Lucius let out a cold laugh. "Minister, I have to say that this is simply not acceptable. Leaving the boy with his muggle relatives will doom him to have little to no understanding of our society. And he holds a rather high place as the vanquisher of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named."

Fudge smiled fearfully. "Yes, Lucius. However, the people would not want-"

"I am part of 'the people,' Minister."

"Oh, yes, Lucius. And a very helpful part at that, but those who woul-"

"Minister, grant me custody of the boy, or I will not be so helpful in the future," he threatened in his silky voice.

"But, Lucius! Can you not see that the general public would riot over this? I know that you are a good man, and innocent of the crimes, but they-"

"Minister, if you do not want to grant me custody, I suppose that this ends our partnership."

Fudge's eyes assumed an even more frightened expression. "Right, Lucius. I'll get you the papers right away."

Lucius smiled evilly, Narcissa had been wanting another child, but pregnancy was not something either of them wanted to deal with again. And having another boy to push around would be good for Draco. "Why, thank you… Minister."


Little Harry Potter didn't really know what was happening. All he knew was that some small, gnarled hands had picked him up and had him pulled closed to their owner's chest. He snuggled closer towards the warmth.

Dobby smiled. He didn't know why Master Lucius had asked him to get Mr. Harry, but he was a nice baby. Not like Master Draco who liked to throw things and get into temper tantrums, but a nice little child. "I hopes Master Lucius does not hurt Mr. Harry," he said aloud without realizing. With that last thought, he vanished from the smoldering ruins of the Potter Mansion with a loud crack.


Two days later:


Draco could not fathom why this new boy sat in another chair near his. And eating his food as well. The boy ate silently. Draco glared at him. Just then, his mother walked by.

"Lucius, come quick! He's doing the glare!"

"Narcissa, I'm working."

Draco stopped glaring and gave his mother a blank stare. She sighed and sadly gazed back at him and the other boy.

"Be a sweet boy for your new brother, Draco," she said quietly and then left.

Draco looked at the other boy oddly. Was this a brother? What was a brother? Why was he supposed to be nice to a brother? He looked back at his food, still wondering what this boy could be doing here.