Chapter 27:


"So how did it go guys?" asked Tsunami as she opened the door for the four ninjas.

"Easier than expected! There was no conflict! They were actually very thrilled to see us. Hehe, the grandmaster actually asked for Naruto's autograph and a picture with him!" said Sakura removing her gloves and setting them softly on the couch.

The mother gasped, "Really!? That is a great honor!"

Naruto smirked, "Yeah, it got the job done way faster."

Tsunami followed Naruto's example by smirking as well, "So can you tell me what is going on? I'd like to know the inside stuff!"

Naruto chuckled slightly, "There is going to be another bridge soon, a ninja academy will be made after the bridge is done. So Inari is going to have a great chance to do what he loves. Next up, more crops are going to start coming in through the market and lastly, there will be some ninja's from the leaf coming in to assist with all of this."

Tsunami gasped, "Really? That sounds incredible!"

With a grunt, Naruto dropped his stuff off on a small table and said, "I'll be back later, I am going to see if there is a ramen stand somewhere around here. I'm tired of the packaged stuff."

Tsunami smiled, "If you think you can make it, go ahead!"

Naruto sighed, "It is called a henge jutsu. There is no way I am going back to the city looking like…myself…I'll see you all later."

While Sakura plopped herself on the comfy blue couch, Kakashi announced, "I'll hit the shower."

Tsunami turned around and asked, "What about you Sasuke?"

Taking a quick glance at the lady, Sasuke quickly moved his face back to central position and said, "Sorry, I think I am going to go back outside."

Tsunami frowned, and Sakura's sixth sense picked this up as Sasuke left the house, "Don't mind him Tsunami. Let Sasuke go. The sooner you do that, the sooner you don't have to worry about him. Sasuke will always find a way out of his stupors so let him be."

"Alright, I guess you'd know better Sakura…but the one who I am worried about is Naruto. Inari reveres him so much yet at times Naruto can be very cold and show no interest or care in his surroundings. Although reading is nice, Naruto always has his nose in a book, isn't around, or is dazing off into empty spaces. Whatever could be wrong with him?"

Sakura smiled bitterly, "Tsunami…Naruto…nobody ever thought so when he was young…but he has a very intricate mind. He sees the world in his own way…and back when he was a child, the reason he was so slow is because he needed time to draw out meanings of his surroundings on his 

own. He never had parents to take him by the hand. When somebody tried to explain something to him, he'd reject it and substitute it for his own beliefs which either were the exact same thing, or were completely idiotic but worked in the end. Also, almost everything was trial and error for him. He made many mistakes, but always conquered them in the end. You don't see that in everybody…"

Sakura now sat straight on the couch and closed her eyes as Tsunami took a seat next to hear, "So are you saying he is a misunderstood genius or that he is free spirited?"

She chuckled bitterly, "As time goes by, I only grow more to believe that it is both."

After Tsunami beamed, Sakura continued, "Naruto, on many occasions would do certain things that didn't make sense at the time. He does even the most seemingly bizarre things naturally. He would confuse people…"

Sakura, now too, smiled, "It is only now after much thinking that I can actually understand. To think that Naruto registers these things logically is truly incredible."

Tsunami grasped Sakura's hand that laid flat on the couch, "You know dear, you didn't really answer my question."

"Actually, I am getting there…truth is…I don't know what is wrong. I understand though, that he had a terrible childhood…and well…he never really had friends. He spent most of his time pulling pranks or dwelling in his own mind."

Sakura's smile flipped and her eyes fixed themselves to focus on the rug, "Tsunami…many people hate Naruto outside this village…and they don't even know why. Some people even mistreated Naruto when he was younger…abused him. I know that I have my share of guilt."

The young girl gripped Tsunami's hand tighter and her voice toned down slightly, "Yet somehow, Naruto managed to keep smiling and help others when all he got in return were insults and more abuse. Eventually though, he won the friendship of many people, when really, it should have been many people trying to win his friendship and trust…"

Tsunami then asked, "If it is not too much trouble, why is there so much hostility between Naruto and Sasuke now? I remember that last time they were here…they were very good friends actually. Rivals, but friends…"

Sakura held her breath for a moment, then looked at Tsunami's eyes and said, "Sasuke hurt Naruto, betrayed him. Naruto was an only child Tsunami…and Sasuke was like his brother. When that kind of bond is severed, only something like death can repair it…but that was a long time ago…"

"But then what is wrong with him now?"

