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Holes in the Floor of Heaven

Chapter 1: Meeting the Diner Man

It was the start of a new year for Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Mia had promoted Lorelai to the head maid postion. There was talk that Mia was going to take her on as an apprentice to learn the ins and outs of the hotel industry. Lorelai and Rory had moved out of the potting shed behind the inn and into a nice apartment on B Street. Things had been hard for the first five years that the Gilmore Girls had been in Stars Hollow. Rory was making friends in her kindergarten class. Lane was a sweet kid. Even Lorelai was making friends. Sookie St. James, the new chef at the inn was quickly becoming a confidante for Lorelai.

January third was the day that Lorelai's life would change forever. Lorelai had saved enough of her tips back to take Rory out for a nice before school breakfast. Although they loved breakfasts at the inn, even more now that Sookie was in charge, a new place had opened on the corner and Lorelai wanted to try there. She remembered it being a hardware store last year. The gossip around town was that the man that had owned the hardware store had died leaving it to his son. The son had the place converted to a diner and the food was excellent, according to Babbette and Miss Patty.

Lorelai and Rory walked in, found an open table and looked over the menus. Rory knowing way in advance what she wanted for breakfast set down her menu and pulled her new book that Grandpa Gilmore had given her for Christmas. She was content reading her book while her mother decided what she would like.

Luke Danes had a hard year. He lost his father and his sister had moved away with his nephew and newest loser of a boyfriend to New York. Converting his dad's store into a diner had not been an easy task. It had taken most of his savings and with a small loan from the bank to get it going. He relied heavily on his parent's best friends Buddy and Masiy to teach him the ropes. He had opened the diner just before Christmas. He had a steady stream of customers; Miss Patty, Babbette, Morey and the ever present Kirk.

Today when Luke woke up, he knew that today was going to be different. Something good was going to happen. He came out of the kitchen and saw a young woman and a little girl sittung at the table by the corner window. He had seen her before, but had no idea who she was. Some would say that Luke was smitten from the syllable "smit". Making a wise move he went over to Patty and asked her who the woman was.

"Oh that's Lorelai Gilmore. She works at the Inn with Mia," Patty answered. "The little girl is her daughter Rory. They moved here about five years ago. She's a very nice girl. You would like her."

Luke went behind the counter and picked up the coffee pot. He walked over to the table.

"Would you like some coffee?" he asked.

Lorelai hadn't heard him walk up to the table and jumped about three feet when he spoke. She knocked over the bright blue coffee cup and it shattered on the floor.

"Oh my God! I am so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. You just startled me," Lorelai said, rambling. "Seriously let me pay for the cup."

Lorelai got down on the floor and started sweeping up the broken peices into a pile. She kept talking about how sorry she was and how she'd pay for the cup, it was no problem. He got down on the floor also and set his hand on hers to calm her down. She looked up and the pair stared into the other's peircing blue eyes.

"It's just a coffee cup," Luke said softly. "Nothing to freak out about. Now if it had been a plate or a bowl..."

Lorelai gave him a slight push to let him know that she didn't warmly welcome the teasing from a man she had just met. They stood up and Lorelai returned to her seat. She however could not be torn away from the deep blue eyes of the server.

"I'm Luke, the owner," he said, introducing himself. "And you are?"

"Lorelai Gilmore and this little bookworm is my daughter Lorelai, but we call her Rory," Lorelai said, ruffling Rory's hair. Rory stuck her tounge out at her mother and smoothed out her brown hair.

"Pleased to meet you both," Luke said. "Now what can I get you for breakfast?"

Rory set down her book. "I would like French toast with cheddar cheese eggs and hot apple cider please."

Luke jotted down the order onto his pad of paper, never taking his eyes off of Lorelai. She was so beautiful. She had long brown hair that waved out in curls at the ends. "And for you?"

"Three egg, three cheese omlette, hashbrowns and lots of coffee," Lorelai said.

"All right. It'll be about fifteen minutes," Luke said, retreating to his hideaway behind the counter.

Lorelai watched him walk away. Since moving to Stars Hollow she had been on three very bad dates. Two had been fellow workers at the inn and the other had been someone she just wanted to erase from her memory forever. She liked Luke. Of course he was older, but she didn't mind that. He seemed nice and Rory seemed to like him. That was the most important factor for Lorelai, when choosing a potential Dad for Rory.

"I like him," Lorelai said to Rory.

