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The next morning Darien woke with a boyish grin plastered to his face. He reflected on the night's previous events and sighed

[She loves me! Me....Darien Chiba. There's no denying it.] He went to wrap his arm around Serena. His arm fell to an empty space. He opened his eyes. She wasn't anywhere he looked for remains of her clothes there were none

[I didn't dream. Did I?] He got up and threw on a pair of boxers and a robe [Guess I have to find the little minx]

Darien walked out of his room and began his search for Serena. He didn't have to look very far though.... she was in his kitchen. Her head was stuck in the fridge while arms were flying.

"What is this guy a health freak? She mumbled "Food, Food.... I gotta have REAL FOOD!!"

Darien leaned against the wall and chuckled to himself. She looked so cute in his kitchen she was cute anywhere but especially cute in HIS life. Out of the blue, Serena started squealing

"Eureka! Cake!" Darien scowled [That was mine....] Serena picked at it and stuck a finger in her mouth

"Mmmmmm" She stood up, closed the fridge door and turned around. Her eyes widened four times their normal size and the blushed a VERY deep tint of red. Darien moved from his resting spot and walked pat a stunned Serena. He opened the fridge door and grabbed a bottle of orange juice. He sat at the table and took a sip before he spoke

"So the infamous fridge raider caught red handed? This could make the front page."

Serena slammed her plate down and started screaming

"OH you shut up you baka!" Darien's grin just widened.

"Your soooo cute when you blush" Serena turned a darker tint of red, almost purple. She walked over to him and sat in his lap.

"I'll forgive you for that..." Her face was still flushed "Its not your fault your so loveable"

"I know. Don't you love me?" he said with an egotistical voice

"Yes. Very much." she leaned down and peeked him on the lips. "Mmmmmm." Serena licked her lips

"I'd love to 'play' with you Serena, but I have to go to a conference today. And I probably won't be until late...So you'll have to find some other form of entertainment...."

"Damn...and I was hoping...." he kissed her forehead smiling to himself

[This goddess is mine.... all mine]

"We can 'play' later..."

"We won't" Serena jumped off Darien's lap and crossed her arms


"I didn't come half way across the world to sit in an apartment...ALONE!!! I would've stayed home if that was the case" Darien sighed

"Alright you win.... I'll make the meeting short and I'll take you to the Tokyo Tower Cafe we'll spend the rest of the day together"

"Okay that sounds good.... Bye"

**************************************************************************** **

Serena sat in the bedroom on the phone with Mina and the girls.

"You know this is a long distance call Darien would kill me"

"Oh yeah he'll spank you" Raye retorted

"Yeah and you'd love it" Mina chirped

"Afterwards you'll bake cookies and thank him for setting you straight" Lita added

"Guys this really isn't our business" Amy scolded

"So how'd you sleep last night?" Mina asked bluntly

"Sleep? What sleep?" Serena gloated

"Umm Serena I have to ask did you use protection?" This was a typical question coming from Amy but Serena reflected on the night before and realized that she doesn't recall that much except they...[Dear God]. The silence on the phone unnerved the girls. Lita was the first to speak up

"Serena are you still there?"

"Uh yeah"

"Well?" Raye asked


"So. Mina what do think? Boy or a girl?" Raye taunted

"Definitely a girl!" Mina said

"N-No a boy!!" Lita yelled

"Maybe twins...would you let me witness the birth that's good experience for my doctorate"


"Sure you aren't," They all said in unison

"I don't even know if he wants kids"

"Well discreetly bring up the subject," Mina suggested

"Darien might think I'm you know..." Darien came in the bedroom and whispered in ear

"What might I think?"

"Ummm nothing listen you guys I have to go...I love ya'll"

"Sure it's definitely a girl" Mina said

"Then she'd be a ditz like Serena" Raye added

"Hey I have to go!!!" Serena whined

Alright Bye" Amy said



"Boy" Serena sighed heavily as she hung up the phone and turned to the man she loved.

