do not, have never, or ever will own Pokemon. It belongs to Satoshi Tajiri, Gamefreak, and most importantly, to Nintendo. This story is based on the original Japanese script, but I'm keeping the dub names.

Where am I?

Who am I?

What am I?

These were my first thoughts. When other Pokémon are born, they don't ask why. They just accept it, but I am unlike other Pokémon. I am a product of science, not of God. I am the most powerful being in the world, but that power does me no good. I am a shadow, a clone, a copy. I am Mewtwo. This is the only record of my life I ever intend to give.

My first memories are all a blur. I can faintly recall someone's voice telling me that "life is wonderful." I do not know who said that or why, only that it was said. For some reason that I do not know, this memory makes me sad. I have tried to remember what caused these memories, but there is a solid wall in my mind, blocking my view. The harder I try to break that wall down, the stronger it becomes. Eventually I learned to accept the mystery as unsolvable. It did not mater, anyway. Whoever said it, for whatever reason was wrong. My own experiences have taught me that life is ugly and cruel.

Not long after these first memories, I began having visions. A small catlike pink Pokémon was swimming under a river.

"Who are you?" I asked. I felt a strange connection to it. A kind of warmness flew from the creature into my chest. I felt happiness, calm, and fullness. It was almost as if we shared the same essence of life.

"Am I part of you?" The Pokémon swam upward and flew from the stream, leaving me alone. It took the warmth with it. Having experienced that and lost it, I felt cold. Why wouldn't it speak to me? Why had it given me this warmth only to snatch it away? Was it some cruel trickster, or had it seen something in me that frightened it? If so, what was so wrong that it shied away?

"Am I a part of you…or not?"

I awoke and saw humans in lab coats. A wall of orange liquid separated me from them. I was in a tank. A heavy dread seated itself in my stomach. I was about to begin life, but I had so many questions that were unanswered. It was all too soon. I panicked. A million thoughts shot through my brain at the speed of light. It was not right. I had not even been born yet. How could I just simply appear? Who had done this? Anger and confusion surged through my body. My tank broke.

"Wonderful! Mewtwo has been completed!" A scientist with a graying moustache and goatee, and glasses said. This was the first time I had ever heard my name. If he knew this about me, could explain the mysteries in my memories? Fear gave way to hope.

"Mewtwo?" I asked.

"That's you." He pointed to a stone carving behind him. It was the Pokémon from my dream! My heart rose. I was about to know the truth.

"We created you from Mew, the rarest of all living Pokémon."

I was created from something? This reminded me of something I had heard somewhere before.

Why are we born?

Because there's a Mama and a Papa.

"Mew? Is that my mama? My papa?"

"You could say that, but not really. You've been made stronger than Mew."

What did he mean by not really? Who were my parents? I wanted to know! My thoughts triggered another memory conversation.

Do we have a Papa and Mama too?

In our case…um…um…God, I guess.

God…If there were no parents, this be the answer? '

"Then was it God? Did God create me?"

The scientist smiled, amused. Dread washed over me. I could tell I wouldn't like his answer.

"In this world the only ones who can create life are God and Man, but God probably wouldn't create life out of test tubes."

Man? Humans made me? I thought about this for a minute. I looked at the clipboards and pencils that several of them held. Was I just like these? An instrument? If I were merely a tool, why did I ask why? I looked into their eyes for answers. All my psychic powers told me was that these humans' thoughts were no more complex than mine were. They had no idea how to answer these questions! I was enraged. This could not be true! They had no right to bring me into existence, if they could not address the consequences of my creation. I was just a tool to be discarded when they threw with me. Anger boiled in blood and coursed through my veins. My life had to have more meaning than this! Otherwise, I was filth to be trampled over, like a broken wrench. I looked at them again, laughing and smiling and shaking each other's hands. It was sickening to watch. They did not care that they had released a mind like their own into the world and revealed him that his life was meaningless. The project Mewtwo, was all they could speak of, but they being Mewtwo was too far beneath them to notice. My anger reached the boiling point and I felt as if my heart would burst. What burst was one of their machines.

I had just unleashed my psychic powers against them. Humans ran and screamed in terror as machines exploded. They were afraid of me, whom they had ignored? I smiled to myself as I watched their superior façade come crashing down. Adrenalin surged through me with every blat. My anger gave way to exhilaration. Metal claws tried to with strain, but I broke them into pieces with my mind, becoming only more invigorated. Glorious flames enveloped the lab. I saw the lead scientist cowering in a corner. A loud creaking told me that the ceiling was about to collapse. I tensed and a sphere of blue light surrounded me. I tensed again as the ceiling broke into pieces, waiting for them to strike me. To my relief, they simply bounced off the sphere. The humans had no such defense. The lab exploded. There were no survivors but me.

"Is this my power?"

I saw that the carving of Mew had remained intact. It was as if it were mocking me. They had made me to be stronger than Mew and had paid for it, but was I tainted by my creation? Mew left me, either because it resented my superior strength, or because I was a lowly clone. I had not chosen to be either! I stared at the carving, imagining the real Mew in my vision there.

"Am I stronger even than Mew? Why did you leave me in the vision? Are you saying that you will not even speak to a copy like me? Show yourself, Mew. I'll show you who's stronger!" I felt a presence approach before I even heard footsteps. I turned to see a man in an orange suit walk toward me.

"It is true that you are the world's strongest and rarest Pokémon. If you can prove that, then I'm sure the real Mew would show himself." What was this man doing here? Did he survive the destruction of the lab? Had he been involved in my creation somehow and come to see my progress?

"Are you saying that Mew would reveal himself?" If he elaborated on his plan, I might learn more about his connection to me.

"Perhaps, but even if you are the strongest Pokémon, there are stronger creatures."

"Humans?" He nodded.

"If you and a human cooperate with each other, the world could be ours." I only cared about that in so far as it would keep others from threatening me.

"The world will be ours?" He was keeping so much hidden.

"If your power is set free, the world will be ruined. You must learn to control your power."

"Control?" This made sense to me. My mere anger had destroyed the lab. I did need help in managing my powers. I would follow this human for now.

The human called Giovanni made several promises about helping me control my powers and sharing power over Team Rocket, but what I wanted most was a chance to prove my worth to Mew. I naively believed that Giovanni would keep his word.