Chapter P: Prologue The Logs of Kira Marrorazity.
The date: 1000 Years after the Nomad Incident.
Much has changed since trents time. The houses have expanded further into space. The Nomads have been forced back and back. The Hypergate system allowing for greater exploration after tecnology was made to tap into the system, allowing for greater exploration. The Don'Kavosh, after alerted to the problem the Humans posed, took care into watching them, ensuring the humans were unaware of their prescence, and also keeping a close eye on them. In the second sirius war, 10 years after the Nomad Incident, The Don'Kavosh revaled themselves and took control over the Nomads, forcing the Nomads once again into the position of soldiers, then they made a truce with the Humans, allowing the Humans to use the Hypergate system.
The Humans expanded, with the help of Don'Kavosh tecnology, to many new worlds. The Don'kavosh suppling vital resources for colinisation, including organisms for terraforming, and sped up the colinisation programs. The Hypergate system spread over many sectors, with up to three Don'Kavosh Hypergates in every sector, but with a intertwining mesh of Human Jump Gates and Trade Lanes. This mesh alowed many systems to be colinised, and many sectors to be reclaimed after the Don'Kavosh's 'sleep.
However, one one such world, a threat awakened. Aliens had lied low, dormant on the planet until a colinisation ship, The Izzet, landed and attempted to colinise the world. The Aliens struck back, and with them, many other species and groups awoke and began to take a hold upon human's territory. It took the humans a while to reconciliate, but the nomad forces bought time. The Don'Kavosh eventuall halted the human's plans for allialation, and brought the enemy hordes to a standstill. Thus the Allience was born.
All the races that took part in the war had people there. The Terrans, The Don'Kavosh, and the new aliens called the Dulgar. Together they melded the fleets and tecnologies together and created a force worth reconing with.
Now there are many races in this alliance, and who would think it all started with Trent and the Nomads. Instead, who can expect anything to happen?