The six-year-old set down her book and took a long look at her mother. Rory knew that her family was different. It was hard to explain to a six-year-old the reason why her father and mother weren't married and lived together like the other kids' parents. Rory knew that her father, Christopher Hayden, was. according to her mother, incapable of taking care of himself and them. It was better for everyone if Christopher just stayed away. There were moments of weakness when Lorelai would allow Christopher to come back into their lives and he would leave again, messing everything up. For the Gilmore girls it was just eaiser if he just stayed away.

"Mommy, you said after Daddy left again that you weren't going to 'like' anyone again," Rory said. "You said it was the Gilmore girls forever."

"You never know, sweets. This one could be different."

Luke stood in the back fixing the their breakfast. He couldn't get over how beautiful she was. No one had ever tugged on his emotions, like Lorelai Gilmore just had. Something was telling him that this time was different. Something was pulling him to the woman and her little girl. He wasn't sure what it was but he just knew deep in his gut, in his soul that this was the person for him.

He brought out their breakfasts and poured Lorelai some more coffee. He then went back behind his counter and watched them eat. Every few minutes he would catch Lorelai's eye and they would share a small moment. When they had finsihed Lorelai went up to the counter to pay.

"Oh hey, Lorelai?" Luke asked as she was putting on her coat.

"What Luke?" Lorelai answered, adjusting her scarf.

"Do you think I could call you sometime? Take you and Rory to a movie?" he asked. "If you don't want to that's fine too."

"Umm, I think for now, Luke, it would just be for the best if we just talked for now. Get to be friends and then we'll see about dinner or a movie."

She pulls a napkin out of the dispenser and writes down her number on it. She slides it over to him and smiles as she heads off with Rory to drop her off at school and to get to the inn. All the way to the inn, Loreali could not stop thinking about Luke. Of course there were some off putting things about Luke. She hated hats, especailly when they were worn backwards. But there were the great things she liked about him too. For one, he still wanted to call her even after finding out about Rory. And in her book that was enough. Another thing, he made a good cup of coffee. It was good enough that she would be making it her regualr coffee in the morning.

"Good morning Mia!" Lorelai called as she passed the front desk.

"Good morning Lorelai," Mia called back. "Hold on a second."

Lorelai walked back to the desk. "What's up Mia?"

"Did you go to that new place in town?" Mia asked.

"Yeah. It was great. You've lived here a long time right?"

"Yes I have. Why do you ask?"

"You would know the guy that runs the place then right? What do you think of him?"

"Lucas, you're not allowed to call him that, just so you know, is a very special young man. I was good friends with his mother before she died. Amy was an amazing cook, which must be where Luke gets it from. He's very handy in the kitchen and anywhere else you may need him. He's not into the town things as the rest of us but that's to be expected. Amy used to take him and Lizzie, Luke's younger sister, to the festivals."

Lorelai had been very fourtante to have met Mia. Mia gave her a job, a place to live, pratically her whole life in Stars Hollow. There was nothing that Mia wouldn't do for her baby girls. Even a little matchmaking. Mia remembered that there were a few things that needed fixing around the inn and she knew a certain young man in town who would drop everything to come help her if she needed it.

Mia picked up the phone and called over to the diner. "Lucas, dear. The molding in the lobby of the inn has come loose again. Would you stop by later and fix it for me? You would? You're a sweet boy."

Later that afternoon, Lorelai was assisting Kim, the front desk clerk with some things when she saw him come in. It took all the will power she had to not duck under the desk to keep Luke from seeing her. She looked over at him and smiled. Mia came out and greeted Luke and showed him to the spot where the molding had come loose. Lorelai, pretended to listen to what Kim was saying as she watched Luke carefully move the furniture out of the way and tap the molding back into place.

As he walked back to let Mia know that the job was done and she had five free cups of coffee waiting for her at the diner, Lorelai smoothed her hair. Luke knocked on the desk as he passed by, winking at Lorelai. Lorelai smiled shyly and watched him pass. This guy was different, that she knew to be true.

Later that night after Rory was settled into bed with Colonel Clucker and a new book from the library, Lorelai sat on the tiny couch that Mia had given her when she bought new furniture for the inn. She flipped on the TV she saved six months for and popped in a movie into the VCR that cost her another six months worth of savings. The opening scenes of Pretty in Pink played just as the phone rang. Lorelai reached over to the phone picking it up.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hi, Lorelai," Luke said. "It's Luke."

"Oh hi Luke.What are you doing? Me nothing much, watching a movie. What about you?"

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