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Chapter 20- A Shikatem Wedding

A month later after Gracia went missing and Naruto and Hinata were reunited at last…

"I don't believe it!"

"The day is finally here!"

"Oh! This is so wonderful!"

"I can't wait 'til it starts!"

"I bet you that Shikamaru will fall asleep during Temari's vows."

"I bet you Temari will beat him up for it."

"Oh I love weddings!"

Everyone that is friends and family of Shikamaru and Temari was all gathered in Konoha for a very special day. It was the day that Shikamaru and Temari were to be married at last. Everyone was excited about it and just could not wait. All the old rookie nine, Tenten, Temari, TK, and Gracia were all in a room as they are trying to get ready. Right now they were all gathered around Gracia at the moment.

"You look so cute Gracia-chan!" Said Ino, just adoring the little girl.

"Don't you think you look pretty?" Asked a soon to be mother, Tenten.

Gracia glared at the ground, angry at what she was wearing. What she had on was a cute little pink kimono with purple petals at the bottom that Temari picked out for her. She looked up at everyone. "I. Hate. Pink." Gracia's gaze shifted to Sakura and glared at her.

Sakura felt a slight shiver running down her spine. She grabbed onto Tenten's arm and tried to hide behind her.

"Don't tell me you're afraid of a four year old?" Tenten whispered to Sakura.

"I'm not, it's just." Sakura looked at Gracia again and saw she was still glaring at her. "I don't think I want to be around when she is angry, you know?" She laughed nervously. "Remember Gaara in the chunnin exams?"

Hinata knelt down next to Gracia. The little girl turned her head and glared at her now. Hinata just smiled and reached out with her hand to her. Gracia wondered what she was doing until it happened. Something she thought would never happen, at least she hoped not. Hinata was- was-…Scratching her behind her ear!!! Gracia went towards the touch, her eyes half lidded. Her leg started to move up and down slightly.

"Hinata, what are you doing?" Ino asked curiously.

Hinata began to giggle. "Hisoka loves it when I do this to him. Plus, when he does something wrong, I do this to make him tell me exactly what he did."

"So it's like their weakness!" Exclaimed TK as her eyes sparkled. "That is so kawaii! May I scratch her behind her ear?!"

Temari shook her head no. "We still need to get ready for my wedding. There's not time for petting Gracia like she's an animal."

"Oh…I did not think of Gracia-chan like that Temari-san."

"I know, but still! We need to get ready dammit!"

Sakura and Ino glanced at each other. "Here comes bridezilla again." They both said at the same time.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?!" Temari yelled.

Both the younger girls backed away slowly away, stuttering some apologizes to her. Hinata stopped scratching Gracia and stood up on her feet. "You've been acting strange lately Temari-chan and I don't think it's because of the wedding. Is something wrong?"

Temari sighed. "There is something I found out a few days ago, but I'll tell you guys it later."

Everyone nodded their heads and tried to get everything else ready. Gracia just stood there with a daze look on her face in the middle f the room. Temari and Hinata told the other girls that she would be out of it for a few minutes and will be back to normal in no time. Sakura felt another shiver run down her spine just thinking of Gracia going to start glaring at her again like always.


"HISOKA COME BACK HERE AND PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON!!!!!" Naruto yelled on top of his lungs. He was chasing a naked Hisoka around the room all the while Kiba was laughing his ass off.

"But I don't wonna wear them! Kiba-oji-san said that Gracia-chan will laugh at me!" Yelled Hisoka as he ran on all fours..

Naruto suddenly came to a stop and glared at Kiba. "So this is all your doing!"

"Well I needed to get my pay back somehow." Kiba continued to laugh.

