Ok, this is a poem that even I don't really understand. It's very angsty and just be warned, I'm no John Keats! Ok, enough babbling, I love writing poetry, so tell me what you think of it. Thanks! Oh, and I don't own any characters that you associate with this.

They sky lights up the face,

Blue eyes against a

Black, slender frame,

Pierced screams silence the night,


I seek you and you place,

Alone, the walls comfort you

The red satin brushes against white skin,

Skin untouched,

Unseen but the mass of dark sleep

As you rest, I pray

For the silence that bewilders me

To see for myself,

That once one has past, a new face begins.

Ok, give up? It was about Gibbs seeing Kate's body at her funeral. I haven't seen the funeral episode though or anything after season 2, I just couldn't bare to watch! It's mainly about Gibbs realizing that as Kate died, that part of his life, the part with her in it was over, but now a new one could begin. Ok, I'm confusing even me now! Thanks. Please R+R!