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Chapter 16

Harry, Ron, and Hermione stood outside apparation bounds of Voldemort's headquarters. Each one as nervous, and unready as the next. But the job had to be done sometime. So why not today?

Harry was worried for his friends, as well. He had brought them into this mess, and if anything were to happen…it was best to think of other things, Harry had concluded.

Harry was hoping there wouldn't be to many Deatheaters around, and they may have possibly had families and homes to sleep at…. he wasn't sure he could count on that.

Fred and George could be seen in their designated spot, their red hair gleaming in the darkness, preparing for their stunt. They looked unnerved. Almost, excited it seemed. Harry certainly envied their bravery.

Not that Harry had none. But he had to admit, he was to humble to the Dark Lord. He put up hardly a fight- but a good one, he supposed. But he did not want anything to happen to Ginny. If anything were to happen, he could have never forgiven himself.

Fred and George sent blue sparks from their wand, signaling the okay, Harry grasped Ron and Hermiones' hands. He was going to lead them through the point- for his darkmark enabled him too. At least he hoped. How else would Deatheaters bring in Hostages?

"Ready g-guys," Harry said, and Hermione squeezed his hand in comfort. Ron only nodded grimly, his face visibly showing his attempt to be unnerved.

With a dramatic effect, and with determination to make this event as amusing and light as possible, the three jumped into the apparation bounds. Suddenly, the manor came into view, and the landscape around it as well.

Harry coated himself, Ron and Hermione with disillusion charms, and they were off as soon as they heard the first "BOOM!"


Fred and George who had been sitting many yards from the manor (help of Harry, who had gotten them in) were having an argument.

"No Fred, you set it off. It may be your last." George said, shaking a package of Peruvian darkness powder.

"George," Fred said firmly, "I insist, you set off the first firework. After all, I took the duty in fifth year."

"Shall we both then?" George grinned at Fred.

The fireworks had been a special work of the twins. The same fireworks the pranksters had always used, but with a unique twist. The Fireworks would blind any Deatheater within five feet, and being near the explosion of one…wasn't too good either. The darkness powder was for the ones who would not get close enough to get effected by the firework. Although not many things could penetrate the powders dark, it was the twins invention, and they were able to make it how they wanted.

And if the first idea didn't go to well, there was much more planned.

They wouldn't want to underestimate the Dark Lord.

"Ready brother," Fred asked, his wand tip ready to spark the fuse of the firework.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

And that was the boom that awakened the Deatheaters and the most powerful Dark Lord of all centuries.


The Dark Lord who had actually been brooding in his study, heard the bang and confused shouts and screams of his Deatheaters. Curiously, and angrily, he got up from his chair and walked briskly out of the door. Towards the end of the corridor was a gaping hole in his wall, and then…complete pitch-black darkness.

Deatheaters who had already changed into their robes were poking their head out of their rooms, and humbly asking their master the problem.

"My Lord, if I may ask-"

The Dark Lord replied with a harsh crucio. The Deatheater screaming and writhing on the ground did not sort out his confusion, however.


The manor shook, and the Dark Lord noticed the darkness beginning to creep closer. More swiftly now, until the Dark Lord had to advance from the corridor, leaving his Deatheaters behind in the dark.

Hearing more screams, and moving quickly now to avoid the overwhelming darkness, Voldemort could see more Deatheaters grabbing at their bleeding eyes. They attempted to crawl; some had enough strength to run, from the dark.

Many deatheaters attempted to conjure a shield to stop whatever is was that was coming. Something was in there- but they didn't know what. It was burning their eyes, and charring anything around it.

Lord Voldemort was more confused than he'd ever been. What was this? No Deatheaters work, surely. They would all be to scared to defy their master.

Could it be the aurors? Had they penetrated the wards?

The Dark Lord was in another part of the manor. He had left his Deatheaters to deal with whatever it was, and he was going to solve the other problem.

Who exactly had done this?…

"Potter!" he growled.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione were careful to avoid the East wing of the manor. It was where the distraction was to happen- and they could only hope Voldemort would be smart enough to avoid it too.

Any minute now, Fred and George would be sending in the pixies, doxies, and bowtruckles they had collected. If there was a mission to get rid of Voldemort, why not kill to birds with one stone and attack the deatheaters with all they had?

The three had already stunned many Deatheaters who had their sleeping quarters in the West wing. They bound them, and set them aside for later aurors to collect.

Harry had sent a letter with Hedwig, to the ministry with directions to the Headquarters. Harry had high hopes that Hermione would be able to bring the wards down from the manor. With that done, the aurors could see, and attack the manor and capture stray deatheaters.


More Fireworks could be heard, and the squeaks and squeals of the newly released creatures could be heard.

