The wheels seemed to be going faster and faster, making it seem like he was flying. He reached for the brake, but he couldn't find it. He kept swimming through the dizzy universe before him to find the pedal that would stop this craziness. Swimming and swimming, he hit his head on the steering wheel and immediately passed out. The car was still going, with William's foot still on the gas. The headlights were off, because William had not been able to find them when he had started the car. The car, going about 40 mph was going straight in the middle of the dark road, waiting to be hit. Finally, a semi truck totaled it. The car rolled over with William still inside, and kept rolling until it fell into a creek. There, William died from suffocation and damage to the skull.

Now a week later, the body had been recovered by a fisherman at the creek. He had noticed the smashed car in the water and called for some strong friends to help him pull it out. They ended up having a tow truck come and pulled the totaled car out. Inside, they found a young man's body, very strong built and handsome, although somewhat eaten away by fish. The women shrieked at the sight and the men shielded their eyes. Before them was not a body, it was scraps of flesh, human guts, and other human parts sewn together to make the remains of William. At breakfast the next morning, the fisherman saw a young man's face on the side of the milk carton and guessed that was what they had found. He called the number, and returned the remains of the body to the family.

So that was where they are now. William was in the casket and the Beardsley-Norths were crying. They each blamed themselves and some even blamed each other, although no fights broke out at the funeral of William Beardsley. Maybe that is what they believe, but there is a truth behind this story of tragedy.

If you remember correctly, William had run for president as a senior in high school. He had won the election, to the dismay of the other contestants. One, willing to go as far as death. The man's name was Arnold Sovinsky and he had been running for president every year in high school, and he was president, until the senior election. William had the help of 17 brothers and sisters to his advantage, and Arnold only had 2.

Arnold paid William's friends to invite him to the bar. Since William's friends weren't the brightest crayons in the box, they had agreed. Arnold paid the angry bar tender to give William double shots in each glass to make him drunk faster. He also put the marijuana in the drunken friend's hand, offering William some. After William was drunk and smoking, Arnold helped William to his car, where he tied his foot to the pedal with the shoelace. He had also taken out the brake, and lowered the steering wheel. He hired someone to drive a truck that would crash into William, injuring the driver, as well as killing William. Then all Arnold had to do was sit back and relax. But he had forgotten to hide the evidence.

Sovinsky left all the clues behind, making it easy to track him down. First, the intoxicated friends had come to their senses and told the police that Sovinsky had paid them and showed them the bar that William became drunk at. At the bar, the bartender, happy with her new baby, gladly gave the police a tin box with the marijuana Arnold gave to William in it. The police scanned the tin for fingerprints and found William's, the bar tender's, and Sovinsky's fingerprints. They searched all of Connecticut for him, and found him at his mother's house. They burst down the door and grabbed Sovinsky by the arms. They interrogated him, and then he admitted that he had been the one that killed William. They put him in handcuffs and took him to jail.

Helen had volunteered to let the man go, but after hearing the details of what he did, she sent him right back to the police car. Many of the Beardsley-North children were angry and wanted to punch the man, but Helen didn't approve. The man was dirty and deserved to be beat up by the gruff men that had also been sent to jail.

Knowing the reason of William's death, Dylan, Phoebe, and Christina wished that William had not won that election. They took a walk outside and saw rainy streets filled with puddles. In the overcast skies, Christina swore she could see William hugging her mother, and the Norths' father. When Dylan and Phoebe looked up, they couldn't see the same thing, but Christina could. Her mom had beautiful blonde hair and the most beautiful face she had seen. And Mr. North was very handsome as well. He had fair skin with freckles and brown-red hair. Phoebe, Dylan, Mick, and Aldo must miss him very much. When Christina looked into the clouds to see William's face, she almost cried. He had not been scratched by the accident at all. He wore a small bandage on his forehead and his dark brown eyes glowed as he saw Christina. He seemed to whisper to her while Phoebe and Dylan were arguing about something.

He said to her, "Chris, make sure no one is sad. I'm happy here. I got mom and Mr. North, everything's great! Really. I don't want to come back, so stop crying. Okay sis? Whenever you need to talk, just look up when it's raining. Only you can see me because I'm your closest sibling. I love you and take care 'til I see you next." William then faded back into the clouds, along with her mom and Mr. North. The rain stopped and a rainbow appeared over the lighthouse. There was a sort of happiness in the air. Everyone inside had stopped crying and all Christina could think about was how happy she was that William was happy. She hoped it rained a lot.

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