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Beast Boy's Morning Mission.

A Teen Titans' story by Acosta Pérez José Ramiro.

-Wake up, Green Boy.


A green hand moved lazily to turn off the alarm beeping next to the bed where the jokester Titan was sleeping until just a few seconds ago. Garfield Logan, better known as Beast Boy (Gar or BB for his friends), opened his eyes and yawned. He then turned into a cat to stretch all his body, as he did once in a while when he felt particularly sleepy, and, certainly, this time he really was.

"Four A.M. Man, I should had gone to sleep a little earlier last night. I still feel tired." Gar said to himself while looking at his clock. Normally, he was the last one to wake up, but this wasn't a normal day. Today, he wanted to do something nice to surprise his friends, and the only way he could do it was waking up and getting out of the tower before anyone else, and, if possible, return when they weren't up yet. He even worked extra-hard on the previous day's training session to have an excuse to retire a little earlier to his bedroom.

Gar shook his head to fully wake up, and then dressed as fast and silently as possible. He had planned this since four days ago, so he also had a few things on his room to get ready and out faster. First, he had a little bowl and some water under his bed (alongside something that seemed to be the eight days-old remains of a tofu burger), and his toothbrush and comb on his desk (he surprisingly found it last week when decided to remove some of his bedroom's junk), so he could wash and get ready without going to the bathroom. He also had a bottle of apple-flavored water under his pillow, as well as a few vegetarian snacks on his closet, next to a pile of comic books and one shoe, so he didn't need to go to the kitchen and eat something before leaving.

Once he was done, Gar picked up a jacket and a backpack he had bought a month ago so he could have some civilian clothing, just in case; he placed the jacket inside the backpack, and, after grabbing a ring from under an empty pizza box, and placing it inside the backpack as well, he finally got out of the room. He turned into a panther, and carried the backpack on his jaws while running through the tower's corridors. As a feline, he could move really fast without making any noise, plus having enhanced senses to move without turning on the lights and also detect any Titan before getting seen himself.

This resulted to be a good idea, because, when he was approaching Robin's room, he heard some noises, and hardly had time for hiding behind a corner before The Boy Wonder appeared on the corridor. Gar knew, from one conversation he had with Raven, that Robin liked to wake up really early to see the sunrise, so, even if there were, like, 2 hours before that, the changeling guessed that Robin would be the one he would most probably find on his way out of the tower. Plus, Robin was trained to move making almost any noise with hardly any light at all, so Gar knew he was also the hardest Titan to detect, unless you count Raven and BB himself when using their powers the right way.

"Wait a minute!" Gar thought, while turning into a mouse so he could be harder to detect and still looking at Robin, "He isn't coming from his room! He is coming the other way! And he's carrying two bottles of juice?" Gar arched a tiny eyebrow. He also noticed Robin wasn't using his regular hero outfit, but a regular shirt and boxers; he only conserved his mask, but it was no surprise, since he never left his room without it.

Robin opened his bedroom's door, and was greeted by a happy female voice.

"Come in, Robin. I'm almost done here." Gar's jaw fell when recognizing Star's voice.

"Robin and Star... on his room? At this time?" BB shook his head, and, once Robin closed the door, dashed next to it. He even turned into a bat for better hearing.

"Thanks a lot, Robin. I was getting a little thirsty."

"Me too. Sorry I kept you up the whole night."

"Don't worry, Friend Robin. I was glad when you asked me to come into your room."

"And I'm glad you agreed. It was much better than doing it alone."

"Honestly, I can't believe how much energy you have. You didn't felt tired for a long time."

"I am used. I do this a lot."

"But yet... isn't a little too much work to check for clues on Slade's location almost every night?"

Gar fell on his tiny back at the last part, and, doing his best to not laugh, turned back into a panther, and grabbed his backpack to continue with his mission.

"Typical Robin! He finally gets the guts to ask his dream girl to his room, and makes her do detective job! No wonder he asked her; nobody else would sacrifice sleep time to help him with that." BB thought while moving through the stairway and up to the rooftop. Cyborg's surveillance system made it pretty hard for anyone to get inside the tower, but it was relatively easy to get out, and the rooftop was the best place to leave.

Once Beast Boy finally arrived at the rooftop, he took a moment to enjoy the view. With his panther's eyes, it was easy for him to look through the darkness, and watch at a long distance, even what was inside the water; he actually could see some dolphins swimming next to the tower. He placed the backpack next to the rooftop's edge, and sniffed the early morning air.

"If it wasn't so hard for me to be up at this time, I would actually enjoy watching this view every morning." Gar thought while morphing into a huge pterodactyl, and grabbing his stuff with his massive beak. Then, he extended his wings, and jumped at the air, catching some strong currents, and gliding on the city's direction.

After a few minutes, Gar was flying over the docks. He decided to morph into a giant artic owl to have a better night-vision and not scaring anyone at the sight of a prehistoric beast, yet still being strong enough to carry the backpack. While flying over a warehouse, he landed on its rooftop, and morphed back to human.

"I still have plenty of time. Maybe I should change into a horse and arrive there by land." BB thought, but, at that moment, he noticed a person moving on the next rooftop. At a distance, he looked a lot like Robin minus the spiky hair. Gar switched into an owl again, recognizing Red X, who was entering another warehouse by one air vent.