Sakura's voice sounded like she was actually sobbing and her eyes shined, signaling that tears were about to stream down her cheeks, "The problem is…Naruto doesn't smile anymore, his will power and drive is gone. Why? That is what I don't know…and I feel as though I played a part in it. It is killing me…to this day, I have only seen a fraction of the suffering and betrayal he has gone through, and it is unbearable…I can't imagine what it must be like to be him."

Tsunami, in an attempt to support the girl, embraced Sakura, who in turn, placed her head on Tsunami's shoulder and began to cry, "Sakura…don't cry. You listen to me, if Naruto is as special as I think he is…. like you said Sasuke will awake from his problems, so will Naruto. You and your team just need to give him time."

After Tsunami let Sakura spill her sorrow until dry, she said, "Now Sakura, I'd like you to cheer up. Just because you were a part of Naruto's despair in the past, doesn't mean you have to avoid him or be a part of it in the present. Talk to him more. Don't be afraid. He will be hostile at first, but a little goes a long way. Just be there."

"Thank you…"

Standing up from the couch, Tsunami said: "Now excuse me, but there is a parent teacher meeting at Inari's school. I need to be there by the time he gets out."

"Sayonara." said Sakura forcing a smile. She did not want the last thing Tsunami to see of her to be sadness.

Disguised as a civilian, Naruto entered a local pharmacy. In his camouflage, Naruto had short black hair, wore a beanie, sported a red t-shirt, and baggy pants.

Making his way to the back, Naruto was happy to see nobody was in line and the pharmacist at the register looked to be tired.

Stepping to the front, Naruto asked in his masked, deep voice, "Yo, do you think I can get some medication for high blood pressure pal?"

The pharmacist whose nametag read: "Touza" was resting his head on the palm of hand as he was sitting down, with his elbow against the desk top.

"Um sure…we might be able to get you some aspirin if you give us a couple of minutes."

Naruto took a moment to scan the area and saw that he was the only man there, "Um…dude…you're all alone. Also, I was hoping to get some better drugs…you know?"

Touza kept his eyes on the newspaper underneath him, "I'm sorry, you'll need a prescription for that."

"I am from outa town and I left my papers at my house."

"Sir, I'm sorry. All I can give you is some aspirin, take it, or go."

Now Naruto was angry, "I seriously need some real medication, not half-assed pain meds!"

The man took note of the dirty language and asked, "Am I going to have to call security?"

Naruto glared at him and said, "No that is fine, I'll be on my way out…"

Turning on his heel, Naruto looked for a corner of the drug store where the security camera was blind. Once good, Naruto looked left, and then right while thinking, 'Hmm, if he won't listen to me as a random person, maybe as Naruto-sama he will take a second guess.'

The henge was released, and Naruto smirked before walking back over to the counter. This time, Touza lifted his eyes to see who was coming, probably because of his previous encounter. He gasped at the sight of Naruto, and the blonde thought, 'Oh yeah, this will be too easy.'

"Oh kami-sama! You're Naruto Uzumaki aren't you?!" shouted the pharmacist, standing upright and giving a bow.

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Ahehehe that is me! Say um, I came here because a family member of mine is sick and we are going on a trip soon. We will need plenty of medication to keep her healthy."

The man, unlike with Naruto's henge, showed care coming out every pore of his body, "Oh my! How may I be of assistance Naruto-sama?"

"Just call me Naruto…ummm…" he took another glance at the man's nametag, "Touza."

Touza shouted in glee, letting himself get too excited, "Oh my, you know my name!"

Naruto suppressed a laugh as he said, "Yeah, I heard you are a good pharmacist, lucky for me you are here."

Touza looked like he was about to explode with joy, "So um yes…what I can do to help?" Now he tried to sound professional; again, this was too easy.

Naruto leaned over the counter and said, "I was hoping to get some ACE Inhibitors, you know, antihypertensive medication? My poor grandmother has a serious heart condition and I was hoping to get some medication to last her at least a month."

The man almost gasped, "Wow…a month's supply of ACE Inhibitors?"

Naruto laughed nervously, "Yeah I know it can be a little much, I understand if you can't give me the whole month's worth…"

Touza slightly bounced, "No no of course I can!"

"Really? You're the best!"

