Alright, to those of you who are Lancitty lovers, well, you came to the wrong place. But don't worry I was once one of you myself, though I have no idea why...once I discovered Kiotr...Wow! There's nothing like it. Therefore, this story will be a Kiotr, frankly, because I live by it, and Romy hints will be throughout it, because that's how it turned out.

P.S. I can't do accent's to save my life, except for Kitty's because I have a Valley girl accent half of the time anyhow, seeing as I'm from Cali. Yeah...not all of us speak that way, but we do say 'like' a little too often. Anyhow, other than her own, you can scold me all you want, I'm going to go read up on a few more stories containing the other three so I'll be able to learn how to do them correctly. Criticism, especially when constructive, is always welcome.

"There is, like, no way I'm ever talking to him again!" Came the words shouted through the tears of the sobbing Katherine "Kitty" Pryde. After slamming the door, the petite young woman threw herself upon the twin-sized bed of the right-hand side of the room.

Wishing to comfort the girl, her best friend, and roommate, then spoke up. "All Ah got ta say is good riddance ta that sahn ((son)) of ah-" "Rogue!" Kitty exclaimed, clutching a pillow to her chest as she sat with a bewildered expression upon her face.

"Kit, yah knew Lance was nevah gunna be annah ((any)) good; yah tried, sugah." Rogue's words came with a slanted smile and a shrug as she sat upon her bed looking over to Kitty. Lance had dated Kitty for quite some time, yet he always seemed to be placing her in a position of hurt. This eventually began taking a toll on the young woman; she was no longer the hyper-active-valley-girl she used to be, at least, not all the time. As Rogue sat for a moment, contemplating it, she could easily recall Kitty using the words "like," or even "totally" within a sentence recently, but it only seemed to come out when she was upset or extremely nervous. Yet, her thoughts quickly derailed and turned back to Lance, he had hurt her best friend far too many times now, and the strong-willed, southern-born woman would not stand for it any longer.

She stood from her bed, which was covered in sheets of dark emerald green covered by a black see-through material. Kitty's face was stained with the black streaks of mascara that had flowed down her face. The two women had spent the past seven years rooming with one another, even the the Professor promised them each year that they would 'soon enough have their respective rooms;' over this time, the two had learned much from each other, Kitty stopped being such a ditz and at times would find herself being somewhat contemplative, and Rogue wasn't always withdrawn and learned how to 'live-it-up' as Kitty often stated. Other traits were shared now as well, such as combat skills and compassion, though the two preferred to show not much of their changes unless around the other.

"Wanna talk about it, sugah?" Rogue coxed as she sat on Kitty's bed, placing a gloved hand upon her shoulder. Kitty looked up from the dragon shaped pillow and responded slightly, at first, merely nodding. Even so, once her mouth opened to speak, the motor started running and Rogue mentally prepared herself for a long night seeing as how it was already ten-thirty.

"Well, he was just like, I dunno how it even started anymore! All I remember is him being totally stupid and accusing me of, like, cheating on him the other day, because when he came over I was watching a movie with Piotr, so obviously what else could I have been doing but throwing myself at him?" Kitty had sarcastically added as she waved her hands in the air without any purpose. She turned to face Rogue who didn't have the most helpful expression on her face. "Alright, start talking. Like, what's with all the mleh, mleh, mleh?" Kitty questioned as she mocked Rogue's expression.

"Ah...well, yah know that Ah loathe Lance, so don't ya think that Ah'm takn' his side ahn ((on)) this...Ah'm glad ya broke up...ya know what Ah mean. It's just that evah since Magneto vanished and Metal Man moved in three years ahgo, yah two 'ave gotten pretty close. Ah mean, Jamie asked meh the otha day if anthn' was up with yah two. And when wah ((we)) rescued the kid two years back," she went on, referring to Piotr's little sister Illyana, "yah seem tah be with him evahn more."

Kitty's face was already red from the crying, but hearing Rogue's words only made the redness appear upon her cheeks more than before. She buried her head in the purple, bean-bagged-dragon-shaped pillow, and mumbled something incoherent. "Kit, yah gunna have tah take yah head outta the pillow if yah want meh ta hear yah."

Raising her head from it's previous position her face displayed a guilty expression and she mumbled, once again, "I lied to him. For, like, a full two and a half years." With an uncertain look upon Rogue's face, for she didn't understand what her friend was talking about, Kitty was not deterred and merely continued on with her rant. "Why did I have to be so stupid. Ya know something Rogue, I may be twenty-two now, but I'd be lying, again, if I said I've grown up at all. I'm still the dumb little girl I was when I first came to the mansion; I hate the way I am!" She then leaned back down, covering her face into the dragon pillow.

