Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer slipped through the small woven paths that were hidden between the tall piles of rubbish. Mungojerrie kept the lead with Rumpelteazer staying a half a step behind him at all times – giving her just enough to stop at any moment's notice. The paths were dark and the only real source of light they had was from the moon; but even that was currently obscured. Everyone else should be sleeping – and if not they were certainly keeping themselves busy. It was the Jellicle Ball after all. They would have to be quick – before someone realized that they were missing.

Mungojerrie steered to the left and Rumpelteazer stepped to the right as they emerged into a small clearing where they were told to wait. No one was here yet... Well, no one else was visibly here yet. They sat down beside each other in perfect unison; glancing around; each one trying to think of some for of small talk to fill the silence. 'Nice night,' didn't seem to be doing it...

"I'm glad to see you're actually on time for once..."

The two heads turned at the sound of the voice, seeing an almost sickly thin tom cat creep out of a nearby pipe; almost materializing right in front of their eyes. The colour of his fur was masked by layers of dirt and dust though you could see a flash of red when he shook himself out. He was long and lanky, appearing much like some sort of cartoon-ish figure, until you looked at his gaunt face and his dark piercing eyes. His tail whipped behind him in a mix of irritability and anticipation. It didn't take a pragmatical cat to figure out he was plotting something.

"Well, ya' did-"

"Not yet tell you to speak," he finished off for Mungojerrie, the calico tom looking a little put out; but shut his mouth nonetheless. He wasn't quite in the mood to upset him right now, anyways. They stared at each other for a moment before he tossed him a fairly large, empty, burlap sack. "Here."

"Wah'zit for," Rumpelteazer asked, looking down at it as she caught it. He couldn't be expecting them to leave the Ball and go on a petty run for him… It was the Ball – they had to keep up appearances; he even said so himself… earlier.

"Stealing," he said curtly, his voice low and rather gravelly; much like what they'd expect to find with a much larger tom.

"Ya can't 'scpect'us ta go steal some gem fer ya now," Mungojerrie said, looking between Rumpelteazer and Macavity. He must be mad.

"You're not getting gems," he stated, looking up at the sky, catching a glimpse of the soft glow of the moon. "We're getting something much, much bigger tonight…."

OOC: Well… It's been a while. A long while…
I went up to Newfoundland earlier this month for my audition to get into the theater course at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College and am currently waiting my letter of acceptance. I am already accepted into the school and residency and stuff, just not the program – which is really what's most important to me. And just this weekend I went down to see Cats at CEC in Turo. We all went in costume –I looked the most natural so I sat next to the normal people to keep them from being overly freaked. Nikky's sister was worried enough that we were all going to get kicked out. Something about frolicking around in spandex and face paints with people staring… She was fine come intermission, though.
But I shall make it a mission to write and update more frequently. Now that Drama is over and we have more people at Subway so I don't have to work so darn much.

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