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Emerald eyes slowly blinked as they adjusted to the lack of light.

"Wow, I was out for a while" he said, looking up the dark surroundings. Closing his eyes he let out a content sigh, not wanting to get up. The room was dead quiet, not even the slightest rattle of plumbing to be heard. His eyes shot open when a faint yell was heard. Sitting upright now he could feel the stiffness in his neck from sleeping in such an awkward position. Ignoring the inconvenience he listened closely.

"There is it again" he said, getting to his feet quickly. Fearing that someone was in danger, Athrun grabbed his coat, quickly shoving on his shoes before running out of the apartment.


The blonde breathes where now short and ragged, as adrenalin continued to pump furiously. She looked around instinctively for something she could use to defend herself. Sadly there was nothing but snow. Attempting to call out for help again she found herself to unable to. Her cry of help came out and a low unintelligible murmur. The blonde frantically tried to find alternatives as the footsteps got louder and louder.

"You shouldn't have done that blondey" came a very angry voice over head.


Running down the sidewalk, Athrun looked around anxiously for the source of screams. He couldn't be imagining the whole thing could be.

"Help!" came the voice, which seemed distant. The blue haired teen immediately stopped in his tracks, his blood running ice cold.

"Cagalli?" he said to himself, as he looked over his shoulder. Turning around, he headed towards the alley as he absolutely knew the voice was coming from the alley. The blue hair teen quickly followed the poorly lit path, noticing a few bags of skewed grocery. She had to be somewhere close if he was able to hear her from his apartment. Turning the corner that lead back towards his apartment he caught glimpse of a hooded man.

"Cagalli!" he yelled, as he approached the large figure. The sudden intrusion of a third party sent the assailant running off, revealing a injured blonde.

"Coward..." the blonde murmured as she watched the hooded figure disappeared. Slowly, she pushed herself up so she was leaning against the wall. Looking forward, her eyes landed on a certain someone approaching her rather quickly.

" Cagalli, what are you doing outside at this time of the night" he said in a concerned voice as he skidded to a stop in front of the blonde.

"I thought I said to mind your own business" Cagalli said with a huff, still breathing in short, uneven breaths.

"You're in no place to turn down help at the moment" he said, kneeling down to observe her shoulder.

"Are you always this so damn persistent?" the blonde said, exhaling slowly.

"You need to go to the hospital, I'll call an ambulance" Athrun said, noticing that the cut was still bleeding.

"No" the blonde stating in her 'no matter what you say you're not getting your way' voice. "I'm fine"

"No, you're not fine" the blue hair teen reinforced. "You're bleeding"

"I'm fine, I'll just slap a band-aid on it and it'll be good as new. It's shallow" she said stubbornly.

"Can you at least stand up, you're going to catch a cold if you continue to sit in snow." He said with a sigh, already tired with arguing about everything.

"Go home already" the blonde said, glaring at the blue haired teen.

"Hate me all you want but I'm not going anywhere" he challenged.

"I'm fine, just go already" she said, her breaths slowly becoming even again as the adrenalin subsided.

"Get out of the snow already" he said, ignoring her protests. "Your lips are already starting to turn blue"

"Your impossible" she sighed as she once again attempted to get to her feet. Again she was unable to and found herself falling toward the emerald eyed boy.

"Your hopeless" he said, catching the blonde by her shoulders. "Let's get you somewhere warm" he said as he picked the blonde up in his arms, bridal style.

"WOAH, Woah! What are you doing?!" She said, trying to shove away from the blue haired teen.

"You can't walk, and you can't exactly sit in the snow all night-"

"But where are we going?" she said, cutting Athrun off mid-sentence.

"My place, since right around the corner" he said.

"You're so annoying" Cagalli said with a sigh, letting herself relax in Athrun's arms.


Approaching the door of his apartment, Athrun quickly shifted the blonde's weight allowing him to grab his keys from his pocket it. Swinging the door open he walked in, gently placing Cagalli on a small bench.

"Take your shoes off" he said as he kicked off his shoes and coat, continuing to walk into the living room before quickly returning with a phone.