"Oh, man! This isn't good! I'll better call the others!" Gar thought, but, when he changed back to human and took out his communicator, he froze on the spot. Calling the Titans would ruin his surprise, and all his effort would be for nothing; and, on the other hand, he just couldn't allow X to escape.

"Maybe I can catch him on my own... yeah, right! We had never been able to get him as a whole team! How I'm going to do it alone?" Gar thought while rubbing his chin. After a minute or so, his expression brightened. Maybe it was the whole planning he made for this day, but his brain certainly made a good plan.

Inside the warehouse, X opened a few crates, looking for something. He had heard that a high tech company was transporting some of its most valuable new computer chips hidden alongside more common merchandise, like fruits and videogames, and, from a few months of spying, he learned this was the warehouse they used on Jump City. Unfortunately, during the transportation, some of the crates lost the special tags the company used to find the ones transporting the important merchandise, and now Red X only had a vague idea about which ones to look at.

"Are you sure Enemy Red X is inside this house of ware, Friend Robin?" Red X stopped his search when hearing Starfire's voice. A moment later, he heard Robin's.

"Yes, Star. The new surveillance system we installed on the docks detected him a few minutes ago."

"I told you, Rob! My devices never fail."

"Oh, great! The bird boy is here with his girlfriend and Robocop's son." Red X thought out loud. "And, if they're here, the Goth girl and the elf can't be far away." In a perfect cue, he listened Raven's monotone voice.

"Be quiet, all of you. He is going to hear us coming if you continue with the scandal."

"Oh, what scandal, Rae? We're just talking, not playing heavy metal." Red X heard BB, and smirked under his mask; the Titans maybe did a good job locating him, but even if they were talking on a low volume, the warehouse was so silent, and had such a good echo, he could heard them perfectly. It seemed they were at the rooftop, next to the vent he used to get inside.

"Okay, here's the plan. I'll take the front door. Raven, you take the back one. Beast Boy and Starfire, you two take the sides of the warehouse while Cyborg stays here in the rooftop. This time we'll get him. Titans, go."

X heard Robin's explanation perfectly, and made a quick decision. Either Robin or Raven could keep him busy for a good time, giving their teammates the chance to assist them, and there was no way he could escape by the sides of the building without breaking a wall, which would give his location to the heroes. That only left the rooftop; the criminal prepared a special X-weapon he carried to specifically fight Cyborg, one that emitted an electromagnetic pulse to affect his mechanisms for a short time, and jumped back to the vent.

The criminal crawled on the duct, and, when reaching the vent, stayed silent. He couldn't see Cyborg, but heard his voice clearly.

"Everything clear here, Robin. The guy hadn't appeared at the rooftop. He surely is still inside the warehouse."

"Guess again, Techno-Fool." Red X said to himself, and, a second later, he jumped out from the vent, throwing his weapon against the place he heard the voice coming, but missed, because, instead of trapping a huge teenager, it harmlessly flied over the head of...

"A parrot?" Red X said, confused, while said bird, located just a couple of feet in front of him, looked at the villain with a bored expression. Before X could react, the bird grew, and changed its feathers and wings for a lot of fur and very strong arms.

"Holy..." Red X couldn't finish the phrase because a huge green gorilla hand grabbed him by the face. The ape lifted X over his head, and then slammed him several times against the rooftop.

That would be enough to stop any regular person, but, since Red X's suit absorbed most of the impacts' force, he handled to retain his conscience and grab another of his X-weapons from his belt. He quickly threw it against the gorilla, trapping the beast and forcing him to release his prey. X rolled on the floor while the gorilla struggled furiously to escape.

Red X pressed a button on his suit to teleport away, but the gorilla's attack damaged the system, so he was forced to escape the old-fashioned way, jumping from one rooftop to another. He jumped to the next building, rubbing his ribs when landing (obviously, the ape damaged something besides the suit), and turned back to throw another weapon to the gorilla, but he was gone.

"Of course! That weapon wasn't designed for the changeling. He surely morphed into a smaller animal and escaped." X thought while preparing to jump at the next rooftop. "But, if the green freak is here, where are the other Titans? They never patrol alone."

At that moment, a bird shadow appeared at the corner of the rooftop. Red X recognized it as Raven's dark energy form, and threw one of his for-Raven-designed weapons against it, but failed, since it was really a shadow, and the raven projecting it was flying over him. Before X could attack it with another weapon, the raven morphed into a hippo, flattening him, and breaking the rooftop. Beast Boy changed into a bat to avoid falling, but X wasn't that lucky, and landed on his back; good thing for him he fell on a box filled up with pineapples, softening the impact, but he was down for the count.

BB flied next to the villain, and morphed back to human to check him. Once he realized X was just unconscious, the changeling grinned widely.

"Who would had imagined Cy was right? He always says I'm only catching a dangerous villain on my own the day pigs fly!" Gar chuckled. "You get it? Because hippos and pigs are related! Funny, isn't it?" The changeling asked the villain, who, obviously, didn't respond.

"Rae's sense of humor is better than yours, dude. At least she always have a sarcastic remark to reply." Gar shrugged, and took out his communicator. He adjusted it to the police frequency (a trick Cy taught him) to call the cops. After that, he lifted slightly his left hand's glove to check his watch.

"Hey, I'm still on time! Flying all the way here and catching X only took me thirty minutes. If I'm this good doing a little effort, maybe I should finally clean my room." Gar said to himself. He then rubbed his chin, and made a mocking face.