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A shoulder length, blonde hair girl walked down the Hall of Seed High School. She looked around vigilantly taking in her new surroundings as she made her way down the corridor to the main office. She swung open the large oak doors and walked in.

"Hello, is there anything I can help you with?" Asked an old, grey haired woman.

"Ah... yes... I have an appointment with Marrue Ramius today about my transfer to this school" the blonde said, looking at a pink slip with all her info.

"Okay... what is you name?" the old women asked.

"It's Cagalli Yula Attha"

"Okay. Just go wait in that room over there and she'll be in, in a moment." the women said pointing to a door on her left. Cagalli walked into the large office and took a seat in one of the two chairs opposite to the desk. Within seconds Marrue stepped in.

"Hello, how are you doing?" Marrue greeted warmly, sitting down in her chair in front of Cagalli.

"I'm well, thanks for asking Miss Ramius." Cagalli said politely.

"You don't have to be so formal, just Marrue is fine." she said smiling toothily.

"Okay... umm Marrue... "Cagalli said hesitantly. Not liking her current situation.

"Lets get on with things shall we...? I went over you your records from your previous school. I think you'll fit just fine with the rest of the students here. Also here is your list of classes for this semester. Classes will start next Monday on September 6th. Please have all your proper materials by then. Speaking of classes, this school is pretty big, would you want me to assign someone to guide you around the school for the first week until you know your way around. I would also like to see you two weeks into school to see how your doing...and I think that's all for now... "Marrue said, taking a breath, handing Cagalli her assigned classes.

"No, I'll be fine. My brother goes here to so if I have any questions I can just ask him." she said, folding her class schedule and shoving it into her pocket without looking at it.

"Okay then, that's it" Marrue said, standing up and guiding Cagalli out of her office. Cagalli exited the office the office walking back down the corridor.

"Now how do I get out of here...?" Cagalli said as she looked at the three possible hallways to take.


September 6th: 7:45

"GAH!"Where is it!" Cagalli shouted and she dug around her bedroom, looking for her schedule that she 'misplaced'.

"Hurry up! Were going to be late" Kira shouted from the entrance of her apartment.

"Just give me a minute! I know its here somewhere!" she said looking behind her bed before crawling off the bed and kneeling on the floor to look under her bed.

"AHH! Found it!" she said, grabbing the crumpled piece of paper and running out of her room to the entrance of her apartment where Kira was waiting.

"What took you so long?" Kira whined as he waited for Cagalli to put her shoes on.

"Sorry, had to find a few things" she said, flinging her bag over a shoulder and walking out of the front door, locking it once Kira was out.

"You should have had that already last night! Now were going to be late for school!" he said, as they walked down the street towards the school.

"Quit complaining... if you don't want to be late then run!" she said, dashing off down the street, leaving Kira behind.

"Aw but I don't want to run" Kira complained, as he jogged to catch up with Cagalli.



"Look! We made it just in time for the warning bell." Cagalli said happily.

"Yeah whatever, we should be heading to class now... what's your first class?" Kira said, gasping for breath as he looked over at Cagalli.

"Umm... let me see...I have math, room 315" she said, looking at her schedule.

"Do you know where that is?"

"Uh... noo..."

-sigh- "It's on the third floor, to the right if you go up that staircase" he said, pointing to the staircase in front of them.

"Okay, Thanks Kira" she said as she walked up the stairs.

When she reached the top of the stairs, she turned right and walked for a bit before she came to a door with the number 315 on it. She pushed open the door and walked into the class room, taking a seat at a desk in the front row, on the far side of the room.

"Are you new here?" asked a short, auburn haired girl taking the unoccupied seat beside Cagalli.

"Yeah, my father just transferred me here"

"Oh, what school did you come from?"

" Orb Union High school"

"Oh really? That's quite a ways from here"

"Hello Mir" greeted a long, pinked hair girl walking towards them, taking a set behind Cagalli.

"Hey Lacus" Mir said cheerfully.

"Who's this?" Lacus said, gesturing towards Cagalli.

"Oh, this is..."

"Cagalli, I just transferred." Cagalli said, turning around to face Lacus.

"Nice to meet you Cagalli, I hope you like this school so far" she said happily, smiling warmly.


Suddenly students started filing in the classroom filling the remaining seats in the room.

"Please take your seats and settle down so we can get down to business." said a short, black haired woman.

"Okay, now that I have you attention, I would like to welcome you back to school. I will be your math teacher for this course. My name is Natarle Badgiruel. After I finish the attendance I will hand out your textbooks and we can go over the course outline and hopefully start the first Unit." she said walking back over to her desk.

"Now that we have attendance out of the way, we can all go over to the course outline together" Natarle said, handing out the course outline sheet to everyone.

"The first unit that we will do is polynomials, followed by Equations, Geometry, and Linear Relationships. Does anyone have any questions?"


"Okay, I'll call each of you up individually to give you your text books and you locker number. Once you receive you book, read pages 115 through 125 and answer questions 1,2,4,6, and 8 on page 126. If you don't have it done by the end of the class, it will be due tomorrow." she said as she walked back over to her desk. The whole classed moaned at the mere thought of doing any class work let alone having homework on the first day back at school.

An hours later...

"Okay class, you can pack up and wait for the bell" Natarle said. Almost immediately the whole class started talking as they packed away there materials.

