The tribe was gathered around a small mound of dirt; mourning the death of Mistoffelees. He wasn't buried... His humans had disposed of the body. They buried a few of this personal things in his place. His dice; a cork; a spoon; foolish things that Mungojerrie had no interest in. He was far more focused on keeping Old Deuteronomy around. Macavity would be about soon. He had been very pleased that Mistoffelees had been taken care of. Now there was very little in his way.

Rumpelteazer stood quietly by his side. She hadn't talked in the past two days. No one in the tribe dared to try to speak to her. They were worried that she'd break down into a fit of tears and none of them wanted to try to comfort her. Not to be mean but, it was just hard to deal with without the dramatics. Mungojerrie didn't mind. It kept her from possibly blurting out what had happened. She seemed to be getting her focus back however. She did initiate affection to him last night. She was getting back to her rightful place with him.

it was about time.

The group slowly broke off, a few lingering around the memorial. Mungojerrie gently steered Rumpelteazer away. Giving Macavity a clear shot of Deuteronomy. He could almost hear the light feet of a dozen trained cats heading for them. Then everything moved in a slow blur. Kittens ran for the elder queens; some queens screamed, and toms hissed as dozens of bodied lunged out from behind a junk pile. Some cats ran for shelter; others tried to defend and protect Old Deuteronomy and fur began to fly. Mungojerrie felt someone pull on his arm and he was dragged away from the action before he could go into trying to play the part of devoted Tribe member. Rumpelteazer puled him over to the pipes, dragging him in behind her in a hurry. She pulled the piece of cardboard back over it by the rope handle on it; blocking the entrance.

"Teaze..." he said, needing to take a moment to realize what was going on. "Wha's goin' on?"

"We'r' leavin'," she said curtly before scrapping and pounding could be heard on the other side of the door. "'elp me 'old it!"


"T'eys all gonna kill t'em selves... Ya know tha'! I know tha'!. We keep 'ems out t'ere... t'ey all die.. We kin leave..." she finished quietly looking at him pleadingly.

He stepped forward, grabbing the handle with her and pulled with all his might. "Wha' 'bout t'e othah entrances?"

"I block'd 'ems... t'is mornin'..."

Mungojerrie quietly nodded his head, keeping hold of the door with her as screams pierced through the wood and echoed hollowly in the pipes.


Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer stepped out of the tunnel into the setting sun. The ground was drenched with blood; bodies laid everywhere. They didn't take heed to who they were stepping over; just that they didn't step on them. They left the junkyard quietly; Mungojerrie slowly taking her paws in his.

"Why din'cha let me die, too, Teaze?"

"'Cause 'm attach'd," she said quietly. "Ta you... not ta t'em..."

He nodded his head, guiding her down the road. The screams from the massacre still ringing in his ears; though her heard her as clear as a bell and shared the most deepest of emotion with her, that he ever shared with anyone before. "Me too..."


A/N: Well... I guess that's it. A quick little ending to the story... Maybe now I'll move on to another story... a bit lighter...