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Jessie was my captive, and that put her father at my mercy. Thoughts of Mount Quena came back to me: thoughts of Giovanni threatening the clones just to get to me. Now he would suffer the same fate that he forced on me. Dumas would have been proud. The time had come.

"Meowth, go to Team Rocket Headquarters and tell Giovanni that I have his daughter, and if he wants her unharmed he must meet me face to face."

Meowth was too afraid to answer. He just nodded and ran toward his destination. I looked at Jessie. My psychic powers were keeping her motionless and levitating her. The look on her face was equal parts terror and confusion. She was fighting back tears. It would be rewarding indeed for Giovanni to see her like this.

"Why are you doing this?"

Did she really not understand why? She had been on Mount Quena, seen what that monster had done. Did she think so little of Pokémon that we would not take revenge for our wrongs? Did she think that the clones meant nothing to me! I could see Domino holding the infant Nidoran hostage, see her attack Pikatwo, as clearly as if she was doing it right now before my eyes. This bitch thought that I did not understand love or family! My blood boiled. I was angrier than I had been since the day these things happened. Before I realized it, I found my hand around Jessie's throat. Only sheer willpower was keeping me from using my powers on her.

"I have been wronged by your father, and it is time that he is forced to pay."

"My father? Why do you think that the boss is my father?" she croaked to me.

I needed something to occupy me until Giovanni arrived and to keep my anger in check, so I decided to tell her the details.

"Team Rocket was founded in 1960 by your grandmother, the 'Madame Boss.' Her best agent in 1980 was your mother, Miyamoto."

I could see that Jessie recognized that name. Her eyes stilled looked horrified, but she smiled the small child of a child that recognizes something familiar after it is frightened, and dares to hope for comfort.

"Did your mother ever tell you who your father was?"

Jessie shook her head in a child like manner.

"Giovanni was your father. He knew that his mother did not appreciate his relationship with one of her agents, so you were given to a foster family."

"The boss is my daddy?" She sounded like a child. Her eyes became unfocused.

"Do you ever wonder why he hasn't fired you yet, despite your failures?"

Jessie retreated into herself. She started breathing more deeply and seemed completely oblivious to my hand around her neck.

"The boss is my daddy…" she said again. "Why? Why didn't he ever tell me?" She began rambling to herself.

I paused to appreciate what was occurring in front of me. She was obviously upset that Giovanni had never identified himself to her. When he arrived, I would restore his memories of torturing my clones, so that he would understand I was doing this to Jessie. Jessie help me further in a way I had not expected: she would make Giovanni regret never telling her the truth. When everything was said and done, Giovanni would beg me to take him instead of Jessie. Giovanni begging me…that would be sweet justice. Then, when I had listened long enough, I would kill him.

Giovanni came running toward us. Meowth was following close behind. My gaze met the Team Rocket leader's. He may have forgotten about Mount Quena, but he remembered my creation and training.

"Mewtwo, let her go." He tried to keep any emotion out of his voice and was mostly successful.

"Not just yet. You have wronged me greatly, and you must pay."

"I have wronged you? You! All I ever did was tell you to fight for me. You have made my life miserable since before you were even created."

He was clearly trying to maintain an illusion of power. His tone was angry and his words made no sense. What he would not—could not acknowledge was that I was in control.

"I could not possibly have done anything to you before I was created, you idiot!"

It felt good to call Giovanni that without fear of any consequences. I was about to restore his memories when Jessie interrupted my thoughts.

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" She screamed.

I saw the look on Giovanni's face change. It softened into an expression I had never seen from him before: regret. He stared at Jessie. Did I see his lip slowly twist upward and the skin around his eyes begin to quiver. Jessie apparently noticed as well.

"It's true." She did not sound as if she believed her own words.

"Yes, it's true." He dropped his head. Was this shame he was displaying? Giovanni dropped to his knees and struck the ground. "We gave you up! We gave you to another family, and I abandoned you!" Giovanni almost chocked.

I heard Jessie gasp upon hearing the news be confirmed. I was not about to let her go. I would let this drama play out before I restored his memories of the mountain. After this exchange with his daughter, his mind would be on what a poor father he had been. Then he would be more receptive to the message I wanted to give: he had attacked my family. He would be suffering what he had made me suffer as he was remembering it. What could be a better form of revenge?

"I've failed you." Giovanni said in a broken voice. He was audibly holding back mucous. I had not expected him to break so easily.

"I tried to keep to keep you safe, but she won in the end anyway…It was all for nothing!" He screamed the last part of the sentence like a madman. Jessie, Meowth, and I were all confused. I am not female. What did he mean by "she won in the end"?

"We gave you to the foster family to keep you safe from that old bitch, but she's still found a way to hurt you!" Jessie was too confused to respond. I, however, saw another exposed nerve to exploit. His ranting about "the old bitch" could only refer to his mother, the Madame Boss.

"What are you babbling about?" I demanded. He would hate exposing his deepest fears to me.

"You are the enforcer of her will, Mewtwo. You are her dream realized in the flesh. You have done everything she wanted."

"Your mother?"

I was acting for my own vengeance. When I restored his memories of Mount Quena, he would see that clearly. He would then see that I am fully aware being like himself, one that he has wronged beyond forgiveness. The world of Pokémon does not revolve around the conflict between him and his mother. Giovanni now seemed to me as if he were a child. So much had to do with his mother. Was he truly this…pathetic?

