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This takes place post season 2 finale. I don't think this is actually going to happen, nor would I really want it too. It was just an idea in my head. And since I have writer's block for my other one I decided to write it. Btw this is going to be a lot more on the angsty side than my other one ("Their Ferry Boats")


Derek's POV:

They were gathered in the Chief's office, the group that still remained at Seattle Grace. "Someone should call Meredith," I quietly suggested, "She should know."

"I'll call," George volunteered, "Unless . . . unless you want to, Dr. Shepherd."

"No, no. You go ahead O'Malley." I said with a sigh. I sunk down into the chair in front of the desk and looked at the distraught faces surrounding me. Burke sat behind the desk, Cristina's hand resting on his shoulder. Mark and Addison stood off to the side, Alex in the chair beside him, Izzie and Bailey standing behind him. The office felt empty without the presence of Webber.

"I can't believe . . . it was so sudden," Addison said, turning to Mark for comfort.

"It just feels so wrong." Izzie said with a shudder.

"What are we going to do now?" Burke asked, looking at me for the answers.

I remained silent, wondering how Meredith would take the news that the man who had been like a father to her was now dead. She would be devastated. But she would pretend she was fine, pretend she was strong, that was his Meredith, I thought with a laugh to myself. Of course, she wasn't mine anymore. I hadn't seen her in 5 years, but the feelings hadn't changed, not a bit. I loved her still.

Now it seemed like I was going to see her again.

I'd loved her always

she didn't know

I tried patience

let a friendship grow

I tried to keep her

that's what made her go

Meredith's POV:

I felt tears burn the back of my eyes as I hung up the phone. Richard Webber, the man my mother had loved and the man that was like a father to me, had died suddenly of a heart attack the night before. It just seemed so unreal. But George had called. Made sure I knew what was going on. It had happened, and now I had to go back. Back to Seattle.

It had been five years since I had been there, five years ago that I had run from my problems and started a new life in Detroit.

After that night in the lobby, when Denny had died and I was forced to chose between Derek and Finn, I had avoided everyone and everything. Gone to the hospital and done my job, trying to stay as far away as Dr. Shepherd as I could. I didn't need to have that conversation. I talked to Finn in spurts, rushing him off the phone, saying I was too busy or too tired to see him. I didn't need to have that conversation either.

Derek had been strong enough to make a choice, I wasn't sure I had the same strength.

And then a month had passed, and I found myself throwing up in a toilet every morning. I found myself in line at the pharmacy buying a test. And I found myself asking for a transfer to another city, any city and telling my roommates they could keep the house. I found myself leaving without telling Derek. That was another conversation I didn't need to have.

"Mommy!" my 4 year old daughter yelled from the other room. "Come play!"

I wiped the tears from my eyes and went to find her, to play and explain the trip we'd have to take, back to Seattle.

To go say goodbye to her Grandpa Richard. And to see the father that didn't know she existed.

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