"So I assume I should get you some captopril? Captopril helps one's mood on occasion too, helping with any pain, making you a little more cheerful."

Naruto scratched his head again, pretending to be stressed, "Yeah I know that but… actually, I was hoping I could get something a little stronger… and besides, my grandmother is as happy as a clam. She doesn't really need to be any happier, especially if drug influenced."

"You want more effective medication? You mean like Ramipril or Fosinopril? Does the same thing pretty much, just slightly broader."

Naruto scratched his head again, "No not quite…"

"Oh I'm sorry! What about Lisinopril?"

Naruto grimaced, "Oh no, I heard that there are too many possible negative side effects."

Touza now flinched; worried he'd lose Naruto's trust, "Oh I'm sorry um…" Naruto flashed a fake smile, "Actually, I was hoping if you could get me some Benazepril…or something around those lines…maybe Lotrel?"

"Wow, we don't really have those…and what kind of heart disease is this? This sounds really serious! Does it involve the Kidneys too?" Naruto sighed, he was being too suspicious, 'Damn, then what to do…?'

"Yeah…her disease is very rare…" Not wanting to take up too much time, Naruto decided to get to the chase and not be picky, "Um, I guess I'll just take the captopril…"

Touza smiled and clasped his hands together, "Very well Naruto! So you need a whole month's supply? I'll start it on normal dosage."

Naruto, before the man could begin, said, "Oh um, she is actually running on a very high dosage right now…if we don't keep it up…"

Touza jumped again, "Oh my, okay I see! I understand! I'll be sure to add a bit more to the quantity."

After a long while, Touza finally gathered all of the medicine, and asked before charging, "Um, Naruto-sama?"

"Yes Touza?"

He began to stutter and shake as he held out a pen and paper trying to ask a simple question. Naruto was way ahead of him, "Oh, you want my autograph?"

"Yes please!"

Naruto grinned, "With pleasure!" After quickly signing the pretty white sheet of paper, Naruto slipped Touza the money to pay for the medication.

As he took the cash, Touza shouted, "Wow, this is four times the cost! I'm not sure if we have change in the register at this time of the day!"

Naruto leaned forward and placed his flat open hand vertically next to his mouth, "You can keep the change if you promise to not write this down on the log. Don't worry; my visit will be our little secret. You can tell your friends if you want though."

Touza's eyes began to sparkle as he replied, "Sure thing Naruto-sama!"

After taking his big sack of pills, Naruto said, "Thank you so much Touza! You are a generous man! I do hope we cross paths again!"

Touza once again bowed, "Oh my no, the pleasure is all mine! Safe travels and I do hope your grandmother is ok!"

Naruto smiled, "Oh you are very kind. Do take care!"

Taking another turn to the security camera's blind spot, Naruto repeated the henge, and headed towards the exit.

'What a fool! Geez…can't say I'm complaining though.'

The second Naruto stepped out of the pharmacy he took two pills from one of the many capsule cases in the bag and popped them into his mouth.

"Now to wash them down with something…"

Naruto took a quick look around and identified a small ramen stand, "Now it is ramen time!"

Taking a look at the pills before putting them away, Naruto chuckled, "What'll they do kill me?"

Popping a third pill into his mouth, Naruto sighed and made tracks to the ramen stand.

Inari ran to the door and swung it right open, startling Sakura, Kakashi, and causing Sasuke's head to twist in its direction.

"Hey everybody! Good evening!"

Seeing as nobody else was going to talk, Sakura replied, "Good evening Inari! How'd the meeting go?"

Inari grinned wide, "It went terrific! The teacher is super proud of me! She says that I am doing well balancing my training with studies!"

Tsunami hugged Inari, making him frown and blush, "That's my boy."

Inari looked left and then right, "Um…where is Naruto at this time? He should be here for dinner."

Sakura smiled, I'm sure he'll be back soon. Kakashi then put down his book and announced, "So, did you bring food?"

Tsunami sighed, "If you'd take that mask off of your nose every now and then you'd notice I left some meat cooking in the oven for when I returned, as a matter of fact, Sakura checked it, seasoned it, and even cooked the rest of the stuff while I was gone! Which reminds me, put that book down to observe your surroundings every now and then!"

Kakashi folded his arms, "Hmph! I am a ninja, I don't need to."

Sasuke stood up from the wooden chair he was sitting on and headed towards the dining room to take a seat.

