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Summary: Neji's b-day is here. Hinata invites him to her room. He thinks it has to do something about his b-day. The way he sees it: His birthday, two of them in her room by themselves and an empty bed? He has his hopes way too high on his b-day gift. He now has new competition for Hinata. Sasuke.

Warning - Horrible grammar and spelling

Chapter 5


On the last chapter Neji thinks Hinata is pregnant, although she isn't. Sasuke has taken Hinata home and is currently talking to Hiashi

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Hiashi said nothing, he just stared at him.

Sasuke cleared his throat. "What is your answer?" He tried to look as confident as possible infront of his...hopefully...soon to be father-in-law.

"Why do you want to marry her?" Hiashi asked just out of curiosity. He couldn't understand how someone could actually set their eyes on his daughter. She was weak and not worth much; maybe he was wrong after all.

"...She is beautiful, determined, charming, she is really quiet, always avoids trouble, she is caring, sweet, she has a wonderful voice and a hot bod-" Sasuke stopped as he noticed Hiashi's left eye twitch. "eh...She is just perfect. I would be honored to have her hand in marriage."

'He would be honor to have Hinata marry him? Hmn.' Hiashi was still in awed that the Uchiha wanted to marry his daughter, yet he didn't show his emotion. He knew that with that handsome face, the boy could have any girl he wanted. Why choose his daugher? Hinata was...plain...nothing interesting. 'Then again...why question? If he wants to marry my daughter, the better. At least I can boast that the Uchiha chose my daughter out of all the female population in Konoha. Maybe then, she can at least prove that she is not useless after all. Because of her, we will have an Uchiha on our side. This is good. Not just that, but we will get to see the result of the mixing of two powerful bloodlines. Oh, this is good, very good. I wonder how my grandson will come out----' Hiashi almost sweatdropped as the thought of a grandson appeared in his mind. 'Oh, just look at me, already wanting a grandson and yet my daughter is not married.'

Sasuke was getting irritated, Hiashi seemed to be in deep thought and time seemed to be running by really slow. 'What the hell is taking him so long! Stupid...acting all that...wanting to act all dramatic and stuff. I know he is going to say yes, there is no way he will say no. I mean...c'mon! I am Uchiha Sasuke! I am asking for her daughter's hand in marriage! ---Sigh, I guess I have to prove I am able to have patience and just go along with his dramatic act.---All for you Hinata, all for you.'

Finally Hiashi spoke up, causing Sasuke to sigh in relief. "I see...well..." Hiashi once more started thinking.

Sasuke wanted to get up and shake Hiashi harshfully until he got an answer. Yet, he decided to wait, be good, show patience and give a good impression.

Suddenly the door to Hiashi's office opened up. Both males looked up at the door, there stood a really flustered Neji. "Uncle, I need to talk to you." Neji walked inside without even noticing Sasuke.

"Not now...I am busy with important-" Hiashi hissed, only to be cut by Neji.

"You don't understand. Its important. Please...its about Hinata." This caught Sasuke's attention quickly. Hiashi noticed this and decided to let Neji talk.

"What about Hinata?" This was the cue Hiashi gaved his nephew to continue.

Neji knew that he would pay dearly for getting Hinata pregnant...for daring to touch her...for tainting the Hyuuga heir. Oh, he was in trouble...but then again...he knew the consequences. He knew that if anyone ever learned that he slept with Hinata, he would most likely be blame. Now that Hinata was pregnant, everyone would know that he slept with her. So, he decided to tell Hiashi as soon as possible, hopefully his punishment wouldn't be that bad...hopefully.

"Ah...well..." Neji was now sweating a bit. "I...well...Hinata...We...You see...well...hmn...how to explain this...ah...its complicated...uh...phew...how to explain this? oh...damn...O.K., O.K...ah..." Neji just couldn't find the right words to explain why or how Hinata got pregnant. 'How am I going to explain this? Hiashi, I got your daughter pregant. Oh, yeah, right. How the hell am I suppose to explain how it happened?' Neji's hands clenched. "FUCK!" Neji cursed out of fustration but then paled. "No, No, No, that is not the right word to explain what we did! We just-" Neji paled even more. Out of nervousness, he screw everything...wait...no, no, not screw...mess...yeah...He just messed everything up. All his perfect plans on how to subtly tell Hiashi he got Hinata pregnant went down the drain.

Hiashi was in shock, he just stared at Neji with unbelief. On the other hand, Sasuke's blood was boiling with anger.

"You sick bastard!" Sasuke hissed out of his clenched teeth.

