Serena Tsukino: 23
Diamond ?????: 24
Darien Chiba:25
Mina Aino: 23
Raye Hino: 23
Lita Kino: 23
Amy Anderson: 23
Trista Meioh: 27
(*******)= scene change
(AN:)= author's notes

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To Serena Tsukino it was a lovely day out, she was walking around Central park with a person who was considered the hottest guys on campus. At New York state he had quite the fan club, but he only showed interest in Serena. Now they'd been dating for 4 years. They started going out her junior year in HS. After remamising about the good 'ol days, she turned to the problem at hand.
'why does Diamond look so stressed?'
"Penny for thoughts?" she said finally breaking the silence.
"Well my cousin from Japan is coming in about a week. He's...." Serena cut in
"Shouldn't you be happy?"
"Let me finish" she nodded "His parents died about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. I'm his only living relative left, but I haven't seen him in over 7 years now. I dunno whether to be happy, sad or mad" Diamond finished (AN: He left w/o saying goodbye)
She didn't know what to say so she hugged him tightly
"Everything will work out, fine"
Even though he heard that alot it sound good coming from her.
"How about we go get some ice cream?" he said
"yea" she jumped up and they walked to the nearest parlor walking hand in hand just enjoying eachother's company.
A week later.......
"Oh noooooooo I'm late I'm late I'm late!!!! Raye's gonna kill me!!!!!" The girls and her were suppose to meet at the library to study for Mr. Safestein's physics exam.
"Where is that meatball head!!!!" Raye yelled slamming her fist on the table
"Calm down, Raye she's probably out with Diamond" Mina said
"Yeah, Mina's right their practically joined at the hips" Lita added
"Yeah and other places" Raye mumbled
"RAYE!!!!!!" everybody yelled
"Let's just get started on this while we wait" Amy said
They had been working for five minutes when Lita said
"Hey....did you guys just see....?"
"Flying meatballs?" Raye finished
Just they heard a loud BAM
"Owww, books bo knock some sense into you" she said rubbing her head. They all laughed
"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh" the librarian hissed
They all sat down, Amy jumped right into the physics book
"Newton's laws are................"
"Psst.....Psst....Meatball head" Serena got used to the little endearment from her friend Raye "where were you before you got here?" Serena looked at Raye
"Hey are you guys listening?" Amy whispered
"Psst......Psst....well?" Mina joined the interrogation
"Newton believed gravity..........." (AN: why doesn't Amy get a clue?)
"I said MYOB"
"Serena please pyhsics is so boring" Mina said
"Yeah I'd rather be shopping, now" Lita said
"So, Meatball where were you?"
"Out with Diamond I dropped him off at the airport so he could get his cousin from Japan. Happy now?"
"No, noone's listening to me" Amy yelled
"I was listening" A young boy said
Eveybody looked at him with surprised faces
"Hi, I'm Greg....You're Amy right?"
"Yeah...I am" Amy said
"Would like to go out sometime........for some coffee?"
"Bold one isn't he?" Lita whispered to the group
Amy looked at her friends they all nodded, Yes
"Maybe another time" Amy said
"That's cool"
"SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" the librarian hiised again
Greg walked off then.
"WOW...... So what's the scoop on Greg and Diamond's cousin?" Mina asked
The typical Mina guys on her mind 24/7. Serena looked at her best friend and said
"I dunno about greg" "Or Diamond's cousin.....he hasn't even shown me a picture." The librarian walked over to them and said
"Get out, and don't come back til you know what be quiet means" They all looked stunned and Amy was embarrassed
'Now Mrs. Swartz isn't gonna let me check out books' Amy sighed
They all walked out
"Good I didn't want to stay no how" Raye and Lita said
"Yeah wanna go to the arcade?" Serena and Mina asked
"I did want to study, I'm trying to get an education unlike some people!!!!" Amy ran away
"AMY!!!!!!!!!!" Greg yelled "Wait for me!!!"
She stopped and they walked off to the nearest coffee shop
Serena looked at the group shockingly they'd never seen Amy so mad before. They all just shook their heads and walked off to their dorms. Serena couldn't go back to her house to get food her room was being fumagated. So she went to Diamond's dorm and pulled out a key.
She opened the door and ran straight for the fridge. She pulled out the makings for a ham and cheese sandwich. She couldn't even eat a decent meal at her dorm her roomates Amarrah and Michelle were complete health food freaks.