As Sasuke disappeared behind the wall, the front door once again flew open to reveal a rather drowsy looking Naruto.

Kakashi, Tsunami, and Sakura raised an eyebrow as Naruto yawned and said, "I'm bushed, I think I am going to go to sleep now…"

Sakura quickly added, "Welcome back Naruto."

Naruto raised his head, as it hung from his neck a few seconds ago, and he stared Sakura down for about two seconds. Already, the pink haired girl was expecting a terrible response.

Naruto smiled.

"Thank you Sakura-san! Something smells delicious…what might it be?"

Tsunami's eyebrow went down and she smiled, "Oh, pork, salad, and pasta! We are having a feast as you are all going tomorrow! We just want you all to have a good last night here! Desert is chocolate cheese cake!"

Naruto's smile didn't falter.

"Oh that is sweet of you! But I'm sorry to say that I filled up on ramen earlier…and I think I had some ice cream so…I feel terrible but perhaps if I am feeling hungry later I'll come and eat! You know me! I am a black hole!"

Kakashi stared at Naruto strangely; this went unnoticed, "Uh Kakashi-sensei? Is something wrong?"

Swiftly moving his hands up and waving them as though making a barrier, Kakashi said, "No! I am just wondering how you aren't hungry now, even after ramen!"

Naruto laughed, "Am I really that bad? I'll have to check my eating habits for now on, I don't want to get sick!" Naruto didn't realize what he said, but it was quite effective due to his use of the word, "sick". Kakashi's suspicions were put at ease for the time being.

Kakashi smiled, "Oh well alright."

Sakura's face was now brighter than a morning sun's glare and she said, "Well alright! I helped with the food so I was hoping you could try some!"

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Sorry Sakura-san! I'd really like to try it, I'm sure it is tasty! I can't have another bite though! So I think I'll go take a shower right now ok?"

"Alright, I understand. Just in case: goodnight Naruto!"

Naruto smiled again as he said, "'Night Sakura-san. Goodnight Kakashi sensei, Tsunami-san."

Naruto walked forward and rubbed the palm of his hand on top of Inari's head, making the boy's hair fuzz.

"Goodnight buddy!"

Kakashi shrugged the odd event off and headed towards the dining room with Inari and Tsunami right behind him. Sakura however stood in the living room for a moment and thought, "Maybe Tsunami was right. I just need to be a little friendlier to him!"

Sakura grinned in delight and headed to the kitchen to prepare the silverware.

Sasuke noticed Sakura's grin and asked, "What are you smiling about?"

Sakura glanced at Sasuke and smiled, "What are you frowning about?"

As Naruto entered the bathroom, he almost tripped on nothing. He quickly grabbed the sink to keep himself stable. Then, removing a scroll from the big pocket in his jacket, Naruto sluggishly released the seal.

Now, sitting on top of the small open scroll was a plastic bag. Removing a medication case from the bag, Naruto opened it and emptied two pills from its contents.

Before activating the seal again and placing the pill case back in the bag, Naruto's eyes caught the big black letters on the orange case that read: May induce blissful deliriums.

Naruto chuckled and scoffed down the two pills, 'Good thing I'm not trying to make any friends.'

He decided to keep the case since it was almost half empty, and stuffed it down his pants pocket. Naruto then hid the rest of the cases in the seal along with the plastic bag and headed towards the shower curtain.

The sun now shinned down on Inari's house. Morning had come, and team seven was eager to return to Konoha, save for one blonde boy.

Inari started to cry, "You really have to go?! We didn't get to train as much!"

Naruto smiled, this time, sincerely. He couldn't cry, so he wanted Inari to remember a side of him that would set a positive influence, "Hey, don't worry Inari. Listen up! I made a scroll just for you."

Handing Inari a fancy blue and silver scroll, Naruto bent down on his knee slightly and hugged the young teen, "You're growing up now ok? It is time to help your grandfather and prepare to become the man of the house alright?"

Inari let tears flow and he grasped Naruto's shirt tightly, "Alright…"

Naruto grinned, and by reflex, Inari couldn't help but smile as well, "So hey, I wrote down 15 water jutsus there and how to practice them! Next time I visit, I hope you have learned at least five ok? Knowing you though, you can make it to ten easily. I'm counting on you!"

Letting go of Naruto, Inari wiped the tears off of his face and said, "Take care bro!"