All the guys from the Rookie 9, Kakashi, Gaara, Neji, Lee, Lee's two students, Hisoka, and Tamaki were all in a room, trying to get ready. Naruto tried to get the clothes on Hisoka, but was having some difficulty. Shikamaru had already helped Tamaki dress up and now the young Nara boy was fast asleep in a chair. Shikamaru sat next to his son and was nodding off a few times. Chouji tried to talk loudly to him to keep him awake, but it wasn't working very well. Shino, Sasuke Neji and Gaara were all quiet as they watched Naruto chase Hisoka. Lee had somehow cornered his students in a corner and was telling them how getting married is such a youthful thing. Lets just say the two boys were hugging each other in fear from their sensei. Kakashi was in another corner reading his book.

"Come on Hisoka, I'll buy you some ramen later." Said Naruto as he crept closer to his son.

"Iie!" Hisoka then ran over to Kakashi and hid behind him. "Help me!"

Kakashi sighed and closed his book to put it away. He knelt down to Hisoka and patted his head. "You need to put on the clothes. There's no need to worry, Gracia won't laugh at you She'll even think you're handsome. Isn't that right Gaara?"

Gaara glared at Kakashi, but slowly nodded his head. "…That is right…"

"You see? Even her otou-san says so. Now you have to believe me."

Hisoka thought about it for a moment. "Demo…Kiba-oji-san said-"

"Don't listen to him when it comes to girls. He doesn't know anything about them."

"Oh, is that why he's not getting married like Temari-san and Shikamaru-oji-san?"

Kakashi smiled. "Yep, because they're to afraid that he might hump them on the first date. So they don't want to even go out with him."

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Kiba yelled, steam coming out of his ears. "That is not true!! You don't know what you're talking about!"

Hisoka walked over to Naruto and held out his arms. "Okay otou-san, I'm ready to get dress now."

Naruto gave Kakashi a thank you look which the old sensei just nodded at. Naruto put on Hisoka's clothes and had no trouble at all. This was because Hisoka was watching Kiba yell at Kakashi.

Yep, this would be an interesting wedding day…

(I'm skipping the wedding and going right to the after party. Anyone has a problem with it, oh well. It's too troublesome for me and there is not much going on there except Shikamaru and Temari getting married.)

"Congratulations you two!" Naruto yelled when he saw Shikamaru and Temari walking towards him and their friends, except for Chouji who was off somewhere else.

"Thanks Naruto." Said Shikamaru as he puled his new wife closer to him.

Kiba grinned at Shikamaru. "I was actually surprised you stayed awake. I was sure that you would've closed your eyes and started snoring. Kind of a bummer, I was hopping to see Temari hit you across the head."

"Are you kidding? Temari would do more to me than that. She probably would've killed me. Besides, it's supposed to be one of the best days of my life, I have no reason to sleep through it."

Temari giggled as she traced her finger across her husband's chest "I also warned him if he did it I wouldn't marry him and he could never see Tamaki ever again. That kind of did the trick."

"Hey you guys!" Chouji walked over to his friends, holding onto a woman's hand. "I want you guys to meet someone." Chouji pulled a woman with dark green hair that was in a bun closer to everyone. She looked at all of them with her bright yellow eyes. "This is Dezato (it means desert), my girlfriend."

"Kunoichiwa," she bowed. "It is nice to meet all of you."

"She owns a bakery she just opened almost a year ago in the village. I met her on her grand opening and instantly fell in love with her cooking."

Dezato giggled. "Then when I was going to close that nice he was still there eating. So we talked for a bit while I watched him eat. The next week we had our first date."

"Now get this, we're going to be parents!"

Everyone stared at Chouji and Dezato in disbelief. They were all quiet for a straight two minutes when suddenly Temari, Tenten and Ino squealed and surrounded Dezato and Chouji.

"What a coincidence! So am I!" Tenten said in excitement.

Temari looked over at Shikamaru who nodded his head. "I need to tell you guys something…" Temari took a deep breath. "I'm pregnant too."

Everyone gasped at this. They really didn't think that Shikamaru and Temari would be having another child this soon.

Sakura walked up to Ino and whispered in her ear. "Don't you think it's your turn to confess a little something that we found out at you check up yesterday?"