"I said no ambulances" the blonde said, slowly forcing herself to her feet, attempting to grab the phone.

"I know, I know" he said, grabbing the blonde to prevent her from falling over. "You should call home before your parents get worried" Athrun said, handing the phone to the blonde.

"No ones home" the blonde said, handing the phone back to the blue hair teen. "Dad comes home tomorrow" she frowned.

"Well you're more than welcome to stay the night if you want. There's a guest room that's fully prepared if you don't want to go home." Athrun said as he returned the phone to its pedestal.

"I guess" the blonde sigh. Truthfully she still a rattled and on edge. The last thing she wanted to do was to be alone, even if it was with the King of Annoyance.

"What were you doing out at this time of night by the way?" the blue haired teen said, running a hand though his hair.

"Getting grocery's" she murmured.

"Seem's kind of careless at this time of night don't you think?" Athrun said raising an eyebrow.

"I get the point" she said with a huff, looking off to the side.

"Can you stand?"The blue hair teen said, looking down at the blonde.

"I think so" Cagalli said, slowly getting to her feet. Once standing, she found herself falling forward. Catching the blonde once again, Athrun steadied the blonde.

"This way" he said, leading the blonde like a parent would lead their child's first steps. Walking into the small, yet spacious room, Cagalli instantly felt at home from the coziness.

"The bathrooms though that door" the blue haired teen said, pointing to the right. Towing the blonde into the washroom, he sat her down on the counter. "One moment" he said, as he disappeared back though the door. Coming back a minute later he had a first aid kit and a fresh pair of clothing in hand. "You'll probably want some dry clothes so you don't catch something"

"Thanks" Cagalli said in a small voice, bowing her head.

"If you want your clothes washed, bring them out once you're done" he said heading towards the door. "If you need anything else, just holler". With that the blue haired teen left to give the blonde privacy. The blonde sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. It looked like she had been to hell and back as her jeans were ripped apart, the frayed edges stained with blood. Her elbows were in no better condition. She was covered with dirt, head to toe from skidding through slush. Overall she was drenched to the bone from melting snow. By now her shoulder stopped bleeding. Going to pull off her jacket she felt a sharp, stinging pain shoot throughout her arm.

"Ow!" she muttered, dropping her coat to the floor. Examining her shoulder, she couldn't understand why such a shallow cut would hurt so much. Wetting a facecloth from the towel rack she dabbed it lightly over the cut, wincing slightly from the pain. A single tear drop landed on her shoulder, the blonde was crying. Why did she always become a burden to others, even when she chose isolation she still was an inconvenience to them.


"Cagalli?" Athrun said knocking against the door. It had been a while since he heard the shower turn off and the blonde was being unusally quient, causing Athrun to become worried. "You okay?"

"Yea" the blonde said though the door as she struggled to place the oversized band-aid on her shoulder. Even after 20 minutes worth of attempts she couldn't place it properly. "Actually, Can you help me?" she said opening the door. Cagalli was now wearing cotton t-shirt and pant, both looking monstrous on the tiny frame of the blonde. "I can't it on right" she said gesturing to the band-aid.

"Yea, sure" Athrun said, taking the band-aid from the blonde. Thankfully the oversized shirt allowed the neck hole to be pulled over enough to reveal the wound without stretching the collar. "All good now?" the blue haired teen said, sticking the bandage on.

"Yea" the blonde said, plopping down on the soft bed.

"I'm going to run out for a little bit, you don't need anything do you?" He said politely walking back towards the door.

"Isn't that a bit careless?" she said, mimicking his tone from earlier.

"You see the difference here is, I'm not a magnet for trouble you see" he said laughing lightly.

"Hmph!" the blonde said pouting. "By the way, where did you say the washer was?" she said, pointing to the wrapped bundle of clothes.

"Oh, I'll toss them in the washer before I go, if you need anything feel free to help yourself. Okay?" He said grabbing the clothes and walking to the door.

"Got it " the blonde said with a small smile. With that said Athrun left the room, a small warmth pulsing within him. It was nice to see Cagalli smile again.

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