Twice the Mind...

Chapter one.

"Rayvin Tigress Ravena!"


Rayvin Ravena appeared in front of her cousin, "You did such a good rendition..." she muttered sarcasm all over her tone.

Christopher, Sarah, and Nikolas Ravena all looked at Rayvin and Michael. Michael was usually the sour one...But not around Rayvin. He loved Rayvin like a little sister..."Tigress, what's wrong?" Christopher asked. Michael, Sarah, and Nikolas all nodded in agreement, even though they had no clue what they were nodding for—it just felt right.

Rayvin sighed, "Life bites...," she said with a grin. Nikolas smirked, and Michael shook his head in that Oh-Goddess...sorta way. "I flunked my Chemistry test...I swear, I should be like a child prodigy at this stuff by now! I've taken all the tutorials, aced practice assignments...What's wrong with me?" "Did you try studying?" Nissa asked, as she and Kaleo entered the room. Nissa smiled as she sat down at Sarah's table, while Kaleo took his seat with Christopher and Nikolas. Rayvin looked at her Aunt as if she were crazy, "Studying is for humans who don't pay attention."




"...I'll get her."

"Oh crap."

Nikolas easily caught up with his niece and Rayvin cursed in her mind. "I never lie, Rayvin." "You outta, its fun sometimes." Nikolas laughed, "Maybe I'll try it sometime..." "You just did!" Nikolas thought for a second, then laughed again, "You're right...I did. Oh well...Kaleo wants you." "I know...I don't really care, though. I don't feel like seeing him."

Rayvin never really liked her Uncle Kaleo. He had hurt—once, -- his mother, and then he and her Uncle had a couple of run-ins. However, that is not really, why she did not like him... She had her own reasons. Reasons of which only she should know.

Rayvin knew that Nikolas would look into her mind if he had to, so she did not say anything to make him suspicious. "What does he want me for, anyways?" Nikolas gave her an Oh no you do not young woman look and shrugged, "I have no clue, but you're not getting away with running from him." "I am not running, I just don't feel like conversing with anyone!" "Then how come you're talking to me?" Rayvin did not respond. Feeling stupid, she just walked off. Nikolas caught her arm before she could go far. "Rayvin, why don't you like Kaleo? He's related to you too, you know."

Rayvin sighed, "Nikolas...I can't tell you. It is extremely personal...To me, anyways. I cannot tell anyone...Not even my own father, and it will hurt him the most." Nikolas' expression turned from the neutral mask he always wore to a worried and confused look. "Rayvin Tigress Ravena, you're ordered—ordered—to tell me what's going on." Rayvin shook her head, and Nikolas sighed in frustration. "I'm sorry, Nikolas...I can't."