Ino took a deep breath. "This is so stupid that we're all confessing, but…" Ino glanced at Shino and saw that he was taking a sip from his drink. "I'm pregnant."

Shino spat out the liquid that was in his mouth at the news. His whole face went red the moment he heard Ino.

"Watch it Shino, you almost got me dude." Kiba said to his teammate. He then turned to Ino. "Exactly when did this happen?"

"Who is the father Ino-san?" Asked Lee.

Ino blushed. "Well, um…He's someone in our group and…It was about a month ago when Hinata and I came back."

Kiba laughed. "Really? That sounds like around the same time Shino got laid!…Wait a minute…" Kiba quickly turned back to Shino and pointed at Ino. "IS SHE THE ONE THAT GOT YOU LAID?!?!?!" Everyone in the room went quiet when they heard Kiba yell.

Both Shino and Ino turned deep red at this. Shino in embarrassment and Ino in anger. "You told him?!" Yelled Ino.

"He…He Figured it out himself…"

Absolute quiet. Nothing was heard in the room. Tamaki, Hisoka, Gracia, and TK even went quiet while they were playing with each other. Inoichi, who was sitting at the bar with two of his best friends, stared in wide eyed. He then reached for the sake bottle on the counter and took a big swig. Like his friend would say, this was going to be troublesome…

Soon everyone went back to what they were doing except for Ino and Shino's friends. "Well…" Sasuke began, breaking the silence. "This is a bit of a shock."

Temari was about to say something when she saw something. "Hey you! What do you think you're doing with my wedding cake?!"

A little boy with brown hair that had a bag in one of his hands froze. He was trying to reach for the soon to be cut wedding cake with his free hand. He slowly turned his head around, revealing his purple eyes. The boy looked to be around the same age as Hisoka and Gracia. "I-I was just um…" The bag that he was holding dropped, candy and all sorts of sweets came out onto the floor. "Gah! My sweets!"

"Hey! That's for Tamaki, Gracia and Hisoka! What do you think you're doing with them?!" Temari yelled.

Dezato looked over to see the boy. "Tsuzuki-chan? What are you doing here?"

"I-I was walking by and ano…Oh! Would you look at the time! I have to go home now! Bye-bye!" Tsuzuki ran off, leaving his bag of sweets behind.

Chouji looked at Dezato. "You know him?"

"Hai, he comes into my bakery everyday for some cake." Dezato started to giggle. "He really has such a sweet tooth, I'm surprised his teeth aren't rotten yet."

"So he was trying to steal some of the cake huh?" Temari started to growl. "He's lucky he got away. He doesn't want to know what I had instore for him."

(Tsuzuki will have kind of a big role in the sequel. I just felt like typing him up right now and so people will know about him before the next story)

Meanwhile, TK was taking care of Tamaki, Hisoka and Gracia

"TK-nee-san, I'm thirsty." Hisoka told the older girl.

TK smiled at the young boy. "I can go get you some juice. What kind would you like?"


"Okay then. What about you two? Would you guys like something?"

"I want gwape."


TK nodded her. "Got it!" She turned around and punched her fist into the air. "My new mission, retrieve some juice for Hisoka-kun and the others!" She ran off, leaving the little kids to play by themselves until her return.

TK walked up to the bar, standing next to Shikamaru's dad, because she did not know where else to find juice. She checked a few tables but could only find the snacks. She did not notice that the drinks were actually near where she left Hisoka and the others. The three children were now trying to climb the table with the refreshments without anyone noticing.

"Here you go," The bartender placed the drinks down in front of TK.

"Thank you very much! I hope the flames of youth lives long and joyful within you!"

The bartender just walked away slowly from the weird girl to take care of another customer. TK was about to pick up the drinks when she noticed another drink. She couldn't remember the bartender putting it down in front of her and was curious about it. She picked up the drink and saw it was clear type of liquid.