"My mother," he answered my question.

"Your mother has nothing to do with me!"

"That's where you're wrong!" He said. I noted confidence returning to his voice. He rose to his feet. Something had changed within him, making him more like the Giovanni I remembered. I still held his daughter…I looked around in all directions to see if he had any of the machines that he had used on Mount Quena. I saw none. Why, then, this change in attitude?

"What makes you so confident?"

He just smiled at me.

"Remember, I know everything about your past, Mewtwo, including who ordered your creation."

"Didn't you?" That was what Giovanni himself had told me. Should I truly be surprised if he had lied?

"Making a super-clone of Mew was originally my mother's idea. Miyamoto was lost in the Andes, trying to bring back a Mew for her to clone. The efforts to create you are what cost her life…" Sadness reentered his voice. He looked down again, and snapped his back to look at me. Then he pointed squarely at me.

"You are responsible for Jessie and me loosing Miyamoto, Mewtwo!"

This was almost too much to absorb at once. I tried to digest all of this. The Madame Boss had ordered my creation, sent Miyamoto to find a Mew to clone. The first attempt ended in failure and resulted in the loss of Miyamoto. That opened Giovanni to me in a new light. Was it possible that he didn't see me as his inferior? Did he just simply hold a grudge for the relationship between my birth and Miyamoto's disappearance? This made no sense. If Giovanni blamed the project to create me for what happened to her, why did he continue it? He was already in command when I was created.

"When my mother was paralyzed in a car wreck, she gave Team Rocket to me on the condition that I finish the Mew cloning project. She had always told me that I did not have what it took to succeed her. She also said that a thinking weapon would make the best leader, and that the best leader was a thinking weapon. She told me to continue the search for Mew DNA, create you, and let her train you to take my place as the leader of Team Rocket." She had intended for me to be the leader of Team Rocket? Impossible!...but it did make sense. A leader with my psychic abilities could erase the memories of those who knew secrets, control weather conditions in strategic operations, teleport large objects. His resentment for his mother seemed to be genuine. Could it be that his resent for me really did have its origins with his mother?

"The most powerful Pokémon could not disappoint her the way her human child had." Giovanni put the emphasis on "human," not on "her" or "child." That was odd.

"Why did you emphasize 'human'? How could her child be anything but human?"

"There were gaps in the Mew DNA. Dr. Fuji filled in those gaps with my mother's DNA. Essentially, you're my half-brother."

I dropped Jessie. I was part human? I was part human! It was a lie! It had to be a lie! Giovanni was capable of the lowest deception. Yes, this was a trick! Only… everything else had been the truth. He acknowledges his daughter, misses his wife, hates his mother…it was all true…ALL of it. No!

"No! That's not possible! I am not human! I hate humans!" I felt a tear running down the side of my face. Everything I had known was shattered. I was one of them. I found it hard enough accepting that there was good in humans like Ash. How could I possibly accept the humanity in my blood?

"Saying you hate humanity only proves that you are like my mother. She believed that modern society was evil and she wanted to create a new world order. That's why she created Team Rocket. That's why she created you." My eyes were clouded with tears. I did not want to look weak in front of Giovanni, but I could not help it.

"You are everything she wanted. You can destroy modern society, and you have already ruined my life. I had to give up Miyamoto and Jessie to create you for an old hag that treated me like dirt. First, it was Team Rocket, and then, it was you. I've lived my whole life in the shadow of her dream. Making you obey me was the least form of compensation I could expect!"

Now, the impossible happened. Giovanni wiped a tear out of his eye. What he had said must have been true. I was part human, created by an insane woman to restore order to humanity…restore order to humanity. I was here because a human woman realized her species' own corruption and wanted to purge it. If evil disgusted her, she could not enjoy being, yet as a human, she must have been. A human who acknowledged her own evil? Even Ash, compassionate as he was, did not fight against human society. This could not be true, but everything told me it was. I looked at my hands, my flesh. I was Pokémon with human blood coursing through my veins. She wanted me to be the mediator.

I now knew the reason of my existence, one that fit what I had believed all along. I was here to end a corrupt Humanity's rule. However, there was a new facet to this belief that finally helped me make sense of Ash Ketchum. His sacrifice on New Island, his rescues—Lugia from Lawrence III, myself from Giovanni—all were definitely acts of compassion. Humans were corrupt, but they realize this. Some try to rise above their corruption. Therefore, they cannot all be. They did not need to be destroyed, but they needed a new order to be forced upon them. I wish I had met this "Madame Boss." Perhaps I still can. I erased Giovanni's memory and left him, taking Jessie and Meowth with me. I still wanted to kill him, but I after what I had learned today…were we not already even? Besides, I might need his body later.

Jessie and Meowth asked me repeatedly if I had killed their leader and where I was taking them now. I ignored them. I wanted to reflect.

We returned to Lawrence's Mansion, where we found that James was still alive, much to Jessie and Meowth's audible pleasure. He had crawled back out of the ocean and was laying on the ground next to the outdoor table. I lowered Jessie and Meowth to a safe distance and dropped them. Then I erased the memories of all three. I left before they could see me. Taking to the skies over Olivine, I could see that Ash and his friends had not yet entered the Gym. How should I begin my own journey? I need time to think and plan, for there a variety of steps I could take. Should I destroy these memoirs to prevent someone from finding me? Who else besides me will ever read them? The only question is what to do next. I think I will pay Pikatwo and Meowtwo a visit.