"Do you know how much I love you?" Serena sighed

"Not as much as I love you.... what were you girls talking about?"

"Oh its nothing really we were just talking about kids.... you know having kids" Darien's eyes doubled twice their normal size and his face paled. If that was any indication he definitely didn't like the idea of having children.

"A-a-are you pregnant?"

"No" Darien let out a heavy sigh. Kids weren't that bad its just he wasn't ready to have any just yet. Especially if he wasn't married. He wanted his children grow up with both parents. Plus he was too busy to even have a child right now.

"Would it be so bad?" Serena asked sadly. Holding back the urge to start crying.

"No its just...I...ummm...Aww hell Serena. Why are you crying?"

"Its just.... I was hoping you'd want...." Darien held her in his arms while she sobbed quietly

[What aren't you telling me angel?] Serena wiped her eyes and sighed. She decided she would go home early she couldn't afford to miss school anyways she had exams next week. Most of all she couldn't face Darien if she really were pregnant. But what lie could she come up with so she could go early. She would tell him their relationship needed to be thought over and it was moving to fast for her comfort. Even though it wasn't true she wanted nothing more from the relationship it was perfect.

"I think I need to go home."


"I'm not feeling to good"

But you've only been here two days"

"I know I have exams next week."

"Can't you stay a little longer?"

"No, I can't stay. I just had to see you, touch you, and I'm glad I did. I needed you so much shook with it I couldn't sleep I couldn't eat All I could think about was you. You consume my every thought, my every breath and my soul. I think I'm loving you too fast I don't know if that makes sense to you it doesn't even make sense to me but I need time to think our relationship over. I'm sorry. I'm going to go now." Darien watched Serena walk out the door and out of his life again. Things weren't looking too sunny where he was standing. It wasn't supposed to end like that. She was supposed to say she loved him and he say the same then she would stay not leave. Instead she was walking away from him again

[Go after her you fool!!!] He kept on telling himself that all day and night even after he was sure she was gone. [Go after her] It wasn't suppose to be this way [But of course nothing ever works out

When it comes to me Darien Chiba.... Never]

**************************************************************************** **

Three months later Serena was more in hell than she was when she walked out Darien's life...again

She couldn't keep food down her stomach was killing her. Her friends even told her go to the doctor. "But what's the point? I'm not pregnant! There's no way"

"Yes there is a haven't had a period in 3 months Serena...if your pregnant you need to start taking care of yourself your carrying another life in the tiny body of yours... Listen to your body and take it for what it is...YOU'RE PREGNANT!!! "

"I told you Amy I'm not pregnant!!! I've just been sick"

"For three months?" Raye interjected

"You know you can't hide much longer you're gonna have to call Darien sometime. He's gonna wanna be there for his child" Lita stated

"It's not his child!!" Serena screamed instantly rubbing her stomach.

"Oh yeah its Mr. Nobody's baby" Raye retorted

"Raye will you can it!!! I will accept I am pregnant there's no need denying the fact that its Darien's child. The fact still remains he hasn't even called me in 3..." Mina cut her off

"Did you except him to? He doesn't even know you're pregnant!!! You walked out on him the MINUTE he didn't jump for joy about having kids!!! If I was Darien I would-" Mina was cut off by Amy

"Mina is right you know. You should have stayed instead..." Lita cut Amy off

"You ran off scared you really needed to call him apologize tell him you love him...Get married and have my nephew"

"No way she's going to have MY niece" Raye shouted



"Anyways" Amy, Mina and Serena sighed at the same time as they watched Raye and Lita argue.

Mina turned on the news.

"I've got to see that hot news reporter Todd Dinkins.He's such a babe!!!!"

"Guys aren't the only things on this planet. You should be worried about school."

"Oh Amy you got to get yourself a boyfriend...its not all about school. We do have a life to live also" Mina stated "Like that one person said 'Life is to the fullest' " Serena sweat dropped

"Mina its 'Live life to the fullest' "

"Sure sure. Whatever! Where are you beloved Todd?"

