The Night Heaven Fell:

A Supernatural Epic by Deanaholic and OldLadyWinchester

Summary: The war has begun. Demons now roam the earth freely and with no boundaries. Humans are the prey and city after city is falling victim to the reign of the unholy. The once great race of mankind is slowly becoming the slaves to the greatest Demon of them all, Abaddon, the forsaken one. The only thing that stands between him and world domination is a small band of demon hunters, lead by the famous Winchesters, along with a little heavenly assistance. Their mission: stop this reign of hell on earth.

Disclaimer: I Do not own the Winchesters in any way, except in my imagination. Any other non canon character is my creation and property unless otherwise indicated. Takes place post Devils Trap (spoilers).


"What are we to do?" he asked, sniveling at the feet of his master. "They are not dead, I can feel it in my bones"

"Do not concern yourself with such things" he answered, his voice biting and harsh "they are no threat to us now. They are broken and scattered like the toys of a reckless child. We should not fear the likes of the Winchesters any longer."

He smiled then, a large grin. He knew them well, the Winchester brood. They had caused him much trouble in the past. He knew that unless destroyed, they would prevent his plans from coming to fruition, he had seen it. Sam the youngest, seer and fighter, would have been able to bring him down, but not without the help of his brother Dean, the protector. They were a force alone, but when together, they were stronger then he could have ever sensed.

Long ago he had sent one of his minions to capture the infant Sam to be used for his own dark plans. Yet, unforeseen events unfolded and the child was saved by his brother. Twenty-two years later, they got close to ruining his intentions for the world, but he could not allow that. No, he sent that very same minion after them again, this time to finish the job. Yet once again he had failed, though getting close to removing the protector from the picture.

Close was not good enough.

Now he stood at the edge of a clearing, looking at his handy work. Possessing the soul of a passing truck driver, he managed to pummel the car they were escaping in, relishing in the sound of crushing metal and smashing glass. He was overjoyed at the smell of blood, burning rubber, and leaking gasoline.

A small chuckle escaped his lips and his minion stared at him in confusion. "Do not worry. Even if they are alive, it will not be for long. Come, we have preparations to make. Our first strike will be tonight."

The minion understood and allowed a dark smile to creep across his face "Yes, we will have our victory"

He looked at his work one final time before following his servant out of the clearing. He would show those who opposed him that he deserved the power he was about to take by force. He was Abaddon, ruin and destruction, and this would be his finest hour.