Neji turned around and for the first time noticed Sasuke. His eyes narrowed as he looked into fiery, hateful black eyes. "What the hell are you doing here?" Neji asked with hate on his tone.

Sasuke slowly got to his feet and walked toward Neji. "You slept with Hinata?"

"Hmph, that is non of your business Uchiha." Neji answered, not really putting too much attention to him. His main concern was his uncle. "Uncle, pleas-"

"IT IS MY BUSINESS BECAUSE SHE IS GOING TO BE MY WIFE!" Sasuke screamed. Neji turned around and saw the Uchiha standing a few feet away from him, his sharingan activated.

Neji was speechless, he was shocked. "What?" 'He is going to marry MY Hinata? Hmph, like hell!'

Neji then forgot in an instant that his uncle was in the room. In his mind, there was only the room with two rivals; the Uchiha and him. A smirk appeard on Neji's face. "Ah...so you are going to get used goods. I don't blame you...I guess you are use to it, being a second child."

Sasuke's anger was rising more and more by Neji's comment. Hiashi was trying to recover from the shock as he watched to two geniuses discuss.

"I mean...you probably got your brother's used clothes and weapons...am I right?" Sasuke narrowed his eyes as Neji continue smirking. "I was right!"

"Shut up!" Hissed Sasuke, his sharinga started swirling dangerously. "You know nothing about me and have no right to make comments like those."

Neji raised a brow. 'Bullseyes? Did I just make him unconfortable?' Neji's smirk grew more. "Well, Hinata was mine and is still mine. She gaved me her virginity." Neji looked at Sasuke, at his face expressions. "Hmph...I bet you don't want her now." He said quite sure of his victory.

To his surprise, Sasuke's sharingan deactivated and he calmed down. Sasuke looked into Neji's slightly surprised, white eyes. "Not exactly. I am pretty sure that if Hinata slept with you, its was because you either forced her, seduced her or brainwashed her to do so. She is so innocent that she fell into your trap. I don't blame her...since you are the only one to blame."

Neji narrowed his eyes. 'I knew I was going to receive all the blame.'

Sasuke walked up to Sasuke and pressed his index finger on Neji's chest, making Neji huff. "Now, listen well Hyuuga...I will marry Hinata and I promise you that I will make her forget that horrible experience she passed with you. I have chosen her to be my wife and help me revive my clan. If you dare get near her ever again, I swear to you, that I will-"

Neji swat Sasuke's pointing fingure away from his chest with full force. "Hmph...you want Hinata to be pregnant. Well..." Neji smirked once more as he looke at a really pissed off boy. "You don't have to wait any longer. She is already pregnant."

Hiashi, was still trying to process the fact that Neji had slept with Hinata that he didn't even hear what Neji said.

Although, Sasuke was shocked, his Hinata was pregnant and the child was not his. Oh, life was so cruel with him!

Neji started getting cocky. "Yeah, Uchiha...Hinata is pregnant. You heard right! P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T! PREGNANT! With my child!" He started pointing at himself to put more emphasis on the part that the child was his. "She is pregnant with my child and there is nothing you can do about it." Oh, Neji was just enjoying Sasuke's face. "Too bad for you the child she is carrying doesn't have any Uchiha blood running through its veins.---Now, that you know Hinata is pregnant, you are going to have to go search somewhere else to find a wife." Neji waved his hands in the air, telling Sasuke to leave. "Shoo...go on now! Can't you understand that Hinata can't be yours? Huh?"

Sasuke didn't move at all, he just stood there, looking at him with so much hate. "Sigh. What the hell is wrong with y-AAAAAGGHHHH!" Neji fell to his knees as he grabed his forehead. The cursed seal had been activated.

Sasuke turned to look at Hiashi, who was in the stance necessary to activate the curse seal. He then turned to look at Neji, who was slowly crowling with pain. It was obvious that Neji as supressing the pain he was feeling and he couldn't stand that. Sasuke wanted to see Neji scream with pain. He turned to look at Hiashi and hoped that Hiashi made Neji feel more pain.

"How dare you...touch my daughter!" Hiashi Hissed. "How dare you sleep with my daughter!"

Before he could even think about it, Sasuke said, "He got her pregnant."

Hiashi's eyes widen and then more anger showed in his face. "HE DID WHAT?" All of the sudden Hiashi made the curse seal on Neji's head burn much more painfully.

"AAAGGGGG!" Neji screamed out of pain. His body started shaking, his eyes went to the back of his head and he started sweating.

A smirk spread over Sasuke's face as he watched Neji being tortured.


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