"Really Mina is that all you think about is guys?" Amy asked playfully

"Of course you already know Boys...boys...boys! Boys I do adore..........." Serena looked out the window silently wondering what Darien was doing that minute. Was it raining in Japan? Was he too listening to the raindrops silent music as it hit the window.

[Is he thinking of me? Like I'm thinking of him? Is he missing me too? If only I would have stayed. If only....]

**************************************************************************** **

[She would have told me sooner. I would have chased her. My child. My god! My child!!! I'm going to have a child]

"Motoki are you sure? Are you sure it was her?

"Darien I couldn't have been more sure in my life. You described her as the one with a golden waterfall of hair tied in two meatballs at the top of her head. Yes it was her." Motoki looked out the window

"How far along?"

"She looked at least 3 months maybe 4 months but All I can say is she looked awful I barely noticed her in the crowd. No longer did her skin glow with the love for life. It was as if she was dying inside. I think she regrets terribly that she left you but she probably thinks you don't love her since you haven't called, written, or visited. Why do you two torture yourselves by staying apart its obviously killing both of you inside. Just go to America and tell her how much you love her"

"I wish it was that easy, Motoki. I have a business to run"

"But is that worth sacrificing the one woman you'll ever love and your unborn child?"

"No it isn't but-"

"No buts take this and go" Motoki pulled out an airplane ticket bound for New York in 2 hours

"You really are a friend. I owe you big time for this."

"Yes you do and I choose to use that favor for you to introduce me to your friend Rita when you come back." Motoki rubbed the back of his head. "This is no time to think about myself! You have a plane to catch better get going"

"Yeah I better get packing" [I'm coming my love]

**************************************************************************** **

"Serena its time to wake up!!" Mina yelled "Wake up sleeping beauty" Serena looked at herself in the mirror. Touching her hair she said

"I wouldn't be so sure about the Sleeping beauty part. My goodness I look a mess! Why are you waking me up anyways?"

"Well duh you have a phone call from the doctor"

"Well give me the phone!"

"Geez don't have a heart attack" Mina rolled her eyes

"Hello...Yes.... Uh huh.... Thank you so much doctor.... yes...Yes I'll be in tomorrow...thank you again...goodbye" Serena choked back tears

"Well?" Mina asked

"Well it's for sure I'm pregnant"

"So why so somber?"

"Its nothing...I'm just so-"

"I understand"

"You do?"

"Of course Serena...Your pregnant and alone. All the while the man to love is half way across the world. But the thing is you can do something about it. With just a few touches of a can fix it all. Its just the matter if you want to."

Serena patted her stomach [Well little guy its just you and me for a while]

**************************************************************************** **

[How long does a man have to yell to get a cab around here?] Darien sighed just as a taxi pulled up. Darien held up his hand

"Where you headed man?"

"The university"

"Oh no can do...the streets leading up to the university are all flooded the closest I can get you is Main St"

"How far is that from the school?"

"About a mile"

"Good take me there"

"I don't think I can." The cab driver asked, "It's raining cats and dogs out there"

"I'll pay you 100 bucks"

"Well lets not waste any time hop in" The cab started moving down the street. Darien silently watched the trees go by

"So where you from?"

"Oh I'm from Japan"

"Really what brings you to 'The Land of the Free'?"

"True love"

"Ok I see...Well here's your stop"

"Thanks I appreciate this very much" Darien pulled out a 500 dollar bill "I here you go"

"Do you realize how much you g-gave m-me?"

"Yes keep the change"

"T-t-thank you"

[I'm coming Serena I hope your ready] Darien started to run down the street towards the university

And towards the love of his life

**************************************************************************** **

"Hey Mina can you get the door? I'm still getting dressed."

"Sure no problem" The doorbell rang again "I'm coming I'm coming!! Geez whoever it is...."

Mina opened the door "Oh my god!"