Rogue felt sorrowful for her friend, but since she didn't understand anything, she felt the Kitty psyche (referring to the part of Kitty that she had once absorbed by ways of her power) within her head taking over and began prodding. "What the heck are yah talkn' about, Sugah?" She stroked the young woman's back, attempting to soothe her, trying also to cease the tears.

Kitty looked up once again, bringing her legs up to her chest and encircling her arms around them, leaving the plush, dragon-pillow between her chest and legs. Turning her attention to Rogue she stated, "Lance was right. I felt bad, I mean, Lance and I, when we had good parts, yeah it was really good. He would be so sweet at times, and I would think he cared, then I would mention something, like important to me, like wanting a kid or something, and then he would laugh and say, 'You can't raise a kid, Kitty; you can barely take care of yourself.' I mean, maybe he's right, but then that comment alone would start at least a month of fighting. I swear, Rogue, if I didn't have such a past with him, I honestly don't think I would have ever left him. I...I...he cheated on me!"

She then tugged the dragon closer to herself, sobbing tears of sorrow, yet, unknown to Rogue a few of the tears were of relief. "I mean, he like called me a slut, but he actually cheated on me. Fred let me in anyway, and like, told me that Lance was in his room and everything. So I just walked up, like I always do and I was just totally surprised when I heard them." Her tone had changed from tearing to anger, though not the only emotion she was feeling at the moment, she was getting over Lance much simpler than she thought. "I reached for the handle and tried to open it, but of course, he, like, had it locked and shouted, "Go away, Todd!" So, like, what else, I obviously phased and there he was with Jacklyn Hemra, that little b-"

"Whoa, sugah, Ah'm the one who speaks that way around here." Rogue interrupted, trying to lighten up the moment for Kitty. "Evahn though Ah always try ta get yah to say a lil somethn' everah ((every)) now and than." Kitty smiled sheepishly at the words her friend spoke, realizing what a goody-two-shoes she saw when she looked in the mirror. This made her let out a slightly aggravated sigh.

"Roguey, would you do something for me, please?" Kitty asked with an almost sickeningly sweet smile upon her dimpled face. "Only if yah promise nevah ta call meh that again, Kit," was her only reply, despising the nick-name. "Would you mind helping me get over Lance. I just realized that it's because of him I still act sixteen, it's not like I can be sixteen forever, right? I mean, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be stuck in that same time-frame of mind thingy, right?" "Raaaaight," Rogue replied, attempting to see where the brunette was going with this.

"Well, I need to grow up now. Maybe get a make-over or something, I don't know. But, I need you to help me get over Lance. I'm already starting to, it hurts that I found out he was cheating on me, seeing it was way worse though...Ew!" she shuddered, recalling the memory. "But, you were right all along, Lance wasn't good for me, he was just dragging me down. I'm sick of him already, just kinda need help getting a bit more over him. You'll help me, and of course there's...but yeah, never mind. Can we go to the mall tomorrow?"

By this time Rogue had already made her way from the baby-blue satin sheets of Kitty's bed back to her own, seeing as how they had been exposed to an excruciating ten-hour danger room session that day and she was ready to sleep two hours ago when she and Kitty had first started speaking. "Sure, Kit. Can yah turn off the laghts and we can get some sleep, now?" Rogue commented, merely wishing to make her friend quiet now that she had gotten out most of what she felt she had needed to.

Kitty did just as she said she would and got up from her position upon her bed and shut off the lights of the room. She then walked over to her dresser, pulling out a gray pajama top with pink daisies on it and placed on the matching bottoms. Next, she made her way back to her bed and almost silently slipped under the covers, hugging the plush-like dragon close to herself. She was going to have a restful sleep, despite the ache's her body felt from the danger room session (which had started nearly twenty one hours ago, ending about eleven hours from the current time) and the encounter with Lance, which signified their final break-up.

She let out a slight sigh, she had someone on her mind as she noted a dim light in the hallway and tiny footsteps creeping by her door, stopping for a moment at it, and then running down the hall, over to the boy's/men's corridor. The light was soon shut off again and Kitty knew that the footsteps belonged to none-other than the 'little snowflake' Illyana Rasputin. "Tell him I say, 'goodnight,'" Kitty whispered as if the little girl, who had woken up in the night, would have heard her on her way to her elder brother's room.