'Tofu is all they eat........Yuck!!!!!'
She took a bite into her sandwich
"Yummy, real food" She walked over to the T.V and turned to cartoon network.
'Good its only 6:30......time for Tenchi Muyo'
Diamond walked in to his girlfriend happily munching on a sandwich and watching her favorite show Tenchi Muyo.
"Baka chose Ryoko not Sakuya, She's ugly!!!!"
'She's too cute, did she just speak Japanese?' Diamond thought
*cough*cough* Serena turned around
"Hi Diamond, I missed you" She kissed him full on the lips with all the fire in her. Diamond's 1st instinct was the bedroom
'Damn Darien's here'
So he kissed her with all her passion 10-fold. She moaned in his mouth
'That's it......must .....pull.....away' They parted she smiled
"You must be his cousin"
"Oh Serena, this is Darien Chiba, Darien this is my girlfriend Serena Tsukino" They nooded and shook hands. she proceeded to check him up, down, front and back. Diamond just scowled
'She has that twinkle in her eyes'
Serena thought
'Holy cow, he is cute! No wonder Diamond's so cute. It has to be the blood.'
"Yes" She said shocked out here reverie
"Could you get the phone, please?"
"Sure" she walked away
"I'll show you to your room...Darien"
Diamond thought for a while getting madder by the minute
'She's never looked at me that way, what am I doing wrong? I could just be dreaming Serena loves me and nobody else!!! What's wrong with me Its not like me to play the jealous boyfriend part' He growled
Darien noticed this
"What's wrong cousin?"
"Nothing" he lied
"I dunno you seemed stressed"Darien pushed
'Yeah you should know you got undressed by my girlfriends eyes'
They stopped in front of a door.
"Here's your room" Darien walked in
"Thanks....I mean thanks for taking me in after all I did leave without saying goodbye"
This caught Diamond off guard he hadn't expected an apology
"It's ok you had your reasons....I forgave you awhile ago" He left. Darien's room was plain it needed a person's touch
He loved roses, he was a hopeless romantic he'd never given them to anyone. He believed they only deserved to be given to your true love(AN: Remember this for later)
'Who am I kidding no one will ever love me......Darien Chiba'
He wondered though
'Does Serena like roses'
Serena was on the phone talking to Mina about her visitor.
"Yeah Mina........of course he was cute......I don't know if he's single.....What does he look like?...well he's very built, nice body, jet black hair but the best was his midnight blue eyes it was like the minute I looked at him we connected like we were soulmates or something.....Crazy,huh?.......I can't help but think maybe you know......Yeah, sure we can show him around New York.....What about Diamond?....he's got a meeting.....Yup....Rose garden cafe for dinner.....sounds fun.....7:30pm....yup me will meet you there......alright,yup....gotta go, bye" *click* she hung up. She left the kitchen
'I'm so tired I'll sit on the couch for a short nap'
Diamond walked in the living room to see his angel sleeping. He sat down next to her and brushed some of her bangs from her eyes. She stirred a minute she had a slight smirk on her face.
'She's she dreaming about me or someone else?'
Serena opened her eyes
"Yes, my love"
"I really did miss you"
"I was only gone for 7 hours" He laughed
"I know I just needed to talk"
"I'm sorry" He kissed her forehead. She brought Diamond down with her on the couch. They kissed passionetly. He found his hands rubbing her thighs
'She's so beautiful'
She let a deep moan escape her throat into his mouth and that turned him on and she knew it.
"Let's take this to your room" she said still trying to catch her breath. Thay walked in the room or more like Serena was carried into the room. She knew his room too well. His bedsheets were so purple they were black and soft as silk. He laided her down on the bed and Diamond on top, he planted butterfly kisses from her forehead to her belly button. Serena moaned loudly but she still thought in the mist of her approaching pleasure.
'What would it be like to make love with Darien'
*Darien's room*
Darien tried despartely to drain out the moans he heard threw his walls.
'How rude some people are trying to sleep'
"arggghhhhhh" He started banging on the walls the moans only got louder
'They leave me no choice' He put on a pair of jogging pants and went out for a walk. He ended up at a park Americans call Central Park, he sat on a bench right in front of the rose garden and thought about the one person he thought could possibly love him. The girl who looked like a rabbit..........
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