Harry wondered if Hermione would be brave enough to attack Voldemort with the curse. God, she was brilliant. And she was Beautiful too. But just how brave was she?

"Is wittle baby Potter here to beg forgiveness of the master?" came a taunting voice. Harry whipped around- but no one was there. But the lack of appearance didn't keep Harry from realizing who had produced the voice.

"Bellatrix? W-where are you?" Harry demanded.

"Now why would I reveal the information to you?" Bellatrix responded in the same teasing voice.

"B-be careful," Harry whispered to Ron and Hermione. He then spoke to Bellatrix- wherever she was, "Are you a coward, Bella? Scared of facing three little teenagers?"

Harry hoped insulting her back would goad her out of hiding. Maybe it wouldn't work…But he knew what would.

"Your p-pitiful. J-just like your cowardly, p-pitiful, weak master-"

Yes Bellatrix revealed herself, but her response was a swift flick of her wand and a shrieked, "Crucio!"

But Harry was prepared, and the red stream dissolved into his shield.

"N-not this time B-bella," Harry smirked, and performed his own weak, but determined unforgivable curse.

Bella watched through horrified eyes as the streak of green came towards unexpectedly.

Harry had finally got what he, and the rest of the wizarding world wanted. Bellatrix Lestrange, dead.

"H-Harry," Hermione stuttered. She seemed very terrified of Harry's actions, and she placed a hand on his shoulder. "You- you just killed someone."

"I k-know Hermione. Voldemort h-had me do it all the time. This t-time though…I j-just had to, Hermione…. I h-had too."

She nodded her head as if to show she understood, but the look in her eyes told Harry she did not at all. Even Ron looked a bit taken aback.

"Come on guys, let's keep going," Ron said hurriedly into the silence.


They ran through many corridors, walking through the twists and turns Harry had come to loathe so much. He had never wanted to be back at this Hell again- yet, here he was. And on his own free will.

"Harry, wait! We need to stop! How do you think I can bring down the wards with out any concentration?"

"Alright H-Hermione. G-go ahead then." Harry stuttered, and looked around the hallway with his wand ready.

Hermione seemed to think for a moment, before her mind seemed to click. She waved her wand triumphantly at the ceiling-

"Ow!" she moaned, gripping at her arm. She pulled back her sleeve, to reveal her arm, which had layers of skin receding and dissolving.

Her eyes widened with shock, and she gasped at the sight.

"Vigoratus tergum," she choked, sounding a lot like Harry.

The skin continued to wither.

"Vigoratus tergum," she shouted desperately. "Vigoratus tergum! Vigoratus tergum!"

"Fedintegro somes," Harry said confidently, and Ron watched in awe as Hermione's skin healed instantly. They looked at Harry for an explanation.

"I-I learned a l-lot here," he muttered.

"Oh Thank you Harry," she enwrapped him in a dramatic hug.

But she instantly let go with a look of knowing on her face.

"I know it!" She pointed her wand at the ceiling. "Reducto!" A huge hole replaced the once white tile.

Hermione shoved the two out of the way as plaster and parts of the roof came tumbling down.

"And that will do what now?" Ron questioned.

"Morsemorde!" The Dark Mark took its place in the sky. "Looks like the aurors will have no trouble finding this place. Let's hope they brought some professional ward breakers. And when they feel the barriers and magic- they'll know."

"Oh. Right." Ron said, feeling slightly stupid, but proud of Hermione.

"Come o-on guys. Let's c-continue," Harry said, rather more weakly.

But as they turned the corner, leading into the main, and grand entrance: Harry heard an all to familiar and dreaded voice:



"Well Shit, George," Fred said as angry, scorched Deatheaters crowded around them in a semicircle. "What do we do now?"

"Think Hermione deactivated the wards? We have a portkey." George said, holding up an empty soda can.

"Quick, grab hold. 1. 2. 3!"

"Alright, so we can assume the wards aren't activated." George said.

"Well I can't say I've ever been hit with the cruciatious curse," Fred said.

"Looks like you wont ever be able to say it exactly, my brother. You might just be dead."


"The letter must be a hoax? A possible trap, minister!" Percy Weasley had been trying to convince Rufus Schrimgeour.

"But if it isn't? And if it is, think of how we could fool them at their own game. Quick Weasley- Gather the aurors. We'll need all that we can. Besides, you did confirm yourself that this is Harry Potter's owl. Is he not trustworthy enough?"

Schrimgeour seemed excited, and eager for any battle.

"Yes sir, but-"

"Prepare the aurors at once. We leave in no less than two minutes."


Harry quickly gathered himself to be the lifeless puppet he was supposed to be. He looked blankly at the ground. Was Hermione going to be able to do it?

"Voldemort! We propose a trade!" Hermione said with such courage that surprised Harry to no end.