Tsunami too cried, seeing her son so emotional. Finishing for Inari, she said, "All of you take care. Come back soon. Thank you so much for helping."

Tazuna, now finally around, shouted, "A darn shame I wasn't here to chat! But Kakashi, we'll talk about our book later! I think we should start a fan club!"

Tsunami glared at her father, "Don't you dare! Be polite around them!"

Tazuna took a look at Naruto, "No longer a shrimp huh? Before you go, I have to know how life is going for you."

Naruto looked at Tazuna directly in his eyes and said, "Life is wonderful."

Taking a swig of his sake, Tazuna said, "That is good! I'll be sure to write…if I find the time."

Inari jumped up and said, "That's right Naruto, I'll be sure to write letters every now and then to talk to you about my progress!"

Naruto smiled, "Alright, but don't forget to write about yourself, not just your training."

Inari looked confused at first, but then, after looking directly into Naruto's eyes he smiled, softly, and in a low voice said, "Thank you." Inari got the message.

The team now faced the opposite direction and began to make tracks. After a good distance away, Kakashi asked, "None of you told her about the next mission we had right?"

Sakura shook her head, "Of course not. We don't have any reason to do so."

Naruto smirked, "Another mist swordswoman huh? If the mist village keeps this up there won't be any swordsmen left."

Sasuke too took interest, "So where is she?"

"Her location is not too far from here. To the rumors, "Raging Nami" resides in a camp surrounded by jonin. We're in for fun."

Sasuke then asked, "Who is going to get to fight the girl?"

Sakura didn't say a word, Kakashi sighed, and he didn't want to compete with Sasuke over such a thing.

Then, all eyes fell on Naruto.

"I will."

Sasuke's eyebrows fell and he glared, "We'll see. It is only fair for us to pick out straws."

Kakashi intruded, "I have a coin. I'll flip it."

Naruto fixed his eyes on the coin, disturbing Sakura as she thought: 'What in the world could Naruto want with at least a B class missing Nin?'

"There will only be one flip. Each of you has a 50 chance. I don't want any complaints as this battle won't kill you if you don't participate. Ready?"

"Heads." Said Sasuke, Naruto grunted, signaling his acceptance.

With a flick of his thumb Kakashi sent the silver coin into the air.

As it fell through the sky, Sasuke took a good look at it, trying to predict the outcome.

'Sharingan.' Sasuke now watched the coin closely. He calculated the fall and thought, 'Damn, I won't make it…the coin is metal though…'

Kakashi noticed the sharingan, as well as Sakura, but they let it pass. Activating the sharingan wouldn't influence the outcome.

Sasuke, using his chakra element, pumped energy through the ground, hoping that he could suspend the coin in the air a little longer by repelling it. He only used a little bit, so that it would go unnoticed.

Naruto on the other hand, took quick alert of this and countered it with his own chakra.

The coin landed, and a small leaf was engraved on the side facing the sky.

"Naruto wins." proclaimed Kakashi. He then leaned over and picked up his shinny currency.

Naruto closed his eyes and continued to walk in the designated direction. Sasuke on the other hand scowled. 'What the hell? I was positive that it would land heads…unless…no, he wouldn't have...?'

As Kakashi stretched out and then followed the teens into the forest, he thought, 'Now why did Naruto try to get the match? As far as I'm concerned, Naruto would have asked for the easiest part…but…does this mean Naruto has a personal interest?'

As Naruto walked through the forest, his subconscious mind followed Kakashi who was now in the lead once more, but his alert side was now dwelling in the sewers. The demon had a question.

"Naruto…just what are you thinking?"

Looking up to the dark red fox, Naruto replied with a serious outlook, "Kyuubi…this woman is one of the five original sword masters…fox, she is….a sword master of the rains of war. One of the five who left the rain village after being betrayed…the origin of the swordsmen."

Kyuubi gasped, so this was what it was about, "You are referring to the conversion into the rain village correct?"

Naruto nodded, "If I can squeeze enough information out of her…then maybe I'll learn more of why…and how…"

"Why what?"

Naruto shouted and the intensity of his voice even set a chill down the fire demon's spine, "Why the hell did the whirlpool village disappear, why it is now part of the rain village?! More importantly, where are the people who used to live there now? I refuse to believe that they are all dead damn it!!"

An elderly blonde whose looks would fool any man currently had her two feet rested on a big wooden desk, pilled with paper work. She was on break, and nobody, that meant nobody, would stop her from relaxi-.

