December, 1999

Severus Snape and Bellatrix Lestrange stood on either side of the Dark Lord. They were what was left of the inner circle, after three years of fast pace intensive war. Once Severus had fulfilled his vow to Narcissa, and then returned Draco to his frantic mother, he had reported to the Dark Lord. Thomas Riddle had been beyond pleased with Severus. Apparently, Voldemort had been worried about the Half-Blood Prince's loyalties. Bellatrix, Narcissa, nor Severus had told him about the Unbreakable Vow. Lord Voldemort had thought that Severus had stepped in on his own accord when Draco failed. The Dark Lord had though Severus had done the job out of loyalty to him, because Severus hadn't wanted to give his Lord another failure.

Draco had only escaped being killed for his failure because he was the only Malfoy left. However, the boy was punished. Draco Malfoy was now blind, and totally dependent on his mother. It was that reason that the Malfoys were not in the throne room, awaiting the approaching Harry Potter and his little merry band. Severus knew that for the past three years Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, and Ginivera Weasley had been traveling the globe, searching for the remaining horacrux. Apparently, they had located the last and final one.

And now, the "Savior of the Wizarding World" was nearly on the doorstep of Voldemort's headquarters. The time had finally come. Very soon, the Dark Lord would be killed and he and Bellatrix would finally be free. Although they both considered that fact little consolation. Because of what they had been forced to do, their son would always hate them.

The scant eighty or so Death Eaters left all looked towards the entry doors to the throne room. Potter's footfalls were thunderous as they approached. Every Death Eater in that room knew they were dead, they knew that Potter and his friends would kill them all. Only Voldemort "knew" differently. Voldemort thought he knew that he would defeat Potter. Only Voldemort was still confident in his own success. Because of that, he spoke.

"My faithful followers. Reckoning is at hand. Today, I will defeat Potter, and we will win this war. We will win the Wizarding World." With that, the doors before them burst open. Voldemort stood and glided away from his 'throne.' As Voldemort and Harry walked towards each other the air was thick with decades of tension. Even the fates held their breaths. As the two stopped a dueling distance apart, Severus and Bellatrix leapt into silent action.

The Savior's parents worked the outer perimeter of the room, silently killing those too mad to be redeemed, and silencing and binding those who could, perhaps one day, redeem themselves in the eyes of Merlin and the Ancient Gods. They both were thankful that their son and his friends were too involved in the words being traded. Actually, everyone but they were listening intently. Once they two had disabled enough Death Eaters they weren't worried about Harry's friends being overpowered once the battle started, they returned to their "posts" on either side of the "throne," and turned their attention to the confrontation. They watched carefully, their sweaty and trembling hands clasped behind the high backed throne.

"…kill your friends too, Potter? Shall I make you watch as my two most faithful spill you're girlfriend's blood? I trust you know my favorites? Severus and Bellatrix?" Both mentioned couldn't help a cringe. Sure, they'd spent twenty years hiding behind masks of service and loyalty to the darkest lord since Grindewald, but the end was so near and their breaths so short they didn't have the strength to keep those masks up. Voldemort didn't look back, sure in his faith, but Harry and his friends noticed the twin grimaces. For the first time Harry saw the pain in their eyes, the pure hatred their frames held when looking at Voldemort. And Harry noticed the prone bodies laying about the room. The slight smug look Harry'd held before now increased.

"Look around you, Voldie. Yeah, Snape and Lestrange are sooo loyal. Loyal enough they took out half of your quite pathetic force. My friends can easily handle the leftovers. That leaves you and me Tom. Just you and me, as it always should have been." With that, and a rather enraged yell from Tom, Harry Potter lifted his wand and started the duel.

Harry lowered himself to the ground and threw a cutting hex at Voldemort, rolling out of the way of a burning hex. His goal for the moment was just to distract. Harry needed to keep Voldemort occupied while the others dispatched the remaining Death Eaters, and set themselves up for the spell they needed to perform to destroy Voldemort and the Last Horacrux. It was nearly time. Harry did his part, keeping Voldemort to busy to realize what was going on. Hopefully, his friends – his family – would be able to set up the barrier before Voldemort knew what was going on.

While the battle was happening, Severus and Bella were busy sending those not killed to where Minerva had an Auror's squad waiting on standby to take care of them. Severus and Bellatrix both were whirlwinds, and along side their son's best friends, the remaining Deatheaters were taken care of in short order. Once it was all done, the three friends turned their wands towards them. Severus and Bellatrix simply moved into each other's arms. Just before Severus activated the portkey to get them both out of there, he yelled out the words he'd been wanting to say for years.

"Thank you for taking care of our son."

Split second later. Hogwart's highest tower.