"So what class do you have next?" Lacus asked Cagalli.

"Lets see I have... English... what do you two have?" Cagalli said.

"Well I have Dance"

"And I have Photography" Miriallia said gladly.

"Neat... do you know where room 321 is?" Cagalli asked.

"Its just three doors down from this class if you keep going, down the hall." Lacus said happily.


"Okay, well I'll see you around" Cagalli said as she exited the classroom in search of her next class.

"Wow, this class was easy to find." she thought as she walked into her next class taking a seat on the front row, of the closest isle to the door. Slowly students filled the remaining seats in the room. I long pink haired girl took the seat beside Cagalli.

"Huh? Lacus? Don't you have dance?" Cagalli said, slightly confused.

"Lacus! Where!" The pink haired girl excitedly, looking around the room frantically.

"Aren't you Lacus?" Cagalli said, baffled.

"Me? Lacus? I wish... I'm Mia" she said waving to the purple hair male. Who took the seat behind Mia.

"Hey sweetie" Mia said in a high pitched voice.

"Hey honey, how was your first class" the purple haired male said as he leaned over to kiss Mia.

"Good, thanks for asking" Mia said sweetly.

"Are you two dating?"

"Yes! Of course!" Mia said defensively.

"Hey are you new here?" I don't think I've seen you around before" he said, looking over at Cagalli.

"Yeah, I just transferred here from Orb Union High school" Cagalli said simply.

"Neat... by the way, my name is Jona but most people call me Yuna"

"My name in Cagalli, nice to meet you" Cagalli said, forcing a smile.


-long silence-

"Where's the teacher at" Cagalli whispered loudly.

"Got me, but if he doesn't show up in the next 10mins I'm out of here" Mia said confidently, looking up at the clock above the doorway.

-10 minutes later-

"That's it, I'm going" Mia said, standing up and walking out of the room.

"Yeah... Seeya around" Yuna said as he followed Mia out of the room


The remaining students in the class stood up and left the classroom for lunch. Cagalli grabbed her stuff and took off down the hall in pursuit of her assigned locker. She turned the corner only to collide with another person, sending them both crashing to the floor.

"Sorry about that" the person mumbled as he stood up and brushed the dirt off his pants.

"Yeah you better be" Cagalli said angrily and she gathered up her scattered belongings.

"Oh, it's just you Cagalli"

"Huh?...Oh hey Kira" Cagalli said, realizing it was her brother.

"How were your first two classes?" he said, pulling Cagalli back onto her feet.

"They were fine... In Math the teacher gave us homework and in English the teacher didn't even show up." Cagalli said.

"Sounded like a lot of fun... where are you heading to now?"

"I'm going to go find my locker then head down to the cafeteria"

"Okay... what number is your locker?"

"Umm its number 2888"

"Really... follow me and I'll show you where it is"

"Okay, Thanks" Cagalli said and she followed Kira down a staircase.

"Okay, it should be somewhere around this area" Kira said, as he looked at each looker.

"I found it! Cagalli said, pointing to a locker.

"Good, now hurry up so we can go eat, I'm staving" Kira said.

"Okay okay, I'm hurrying" Cagalli said as she opened her new locker, throwing her book bag and binders inside, grabbing her lunch bag and locking it.

"Hey guys!" Kira greeted as he sat down at a table with a fair amount of people.

"Hey! Where were you this morning?" asked a long haired girl which Cagalli had talked to earlier that day.

"Well I was helping my sister out this morning since she just transferred to this school." Kira said, smiling as he gestured over to Cagalli who was feeling rather uncomfortable as of all eyes were on her.

"Hello..." Cagalli said softly.

"Here I'll introduce you to everyone... This is Lacus" he said, pointing to the pink, long haired girl.

"And beside her is Miriallia... then beside her is Dearka and then across from him is Yzak" Kira said happily, gesturing for her to sit down. Reluctantly Cagalli sat down.

"So how was English?" Miriallia asked.

"It was interesting... the teacher never showed up." Cagalli said as she took a bite of her sandwich.

"Have guys met before" Kira asked.

"Yeah... Me, Cagalli, and Lacus all have Math first class" Miriallia said happily as she took a forkful of her salad.

"Really..." Kira said slowly.

"Cagalli, what class do you have third?" Lacus asked.

"Umm I'm pretty sure it was Science... I left my schedule in my locker. What about you?" Cagalli said as she finished off the last of her sandwich.

"Well me and Mir have English... what about you guys?" Lacus asked to the three boys sitting at the end of the table.

"We all have Science next" Kira said before returning back to their conversation.

"Great..."Cagalli said sarcastically

"Do you want to head back up to our locker and do the math homework so we don't have to do it tonight?"

"Sure" Cagalli said, standing up and following Lacus and Miriallia to there lockers.

"Lucky us that all our lockers are side by side of each other" Lacus said happily as she opened her locker digging out her math text book and binder.


"Looks like we finished just in time!" Miriallia said cheerfully as she stood up and stretched.

"Yeah, let's hope we don't have any other homework from this afternoon classes." Cagalli said, grabbing her binders for her next class.

"Well I guess we'll see you later" Lacus said as Cagalli took off down the hall.

"Great... I forgot to ask them where my next class is" Cagalli said out loud once she was out of site of Miriallia and Lacus.


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