"Hmm…I am quite thirsty myself and it wouldn't hurt to drink this." She said aloud, getting Shikato's attention. He looked at the cup she was holding and down at the counter and back to her.

"Ano…Excuse me, but-" He stopped when he heard something behind him.

Back to Shikamaru and friends, Lee was watching everyone talking about the soon to be new arrivals. The girls seemed very excited while the guys were afraid of what would happen with four pregnant women…Wait…Sasuke and Sakura were gone(they went somewhere after Sasuke told Sakura about rebuilding his clan) so…Make that five…Anyway, Lee was watching them and he felt something while the background went crazy.

"My sensei senses are tingling!" He turned to his right and saw TK about to take a sip from a cup of sake. If her otou-san found out she was about to drink alcohol, he wouldn't exactly be happy…

"TK-CHAN!" Suddenly, everything went into slow motion. (I love slow motion! XD lol) "Nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo!!!" He said in a deep and slow voice as he tried to run towards TK at a very slow rate.

Naruto looked at Lee as if he was crazy. "What is he doing?" He asked Hinata, not speaking slow and deep voice like Lee.

Hinata also watched Lee and said to Naruto, "I'm not really sure."

Lee continued to go towards TK. "TeeeeeeeeeeKaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!"

Gracia was already on top of the table and was now holding onto a bottle of soda. She was looking down at Hisoka and Tamaki as they continued to try to get up to her.

"Bakas." She glared at the two boys below and held the soda closer to her.

"Gracia-chan! That's not fair!" Whined Hisoka. "You used your sand!"


Tamaki sighed. "How twoublesome."

"Gracia-chan! You look pretty up there!" Hisoka grinned at her.

Gracia felt the warmth on her cheeks again. "S-So? You're still a baka."

"Don't you think I look handsome?!"

"…Iie." She then scooted around so her back was facing the two boys.

Hisoka's eyes became huge and watery. "Kakashi-ji-san lied to me…Wwwaaaaa!!!!" Hisoka ran off crying. He soon came to a stop though and he grinned. "I found some candy!" He bent down to pick up the sweet. He did not notice Lee coming right towards him in slow motion.

Because Lee was running in a very slow pace, he somehow was unable to stop himself from tripping over Hisoka. So when he tripped, he somehow went flying forward and landed on his head.

"Ano…Excuse me, but-" He stopped what he was saying when he saw Lee behind him on the ground. Even TK turned around to look right before she tasted the drink in her hand. Shikato mumbled 'troublesome' before turning back to TK. "Excuse me."

TK looked at the groom's father instead of going to see if her sensei was OK. "Hai?"

"You have my sake in you hand. Can I have it back?"

"Oh! Gomen na sai! I did not mean to take it. I thought the bartender gave it to me and it was water or something." She handed Shikato back his sake and picked up the juice that was still on the counter. She turned around and gasped. "Hisoka-kun! Why aren't you with Gracia-chan and Tamaki-kun?" She walked passed Lee and went straight to Hisoka. She handed him his juice and they both walked back to Tamaki and Gracia. That was when TK realized about the table of drinks.

"T-TK-chan…" Lee started to sob. His student had ignored him.

Naruto and Hinata walked away from their group of friends while they were talking about baby stuff. They walked around together, with their arms around each other. Hinata snuggled her face into Naruto's chest, so happy that he was alive and was with her.

Naruto was thinking hard about something as he watched Hinata snuggled to him. It seemed like almost all their friends except for Lee and Kiba were having children. He wondered, if it was okay with Hinata, they could have a second child. He missed the last four years of Hisoka's life already and wanted to see what it was like having a baby.

But that is a different story. This one has finally ended with Naruto returning with Sasuke, seeing all his old friends, meeting new people like TK, learning Gaara has a daughter named Gracia, learning about the Tasogare, but most importantly finally meeting his son Hisoka and reunited with his Hinata.

Let this ending be a new beginning for everyone. For this series is far from over.

End Of Story

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