seen all night."

"What about you Anbu? Did you see anything?"

They all shook their heads in disapproval.

Tsunade dismissed them and outside while reading the letter over and over again.

Kakashi sighed and thought, "Good luck Naruto. You're better off out there anyway."

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