The Spirit of a Hero—I—The Legend

In the annals of time, there exists a legend...

The Legend of Zelda...

According to legend, there once existed a beautiful and prosperous kingdom called Hyrule. It was a peaceful kingdom ruled by a wise and benevolent king and his daughter, Princess Zelda. He governed all the races of Hyrule with justice and equality, and everybody lived in peace.

Then one day, an evil man from the desert came and attacked without warning. Wielding one third of a sacred relic which gave him the Power of the gods, he usurped the throne and plunged the kingdom into darkness. Monsters began to multiply and spread across the land.

Then, just when all hope seemed to be lost, a young boy appeared as if from nowhere, wielding the long lost sword of evil's bane, the Master Sword. The brave hero overthrew Ganon, the Prince of Evil, and restored peace to the kingdom. It is said that he then quietly slipped away from the land that he had saved, and went back whence he came.

This is not entirely true.

Sometimes it is necessary to alter the account of history to protect the future. To keep the hope of the future alive, the past must sometimes be altered by the present. Facts are obscured or changed so their consequences cannot be fulfilled. This is one such story.

Ganon's rule had left Hyrule in ruins. After his defeat, Princess Zelda ascended the throne and led the kingdom into a period of reconstruction. Link stayed by her side and helped in the reconstruction, stamping out any vestiges of evil that still remained.

On the three-year anniversary of Ganon's defeat, word came to the castle of an uprising in the desert. Link went to check it out, and instead found an ambush waiting for him. He escaped the ambush, but not before learning an awful secret: Ganon had returned, and had amassed an army to conquer Hyrule once and for all.

Link hurried back to the castle and informed Queen Zelda of the disturbing news. He then forged a great army of the people of Hyrule. Gorons and Zoras, Kokiri and Hylians, all of Hyrule rallied around the banner of Link. He had saved their kingdom three years previous, and they would gladly lay down their lives for him.

On the field outside of Hyrule castle itself, the final battle for Hyrule was fought. The Hylian Coalition Army fought to protect their homeland from the forces of evil. Though they fought bravely, they fell one by one to the sheer numbers of Ganon's army. Eventually, Link was the last man standing.

Link fought savagely, and one thousand slain Moblins lay scattered around him before the Prince of Evil, Ganon himself arrived. Caught between Ganon and his vast horde, Link fell at the hands of Ganon. As his body slumped to the ground, the Master Sword shattered into many pieces. The army then turned its sight on Hyrule Castle itself.

Queen Zelda gave birth to her newborn son just as the first wave of invaders broke against the castle gates. Caring more for her child's safety than her own, she entrusted his fate into the hands of a lone Sheikah warrior and bade him to take her son out of the reach of danger. He then escaped out the back gate of the castle and disappeared into the night.

The task force assigned to protect the castle fell before the onslaught of monsters in only a short time. Within the span of two hours Ganon was once again the ruler of Hyrule. Queen Zelda disappeared, and with her went the people's hope.

While all this was going on, Sheik wandered through the trees of the Lost Woods, bearing with him Zelda's newborn son. He finally found what he was looking for: a dark, magical tunnel leading out of Hyrule. He looked back only once, then turned and left Hyrule behind him. He took with him the newborn heir to the throne, a baby boy with a triangle-shaped birthmark on the back of his hand...

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