"And what have you got to bargain with, girl? I can easily retrieve the boy from you now!" Voldemort said with a sneer. He withdrew his wand, and pointed it at Hermione, who with Ron's help, held the seemingly lifeless Harry.

Although Hermione spoke confidently, he could feel her tremble as she held him.

"Avada Kedavra!" Hermione shouted quickly! She released Harry to the ground as the steady stream flew straight to Voldemort.

She quickly dropped her wand at the thought of what she did.

Not like that, Hermione! We had it all planned out! Harry thought. She had done it out of nervousness. Now Voldemort knew her intentions.

Voldemort side-stepped the curse with such ease, and he held a deep glare in his eyes.

"Did you honestly think you could actually kill me, now? I am immortal! You can not get rid of me you filthy mudblood"-

"Crucio!" a faint pink stream flew at Voldemort, and the Dark Lord laughed. Ron had angered at Voldemort's words, and had attempted an unforgivable.

"If the Mudblood could not even kill me; what makes you think you could even attempt an unforgivable?"

"I think I amgoing to give you a little less than three seconds to give me the boy." Voldemort said with a smug expression.

Oh no, Harry thought, this defiantly had not gone according to plan. He knew what to do.

To Hermione's gasping 'no' Harry stood before the Dark Lord, wand in hand. He had snuck Hermione's dropped wand into his pocket.

"Oh Harry, you seem to have fooled me. I suppose the ritual has some effects, but your sole, to your misfortune, is still mine. Nothing can stop that."

Harry took more weak, limping steps closer to the Dark Lord.

"Are you planning to duel me Potter?" The Dark Lord snarled. "You are to weak, and you know our wands cannot duel against each other. Priori Incantatum, you fool. Now Harry, I will drop my wand if you do so as well. You are starting to become such a nuisance; I may just kill you on the spot now. Unless, you put your wand away- I may spare you."

"I shall do it first, Harry, if you would feel at all better." And the Dark Lord slowly placed his wand onto the floor.

Harry dropped his wand to the ground as well.

"Now come to me, Harry." The Dark Lord said slyly.

Harry shook his head.

"No Voldemort. Not this time. You've made my life a living hell, and I'm sick of it. And you know what? I'm sick of you too."

Harry's words brought such a look of disgust onto the Dark Lord's face; Harry knew Voldemort was debating on whether to strike with wandless magic.

"Let's hope you stay dead, this time- Avada Kedavra!"

And the lifeless form of Lord Voldemort dropped to the floor.

Fate seemed to like him today, as he had gotten his final revenge on not only Voldemort, but Bellatrix as well.

As doors burst open around him, and aurors and deatheaters filled in battling, he couldn't help but feel happy-despite the scene around him.

His nightmare had ended. There was no more insane psychopath out to murder him. His life could now be lived normally.

The aurors out numbered the Deatheaters by far, mainly because some were stunned, dead or weakened.

As the Deatheaters were ambushed, and Hermione and Ron were credited for their work, Harry was questioned by other aurors. Mainly Moody, really.

"So ya finally killed the Dark Lord, have ya Potter?" Moody said without the familiar growl. His happiness must have overtaken the gruffness of his voice.

"W-well I couldn't have done it w-without Hermione and R-Ron." Harry said, and Moody nodded at the comment. Harry didn't feel like explaining that the Voldemort wasn't totally destroyed. Let the wizarding world bask in their sunshine and happiness for now. Harry would take care of everything, and the soon destroyed Horcrux wouldn't even matter.

Harry looked over at Ron who seemed very happy with the newfound attention he was getting.

Harry knew he didn't get it often enough, and Hermione seemed just as happy to have it. But she was much more modest, and much less boastful than Ron.

Ron had somehow seemed to fit in an epic battle with a Deatheater and himself. Harry laughed.

Harry saw the twins, who hugged him heartily. The two redheads looked bloody and bruised, and they had told Harry of how the aurors came just in time, and how lucky they were to be alive.

A wisp of air could be heard through the chatter, something much more different and enchanting than wind. A circle of white had formed through Voldemort's chest, and the aurors who were expecting the body, jumped back in surprise. The back away as the white light was devoured by a black, which swiftly became a rainbow. Soon, it was just the black and white stream of light that ran straight towards Harry.

The force of the two jets of light had enough force to slam Harry to the floor and straight onto his back.

He felt whole again, knowing he had his complete soul again. But there was an unwanted presence inside of him.

Moody held a welcoming hand out to help Harry up.

"No thanks, I got it," Harry said, pushing his hands from the ground. But what Harry heard made him fall straight to the ground again.

"Hello Harry." The cold voice seemed to echo in his head forever, and Harry felt a pain in his scar as all darkness consumed him.


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