That morning a white bat and black bat were sitting at the kitchen table in their house.

The white bat was going through the mail. She looked away from the mail and had her attention on the black bat, "Hey sis, I forgot to ask you yesterday. Did you pay him back?"




"Yes Nack. The deadline was three days ago. Don't tell me you forgot to pay him back!"

The black bat gasped, "My bad."

"Nails!" The white bat shouted.

Then they heard rapid knocks on the door. "Open the door right now!" A voice shouted.

Nails was trembling, "Rouge, it's him. Open the door."

Rouge shook her head, "No way!"

"Rouge, open the damn door!"

Before she could do it, the door was knocked down by a purple weasel with two other weasels behind him. One was red and the other was blue.

The purple weasel glared at the two bats, "You two!"

The two bats were frightened that he was there, "Nack!"

"Damn straight! You two are coming with me."

Rouge and Nails stood from the table and positioned themselves in a fighting stance.

"We're not going without a fight", Rouge had said bravely.

Nack and the two other weasels behind him had pulled out guns and pointed them at the two bats.

Nails looked over to Rouge, "Maybe...we should go with them after all."

Rouge never wanted to go along with them, but it was either their quick deaths or their later quick deaths.

Later the three weasels bought the two bats to a large abandoned building. They were at least on the top floor.

Rouge was tied to a chair with rope and Nails was too.

Rouge looked over to Nails, "Nails, I'm scared."

"Don't be such a baby."

"Heh, she should be scared", Nack said as he approached the two bats with a combat knife in his hand. He walked over to Nails and held the knife close to her neck, "Give me my money, bat."

"Go to hell!" Nails yelled.

Instead of cutting her neck, Nack punched her in the face.

"Nails!" Rouge screamed as she tried to untie herself.

Nack once again punched her, "Do you have it or not? I want my money you stupid whore!"

Rouge then untied her wrists and started to untie her ankles. She stood from the chair and ran towards Nack with a kick in the back.

Nack fell to the floor dropping the knife. He looked over to Rouge trying to untie her sister. He looked over to the two weasels, "Don't just stand there! Kill her!"

Rouge saw the two weasels approaching her with guns in their hands and she didn't finish untying Nails.

Nails knew by the time Rouge had set her free, her and Rouge would be caught. "Rouge, run. Forget about me. Just get help."

"I won't leave you!"

"I'll be fine just get help!"

Rouge then let go of the rope and ran towards the window. She looked down and saw that if she jumped she probably would meet her fate.

Nack got up from the floor, took out his gun and pointed it at Rouge.

Rouge gasped as she saw the weapon. She quickly jumped out the window.

Nack's eyes widened, "She really jumped..."

Meanwhile on the sidewalk, Shadow was on his way to the Chaotix until he felt pieces of glass falling from the sky. "What the hell..." Then a white bat had fell from the sky and fell on his body.