Severus and Bellatrix landed just as they had left, in each other's arms. They stood on top of the very tower where Severus had first proposed to her, twenty three years ago. Their eyes were closed and their foreheads touched as they held each other. They waited because they were absolutely sure they would know when it was over. They would feel when Voldemort died. And they braced themselves for the pain they knew would come. Because when the curse had bounce off of their son eighteen years before, they'd felt pain. They knew the pain they felt then would be nothing compared to now.

Minutes passed, as they held each other and just breathed. The minutes turned into an hour, perhaps more, when they felt the slow buildup of magic that was tearing their so called "master" apart. Then they felt Tom Riddle's final heart beat, and their bodies exploded in pain. They both fell to the ground and just held on, trying to just survive this pain that was so much worse than any crucio they'd endured throughout the years.

The pain slowly – so slowly left their bodies. The checked their arms, where the cursed mark had been put so long ago, and their hearts rose in their throat when there was just unblemished skin. To weak to celebrate as they wished, they just closer to each other and savored this new taste of freedom. Voldemort was gone. Rudolfus Lestrange had been killed not long after their son had started his quest for the Horacrux. They were truly free. They wouldn't be going to Askaban – Not with Minerva to vouch for them. The only thing left for them to do was to find their son and explain. They were not expecting anything from Harry Potter. They just wanted him to know who they were, and what they had done for him. They just wanted him to know that he had been loved all his life.

Two months later. Prince Estate.

The Wizarding world had been one long continuous party since Voldemort had been killed. Severus and Bellatrix had simply hidden themselves away at his mother's family's home. There was no use for them to be out looking for their son. Harry Potter had, along with his friends, disappeared before the aurors arrived at the Riddle mansion, to confirm that Tom Riddle was truly dead. So, for two months, Severus and Bellatrix Snape were enjoying just being married, something they should have been able to do years ago. They worried about their son, he was always in their thoughts, but they knew he was alive. And they knew he'd show up again when he was ready.

During dinner one night, they received a floo call, from someone they'd not spoken to in many years. The Vampire Queen, Accalia appeared in their fire, calling out to them. They knelt before the fire together, and bowed their heads to the queen, before looking up and waiting for what she had to say.

"It has been a long time Sev, Bella. It is good to see that you both survived the war. I have been told that many of the Deatheaters didn't survive the pain of Tom's death."

"We are happy to see you as well Accalia. We had not known that the news had traveled so far as Romania."

"Oh yes. But only because I harbor a unique group of humans who came to me for help, much the way you two did. About a year ago this young man appeared on my doorstep with his little family. He held a letter Albus had written and attached to the last horacrux when he hid the thing. You're son was a very confused individual when he came to me. Because I remembered him as an infant, because I remember his parents who were giving so much to make sure he could live, I took he and his into my home with the same promise I gave the two of you. Adrian has grown to a fine young man."

Bella and Severus rocked back onto their heels, stunned at the Vampire Queen's words. Their son had found his way to his birth place? Their son knew who they were, and had when they'd gone to that battle? Bella was the one to speak. "You mean, he knew? He knew when he confronted Tom? He's known for a year that we are his parents? How did he react Accalia?" Accalia chuckled at the two earnest humans.

"At first he did not believe. But when I told him of the two young humans sacrificing their own lives, even their own son so that the side of the Light could have just a little bit more of an advantage, he settled down. It took him a while to get past your treatment of him Sev. And it is still hard for him to think that his mother killed his godfather. But he has come to accept that you both were spies for Albus, and comes closer to accepting that you did everything for him."

"Why are you calling us Accalia? Does he want to see us? Or has he asked you to tell us to stay away?" Severus' tone was as clear and as fragile as crystal.

"Actually my dears. I wanted to tell you that he now uses the name you gave him. He has even asked his friends to call him Adrian." The Vampire Queen paused here, a soft and pleased smile on her face. "He as even asked little Ginivera to marry him – Adrian Arcturus Snape. Both couples plan their weddings for the summer, and I've gladly volunteered to host the weddings. I'm calling you because Ginivera wants to get to know her future in-laws. She says Adrian will as well, whether he likes it or not. You're son certainly picked a fiery one."

Severus held his wife close as tears ran down their faces. "Are we to come through today?"

Accalia nodded happily, and for a moment she looked like nothing more than an innocent child. "This very minute even. You don't have to bring anything – everything will be taken care of here. Come see your son my dears."

Bella let out a half-sob/half-laugh. With a wave of his wand, Severus extinguished the lights and locked the doors. He waited until Accalia had moved before helping his wife up. They grabbed floo powder and called out their destination. "Accalia's office, Lar de Sangue, Romania."

It was the end. They had made it to the day they prayed for. Voldemort was dead, they were still together – even more in love than they ever thought possible. And in the end, they would have their son. They were free. They were what they had worked for. They just were.

Oh. Lar de Sangue Home of Blood (Portuguese)