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Hinata has deicide to let go of Naruto but finds it harder than she thought. Also there is someone who is willing to help her forget her love but misunderstands the situation. Can she forget and who is this man that wants to help.

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Chapter 1

Let Go

She sat on a chair in the corner of the room looking out at everybody. Everybody there had big smiles while congratulating the engaged couple and wishing them the best for their future wedding.

The young woman began to let her ashen eyes wander to a certain blonde ninja who was in the middle of a discussion about the best mission with a gray haired man that went by the name Kakashi.

She continued looking at the blonde in a trance when she awoke to someone calling her name. "Hinata are you okay. Would you like something to drink?"

"No, I'm okay. I just feel a bit tired from the last mission." Hinata said to the pink haired med-nin. It had only been ten hours since Hinata returned from a mission to a nearby village. It was true that she was tired but that wasn't the reason she seemed so out of it.

Sakura gave a smile and turned to leave after asking Hinata if she didn't want anything to eat and receiving a negative. Just as she was to take her step away Hinata stopped her with "You seem very happy"

"Huh?" Sakura turned around causing some of her pink hair to get in her eyes. As she lifted her left hand to remove the hair the sparkling engagement ring shimmer showing off its gem beauty. "Yes, I am very happy, especially with…"

"You don't care about Sasuke anymore?" Hinata interrupted her before she could continue. Hinata soon realized the question that she had asked and quickly rephrased it. "Umm… I mean to say did you stop caring about Sasuke and fell in love or how."

Sakura was not surprised so much of the question but that a person had finally said it out loud to her. Everyone had thought it but nobody had dared to ask her and she knew it.

Sakura just gave a smile and said in a soft voice "I still do care about him but I realized that he did not feel the same for me. It hurt but I decided to let go and find happiness somewhere else. He…" Sakura pointed at her future husband-to-be "… had always loved me so I gave him a chance. And now I am happily getting married."

Sakura stood quiet for a moment that the silence was shared with Hinata. Finally Sakura broke the silence with words that hit Hinata harder than Sakura knew " I had to let go of the one I loved to find someone who could love me and actually be with me".

With this Sakura heard her named be called by Ino and left Hinata ponder her last few word. Let go of the one I love. Can I do that?

Hinata looked up and saw the one she loved. Naruto. She had loved him for five years but he never showed any interest in her. Should she do the same and try to find one who loved her and try to be happy. She knew of one person who wanted to be with her.

Hinata turned and saw Kiba as he at some food. Akamaru was not with him since he had grown to big to be carried everywhere.

Can I try to be with Kiba? But how can I forget about Naruto. Hinata thought.

Hinata's heart began to feel heavy as she saw the party continue and needed to get out. She rose up to leave bumping into Ten-ten. "Sorry" was all she could say before she was out the door crying her eyes out.

She did not know how long she was outside crying but the cold night air helped her ease some of the pain. She knew all the happiness of seeing the happy couple fill her with pain of her unrequited love. She was still going after the same blonde.

Hinata soon heard inside someone asking everyone to quiet down. It was Kakashi wanting to say a few words to the happy couple. At that moment Hinata heard someone open the door and step outside.

Hinata did not know who it was because she turned away and looked at the ground trying to hide her tears from the person who exited.

It was all done in vain when Hinata suddenly heard a very familiar voice. "Hinata is that you? Are you okay?" The person behind her had seen the tears flowing down her cheeks before she turned around.

The voice came again, "Hinata are you okay?" This time the voice sounded concerned.

Hinata stood frozen realizing whose voice it was. She didn't dare turn around and look up. Her thoughts were soon racing.

It can't be. Why is he outside? Why is he here?