"Tsunade-sama! You won't believe who is here!"

The lazy eyed Tsunade stared angrily at Shizune, "Crap girl! I don't care if it is that lass Naruto is in love with, but you better not let anybody in!"

The man just let himself through then, "My my Tsunade, still drinking huh? Well I can't say I didn't expect you to stop…and wow, of all the people you could have said you didn't care about, that was pretty random…you must be drunk."

"You're back huh?"

He detained long white hair, a unique headband that read oil, and a giant scroll was tied around his waist that hung behind the bottom of his spine.

"Jiraiya-sama at your service. Now you tell me, where is my apprentice? I am going to have a long talk with that bastard. That blonde idiot…I swear…"

Tsunade frowned, although drunk, she held a serious voice, "You missed him as of almost a week ago…he'll be back in a couple of day's kami willing…"

Jiraiya smirked, "Oh alright…but do tell me about this girl Naruto happens to be in love with…"

Tsunade grumbled, "Oh fine, you caught me while I'm drunk."

The perverted senin made a sly grin, "I feel a new idea coming up!"

She laughed, "Sorry Jiraiya-baka, I have no idea how she looks like."

Putting the pen, which he had just unveiled from his pocket along with a sheet of paper, back where it belonged, Jiraiya muttered a small, "Kuso, there goes a special edition release. To think I could have actually published that thing!"

"What do you mean publish that thing? As far as I'm concerned, everything you write with the word sex in it you'll publish it. Unless you mean you wrote something before Make-Out paradise began!" shouted Tsunade sluggishly as she almost fell out of her chair.

Jiraiya smiled, dangerously similar to Naruto's grin, "Well that is another story to tell…I'll tell you this though, what I wrote was lacking my forte, and I was hoping this girl could've given me an edge. Anyway…so where is the lucky idiot now?"

"So here is the plan…" Kakashi was now briefing his team on the next hour or so. All three adolescents surrounded Kakashi as he spoke.

"There are about 30 jonin here in total. The front wall of the fort has three different segments and there are 3 guards per segment, meaning nine jonin surrounding the front gate. Sakura, this is where you come in. What I want you to do…and we won't be around the bush for this part. Smash the wall down, all at once. One blow is your restriction. Do you think you can do it?"

Sakura held her fist in front of her, "You know it! So I am suspecting that you then want me to get the jump on them?"

"No actually…Naruto your nature is wind, as these men jump or fall through the air, I don't care what you do, at least take five of them out. I'll dispose of the remainder."

Naruto nodded, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

"Sasuke, what you do will determine whether or not Naruto makes it through. Once the wall is down, you cover Sakura and you both go in, taking out any jonin in your path. You will do this because of your Chidori current. It won't be hard for you to take out many enemies. If any wall or big enemy gets in your path, leave it to Sakura."

Sasuke didn't reply, but Kakashi got the idea.

Naruto then said, "Alright…I am going to use a long range wind jutsu to kill the necessary guards so I can make an entrance with Sasuke and Sakura alright Kakashi? After you're done with the rest of the guards, cover our backs."

Kakashi, although reluctant at first, sighed and agreed to Naruto by simply nodding. "Very well."

As though he was the team leader, Naruto cut in, "For all we know there may be more jonin inside so once we get deep enough, I am going to set a genjutsu around me to get around the fight. I'll go deep inside, kill the girl, and when I am done, I'll continue my way out so we can eliminate opposition faster and at the same time, box them in."

Sakura and Kakashi looked at Naruto with awe. His plan actually made some sense. Sasuke on the other hand asked, "What if any ninja interferes with your battle?"

"Don't worry; I'll make sure that doesn't happen."

Everybody but Sasuke nodded and faced the direction of the fort. Next, the team took to the tallest tree in sight and then split up to perch on different branches. Sakura on the other hand remained on the ground with her head up high, checking for the signal.

Kakashi's wrist bent, and he pointed ahead. It is time to go.

Charging forward, Sakura cried, "Shannaro!"

Emerging from the trees, the girl didn't give the guards time to respond. With a thrust of her fist, Sakura sent the whole wall crumbling to pieces, descending to the dirt. Five men fell through the sky, and three leaped into the air. One poor man was crushed by the rocks as he hit the floor before the boulders. Things were already going great. The mission was in motion.

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