Hey everyone!

Yes this story is still done, lol, not adding another chapter or anything, but needed to give people a head's up. Because right now I'm really pissed. And I mean really.

As some of you may know another writer on here, Fate Believer, recently had the problem of someone stealing her story and pretending it was their own on another forum. Well as it turns out, I'm having the exact same problem. From the exact same girl. She's still posting under Fate Believer but claiming GraveDancer is one of her older nicknames. She is posting Chasing Cars (yes, probably my best known fanfic) and claiming it as her own. And everyone over there is eating it up.

Just wanted to let people know, that the girl on there posting this is not me. Especially any girls that may have read this over there, and came here to read the completed version.

I am sorely tempted to stop posting fanfics if this kind of crap continues. Because I spend hours doing this. I pour my soul into these things and I love every minute. But it's a lot of hard work. It makes me feel sick to my stomach that this person thinks she can go and claim it as her own. I am so disgusted it's not even funny. If I could find a way to sue this girl I would, no word of a lie. This is wrong. I am so mad it's not even funny.

http/fanficga.5. . . .there's the thread if you want to check the writer out. The best part is my telling her off at the end. I called her pedestrian and cruel. And trust me, she will be dealt with, I don't know how exactly (I've contacted the real Fate Believer to find out what she did) but it will be dealt with. She is not getting away with stealing my stuff. No.

I've had my videos stolen before, and that angered me, but this, this is personal. Because my videos are a hobby, I just make them because it's a fun way to pass time. But these fanfics, they're my babies. I want to write when I'm done school, it's all I've ever wanted to do. To have my words stolen from me is a slap in the face.

Okay, done ranting, well probably not but you're probably getting tired of reading this. So done ranting. And btw I probably won't actually stop posting fanfics, because I love writing them far too much, but right now I almost feel like I could and well should.

To all my fans, thanks so much for reading my fics. I love you all, I really do. Those girls who have me on alert, those who seek me out on the ABC board to beg for an update, you make my day every time. As I said, writing's all I've ever wanted to do, so to know others out there enjoy my writing, it's amazing. Even more important . . .my older brother and younger sister are the type that have always known who they were and what they wanted. And always got complimented for special talents. I was the lost middle child who wasn't anything special. But finally, I've found what I'm good at, and I get recognized for it (did you know Chasing Cars is actually on a C2 of the best fics on the site?) and I love the feeling. So thanks everyone for giving me that. And trust me, they will continue.