Sighing, I sit alone on the couch.

Now that everything is calm,

Now that our enemy is gone...

But so are you.

It hurt so bad.

It felt like you ripped out my heart and used it as a toy.

Every word that I said to you,

To try to convince you.

Until the end,

It wasn't enough.

Then you saved us.

And for that I will always thank you.

When we first saw him,

The darkest presence I have ever known.

Before I even knew of your betrayal,

I looked over to you.


It was written plain as day on your face.

You feared him,

Respected him, yes, but also feared.

I wanted to help you.

But you never let me.

Until now, and now is too late.

Since you're gone.

Looking out at the sunrise,

I think of you.

You're gone.

But something in me says.

Part of you will come back.