Authors Beginning Note Thingy: Ah, now this one has been floating around my brain for quite a while... four years, Ithink we're coming around to, and I've only just gotten around to writing it. This will take a while, guys, the plot isn't too firm yet, and I'm preoccupied quite alot at the moment, other fics, and schoolwork, and all those great update-delaying things. Hope you like! Please review!

WARNING: Original characters abound! Most of these guys I made up myself, but I promise the occasional visit from some anime-series regulars. Don't knock it until you try it.

--Begin Video Data Retrieval--

"Shikiri… please, have a seat…" said the voice of the man, stout, but obviously having recently lost weight, since his suit was rather loose on him. His hair was short and grey, and his face hard, and cold, deep lines etched into it like cracks in ice.

"It is not necessary for me to sit down…" the second man responded. He was taller, a lean figure, but muscled: perfect, as if expertly carved. A sculpture from stone. His stony expression was made to match.

"I understand that, I was merely trying to be polite…" the grey-haired man said with what sounded like a voice of genuine understanding, but not without it's undertones of impatience. "This will take quite a while, and a short rest for your circuits may be good for you, since you're an older… I know you have a busy schedule,"

"I've got time…" the one supposedly called Shikiri replied, nonchalantly, and even disrespectfully flopping down onto a leather couch, and removing his dark glasses. With these off, he revealed square-shaped, lavender irises within glassy white eyes. A permanent scowl was pulling at rosy, painted lips, and he stared down his thin nose at his superior.

"That is good…" the elder said, contrarily a smirk twisting his mouth. "I'm very sorry that I have to be the one to tell you this, Shikiri, but…" he wrung his hands together for a moment, watching the slender body that was currently laid out on his leather couch, in his rather luxurious office, checking for the slightest twinge of movement.

"Yes?" Shikiri questioned, not breaking his unblinking stare. He shook his head, tossing a stray long blonde lock over his shoulder, one of the few that wasn't pulled up inside of the bandana he wore.

The second male elicited a sigh, "…you've been a loyal, loyal member of our agency…" he said, obviously skirting around the main point, "…for many years. And therein lies the problem. As our enemy's technological advances vault forward, so too must our own, and I must say that I'm afraid you're simply outdated, Shikiri."

The slightest hint of silent surprise glittered in the blonde's eyes, and he straightened slightly, lips as a thin line.

"Your hard-drive just doesn't have enough space to store all your specific functions, and do, well… normal things as well. That's why we made your little partner, for the second half of the whole." He explained, "However, two members for every job equals twice the danger of someone being caught, especially with advanced security systems. And not even that, there's always the liability of a human, not a machine, recognizing you for what you really are… what with the fact that you already have to wear the…" He cut himself off, but made a circular motion about his own head.

Shikiri still was silent.

"Basically, Shikiri, we can't afford to take the risks of sending you out anymore. And since you were made with a no-deletion failsafe in your system, we can't possibly reprogram you for alternative functions. Therefore, that leaves us with only one choice…" he stood, and smiled, motioning over to a door, which slowly opened, a dark figure coming out…

"But first…" he said, "I'd like you to meet your replacement."

A young woman, or so it appeared, walked out. She was, admittedly, scantly clad in black. Her skin was pale, and her hair was short, dark, and spiked up. A smug look was plastered onto her mannequin-face. Her sculpted arms looked strong, body looked tough, yet thin, and legs were muscular, and she stood there, hands on her hips, towering over the seated Shikiri, looking defiant, and dominant.

"Meet Anzinia, the latest in technology. Her model won't even hit the stores for the public until two or three years from now. She's perfectly formed, perfectly adept, perfectly programmed, and she looks… perfectly human."

A twinge in Shikiri's cheek, and shift of his leg indicated his discomfort, and the grey-haired man frowned, glaring, then waving a hand over his shoulder, and putting his fingers together to snap.

Immediately, two large men in black suits came running out. Shikiri leapt to his feet, but they were already on him. He flexed his biceps, preparing to shake them off, but they held his arms steady and firm, as more people in white suits rushed in after. They locked multiple handcuffs over his arms, and reached up to his head, pulling off the tightly-tied bandanna.

Torrents of golden hair fell down, and in front, short blue-tipped bangs bounced, but at the same time, his most unique feature was revealed. Four rectangular-shaped structures on either side of his head, the same size, the same shape, pointed at the top, outside corner, and attached to one another. The top layer was blue, the bottom a silvery white. Around the back of his head stretched a plasticy, crescent shape, mostly white, but a point rising in the center of the back of his head was likewise navy.

He yelled, gritting his teeth as his legs kicked. He took out one or two of the white-clothed men, but a third pricked a tiny buttonhole on the plastic with the point of his pen, and the man's entire lower body went limp.

With another groan of protest, and through gritted teeth he began writhing, twisting his shoulders back and forth in the vain attempt to get free, but the bulky, black-suited men lifted him up, though he was tall, off the ground, so that his efforts were useless.

"Your memories will be blocked, so as any stored data will not fall into enemy hands… and you will be ultimately shut down, and destroyed." said the grey-haired man, motioning over to the black-haired girl, and pointing her towards the hearth of a merry, crackling fire.

"And what of Mavu?" the prisoner snapped, "Where is she? What are you going to do with her!"

The grey-haired man chuckled grimly, "Oh, she's being apprehended as well. You two will see nothing of each other ever again…"

Snapping back into reality, the little girl outside the door opened her eyes, and looked around. Yes, indeed, she was surrounded by a circle of tall, bulky men. They all, nearly simultaneously reached out to her, and she had little time to react. Kicking a closer hand away, she grabbed the wires, and tugged herself away from the wall. The plugs popped out, and she let go, allowing the cords to zip back into her head.

--End Video Data Retrieval--

The door opened, the men filed in "Did you get her?" the elder said.

"…no… sir…" one replied, an obvious note of hesitation and anxiety in his voice.

His answer was rewarded with a grimace, and then a sigh. "Well…" the superior began, a loud tone of frustration and disappointment in his voice, "In that case… I've just decided, that you're being decommissioned due to incompetence." he said, an almost playful smile somehow overtaking him now. "And this will be your first assignment, Anzinia…" he said, motioning for her to move forward.

His order was met with an all-too-excited smile, as, screaming and shouting many of the suited goons began to duck and cover, the obvious leader cowering back.

In a swift, unreadable jump, the girl was up in the air, and had the leader's head held firmly within the arches of her feet. A sharp swing of her arms, a fast twisting, and the crackling of the other man's neck, and he fell down. She landed gracefully on tip-toes, and smiled hopefully at her boss.

"Good girl…" he replied, coming forward and putting a hand on her upper arm. "Now the rest of you…" he snapped, motioning to the unnaturally crumpled man on the floor "…clean this up."