Shadow and Rouge had gotten to the building that Nails was in.

Shadow looked over to the white bat, "Is this it?"

"Yeah, that weasel has my sister. Oh and I heard there's more of you. You're not planning to defeat him by yourself are you?"

"Of course I will", he said calmly.

"What! Well then again, I have been told that you're pretty tough." She looked at the building again, "Let's get Nails."


Rouge nodded at the black hedgehog and slowly followed behind them as they entered the building.

Later on the top floor of the building, Nack was walking around Nails twirling his knife in his hand.

Nails did nothing but watch him play with the knife in his hands. The rope that had held her to the chair was tightened more than ever because Rouge had tried to help her get free. She then decided to tempt the weasel to irk him in some way. "You're not going to rape me are you?" She said with a smile.

Nack looked at her with a disgusted look, "No, I wouldn't do that. Well...not to you anyway. Looks like you already lost your virginity."

"How insulting!" She shouted.

"Hey you!" A deep voice shouted from the doorway with a white bat beside him. "Let her go!"

Nails smiled as she saw Rouge beside the black hedgehog, "Rouge, you came."

Nack seemed shocked as he saw the black hedgehog, 'Could that be...Dash's son?' He smirked and started to play with the knife in his hand again, "What do you want?"

"He wants you to let Nails go or he'll kick your ass!" Rouge shouted.

Nack shook his head slowly, "You got it all wrong girly. You owe me money and you have the nerve to bring a cop here to arrest me."

"Wait a minute." Shadow turned to Rouge, "You owe him money?"

Rouge smiled weakly, "It was for the electric bill."

Nack looked over to the other weasels, "Kill them", he simply said.

The weasels ran over to them with guns in there hands.

Rouge got behind Shadow, "Shadow, they have guns."

"I have something better than a gun", his hand started to glow a yellow color. He held it up at the two weasels. "Chaos Spear!" Then a yellow light came from his hand and struck at the two weasels with them falling to the floor bleeding to death.

Rouge's eyes widened as she saw the two dead weasels laying on the dirty floor, "Shadow, that was amazing."

Afterwards they both heard a scream. Shadow and Rouge looked over to Nails with Nack holding a knife near her neck.

Nack made an evil smile, "I'm impressed, Shadow."

"Let her go."

"Fight me and if you defeat me you can have the slut."

"Hey!" Nails shouted.

"Fine by me", Shadow walked up to Nack and did Chaos Spear once more, "Chaos Spear!"

Nack jumped out of the way, took out a gun, and shot a couple of rounds at him.

Shadow's Chaos Spear had destroyed the bullets as they were coming at him. "I've had enough of this. Chaos Control!" He then just disappeared.

Nack dropped his gun to the floor, 'Chaos Control? And without a Chaos Emerald? But only one person can do that.' All of a sudden he was hit in the back of his head knocking him to the floor. "Dash...the Hedgehog", he said softly. He then fell unconscious.

Shadow ran over to Nails and untied her, "Are you okay?"

Nails looked up, down, and around his body, "I am now. Thanks to you, handsome."

Shadow blushed at the comment, "Handsome?"

She then hugged the black hedgehog in gratitude, "My sexy dark hero!"

Shadow was trying to remove her body off his, "Hey get off me!"

After that Shadow walked Rouge and Nails to their house. They were standing on the porch about to say goodbye to each other.

Shadow sighed, "Damn, Vector's gonna kill me. He's gonna wonder why I wasn't at the Chaotix today. I guess I better make up an excuse so he won't yell at me. All right you two, I hope you learned a lesson."

"Yeah we sure did. Never trust a weasel", Rouge said with a smile.

Shadow shrugged, "Close enough I guess. You won't have to worry about Nack for a long time. The police took care of him," Shadow then took out a small business card and handed it to Rouge. "If you ever need anything just call."

Rouge glanced over the card and gasped, "What! We gotta pay?"

Shadow shook his head slightly, "This one's on me." 'I can't believe I actually said that. Vector's gonna kill me for sure.'

Nails smiled then whispered in Rouge's ear.

Rouge started to giggle.

Shadow was wondering what they were talking about. He got uncomfortable as the two bats surrounded him. "What the hell are you two doing?" His face suddenly lit in a bright red color as the two bats kissed him on each side of his cheek at the same time.