"Who is it Mina?" Serena walked out her bedroom to see who it was. She dropped her plate.

Serena was frozen in place "D-Darien? Is that really you?"

"Yes soaking wet and in the flesh" Serena smiled for the first time in 3 months. Serena opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. Mina spoke up

"I'm going to leave now. Later you too" Mina walked out shutting the door behind her. Silence following that was ear piercing and comforting at the same time.

:"Darien I'm so sorr-"

"Don't apologize. Serena" Darien walked closer to her. "Do you understand how much it HURT to see you walk out on me?"

"I said I was sor-" Darien held a finger to her lips

"Quiet my love. Let me just let me hold you. Lord I missed you so much" He kissed her forehead

"I missed touching you, holding you, most of all I missed loving can even begin to understand..." He kissed her cheek "My sweet.... sweet Usako...kiss me. Show me that beautiful smile again...shower me with your love" Serena planted a kiss to his lips feeding the fire that at had been smoldering for three months. She pulled away from him looking deep into his midnight eyes.

"I love you so much"

"I know you do...Usako" Serena's eyes welled up with tears.

"I'm so glad you came to me. I felt like I was dying inside without you. I only thing that kept me sane was the beautiful life growing inside me. The life you and me made out love." Darien looked deep into Serena's eyes and all he saw was love and happiness. He knew right then and there this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

[I'm finally going to have my own family.]

"Are you saying you're pregnant?" Serena nodded "That's wonderful!" He hugged her. Serena pushed away confusion written all over her face

"You're not angry?"

"Why? Should I be?"

"No it's just the last time I brought up children you..." Serena stopped

"Serena I was just shocked that's all...I never really thought about having children. I was just a little surprised" Darien grabbed Serena's hand "I love you more than anything on this earth. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you...grow old with you.... And watch our children grow up." Darien bent down on one knee "Serena Tsukino will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?"

"Yes. I'll marry you" Serena cried "I love you so much" Serena wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. [I finally found you...I have my true love and this time I'll never let go]

Outside the doors...The girls looked inside. Amy wiped her eyes

"This is so beautiful. We still shouldn't be watching this private reunion"

"I'm just so glad that they're back together" Raye sighed

"This is so great...I better go buy my Maid of honor dress" Everyone looked at Mina

"So you've already decided that you're gonna be the Maid of Honor?" Lita questioned

"Of course"

"Mina you're insane she'll probably make us all her Maid of honor" Raye said

"Yeah I guess you're right"

"You guess? Please I'm always right!!"

"Raye!" The girls yelled "Shhh"

"Yeah.Yea.... Let's go we have a baby shower and wedding to plan

*****************************6 months later**************************************

"Congratulations! You have a healthy baby girl.7 pounds 2 ounces." Serena let out a heavy sigh

"Can I hold her?"

"Of course. Here you go" Serena's eyes welled up with tears

"Darien she's so beautiful. This is our child. What should we name her?"

"How about Rini?"

"It's an odd name but it's beautiful. Rini it is" Darien grabbed Rini

"So Rini are you ready to go home with mommy and daddy?" Rini answer came out as a small squeak.

"Darien she just laughed"

"I know" Darien kissed Serena's forehead "You did good Serena. Let's go home"

"I like that"

"Like what?" He asked

"We're going home as a family. Darien we're a family now and love every minute of it. I like coming home from school and seeing you there"

"I know I finally belong somewhere"

"You've always belonged here" Serena put her hand over her heart. He intertwined his hands with her. They kissed. Rini was between she looked at her mother and father and gurgled.

"Yaaaaahhhh" The parents looked down and smiled

"I bet you're hungry aren't you. Well let's go find that nurse and get you fed" Darien walked out the room. Serena lay in the bed. She thought about something Diamond had said to her.

[True love waits for you my love. All you have to do is reach for it]

"Well I finally reached for it Diamond and I'm never letting it go."

**************************************************************************** **

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