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That's Why

Sora ignored the feathered hands that threatened to wring his neck to the point of unconsciousness as he knelt there in the ocean. It was too wonderful to be real. The place, not the chocking. He buried his fingers deep into the cool sand and a gentle smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

Waves of salt water rolled over his shoulders. He was almost pushed to his stomach, hence. The weight of his two companions increased, pinning his arms to his sides. He wrenched away as best as he could, though it did prove difficult. Sora's wild, brown hair dangled in front of his face. Drops of water fell from the spiky mane. They trickled down his nose like tiny, silver rivulets.

In front of him, he discerned a pair of pink shoes. His heart leapt into his throat when he slowly lifted his head to meet the beaming face of a girl. Her auburn hair swept past her dancing, blue eyes. He stared. He couldn't help it. The shouts of joy about him grew distant. Either Donald, Goofy, and the King had halted their merry-making and Sora-crushing, or he'd just become numb to it all. If it were the latter…

Sora began to fear for his sanity.

He simply couldn't breathe, correct or not; he doubted it had anything to do with the over-large duck. But Sora pushed that thought aside and strained his throat so he could swallow. He failed miserably. Twice in a row. Sora prayed Kairi didn't notice his estranged behavior.

She held out her hand for him to take, regardless.

Maybe it was that simple gesture. Maybe not. Either way, Sora felt something within him move. Stir. And, for a moment, he thought Kairi was someone else altogether.


Roxas: He could perceive that part of him. Inside, like an untapped force. Foreign. But then, he pondered, Roxas was him. All the same, a surge of emotion tingled up his spine as the blonde melted away, revealing his friend once more.

Had she felt it, too?

Sora blinked. His musings vanished immediately, no longer tangible. Or remembered.

He slipped one of his hands into his pants pocket. His dripping fingers wound their way around Kairi's lucky charm. The one that she'd given him so long ago. Along with a promise. Something blossomed within Sora's chest when he withdrew the item. He still hadn't managed to draw adequate oxygen. He'd tried to say something to her…anything…perhaps he had and not noticed. Instead of dwelling on words, Sora slapped the charm into Kairi's open palm and beamed in return. He noted how smooth her fingertips were as they brushed against the back of his hand. Sora winced internally at what she might think of his calluses and blisters.

"It's my lucky charm. Be sure to bring it back to me."

"Don't worry. I will."

Their pledge echoed in his mind. Sora was pulled to his feet...numb, head spinning. The roar of the ocean and the giddied laughter of the others began to crescendo, bringing him out of his reverie. He came to realize he'd been staring down into Kairi's bottomless eyes. They shimmered, reflecting the sunlight. Sora wasn't used to being taller than she.

Then Kairi's fingers slipped away. Sora forced himself not to tighten his hold or to follow her hand. His palm, despite being gloved, tingled intensely. He tore his gaze from the beauty before him and turned around. That same Destiny Island wind caressed his face and teased the damp hair that had plastered against his temples. The sun warmed him. His heart swelled.

He was home.

After all this time of struggling with enemies only seen in the worst of nightmares, he'd finally returned.

Sora focused his attention on his companions. Donald, orange beak sodden, couldn't stem a smile. The same went for Goofy who was staring at him with that same perplexed-but-all-knowing look that Sora had grown so fond of. The King rocked back and forth, from heel to toe, his hands clasped behind his back. He watched Sora with excitement and expectancy, enjoying the glazed look the Key Bearer knew was stuck on his visage.

The exact expression that Riku sported, in fact. He was reclining, neck craned, reveling in the identical peace that coursed though them all.

That feeling of completion. It was finished.

"What now?" Riku asked.

The question caught Sora off guard. His mind had been frozen since he'd found himself plummeting headfirst back to his island. He hadn't started to consider that there was anything left…of course, there was a small part of him that almost didn't accept that there was no more fighting. No more battles. No more darkness. But here, in the place he'd missed so much that it hurt him physically, he hadn't weighed the possibility that there was something left undone.

At the moment, Sora was powerless to sort the random collection of feeling and emotion that rampaged about his head and his chest. So he looked to the King as if maybe he had an answer.

The mouse sobered, but his grin remained. "First thing's first. We get the both of you home to your families."

Sora's eyes widened. His…family…how long had it been since he'd seen his mother? How long had it been since he'd felt her loving arms pull him into an unwanted hug?

How long?

Sora couldn't begin to calculate. And, quite abruptly, the homesick ache in his heart ruptured. An absurd notion fluttered through his already-much-too-full mind: His mother was going to kill him for swimming in his clothes…again.

As his thoughts raced with various excuses that really didn't make sense or matter, Sora's body shut down. Most everything that occurred in the next half hour came in unfocused blotches of color. He hadn't realized how truly exhausted he was until that point in time. Despite the fact that he'd been asleep for God-only-knew-how-long, he felt the need to take a break once more. Sora came to grips, now and then. Especially when everyone filed into the boats that were tied to the dock.

His boat. Even after all this time, it was still there. Right where he'd left it.

Sora wasn't aware of who traveled with whom. He knew that there were two to each craft, but that was the limit to his understanding. Sora's eyelids grew heavy. The conversations of those around him, yet again, were fading out of comprehension. By the time the bottom of his boat scraped against the shore, he realized that he'd nodded off somewhere during the ride.

"Poor fellas," Mickey chuckled.

Sora frowned. He struggled to mumble: "I'm not tired. I'm fine."

However, it came out: I yoterd…ahine.

"Sure," Donald quacked. "You keep tellin' yourself that."

A downy wing alighted on Sora's shoulder. He didn't appreciate the jab, but he couldn't do anything about Donald's laughter. He wanted to rebuttal the duck's smart-aleck comment. Very much so. Then he decided that it was best to keep his mouth shut. Least he make more of a fool of himself.

His body stood of its own accord and his arm draped across a pair of shoulders. Sora struggled to keep to his feet, not wanting the one supporting him to carry the majority of his weight.

The Keyblade Master forced an eye into a squint. There wasn't much light to see by. When had the sun set? He saw that Riku, more or less, was in the same condition as himself, being toted by Goofy. Sora tried to examine the one he leaned against, but his eyelid fell closed without his consent.

Well, he reasoned, it can't be Donald or the King. They're too short. So it's…

Sora's face set on fire. His stomach flip-flopped to and fro. As if there was something alive in his gut. He gasped for breath, inhaling the sweet sent that he knew was Kairi. Of honeysuckle and strawberries. Why was it always strawberries? Sora stood on his own. However, he was grasped more tightly around the middle as a result.

And that certainly didn't quell the whatever-it-was inside him.


The way she pronounced his name sent a shiver skipping up his spine. He prayed Kairi hadn't felt the surge. It was fortunate that he was so weary; otherwise, his senses would be on overload due to her presence. She was right next to him. He could feel her. Kairi's silky hair swept against his arm, around her neck. Her hand held his. To keep him close.

There wasn't a need for that.

Sora's blush intensified. He lowered his head to hide it. Hopefully, the others would chalk it up to sleep deprivation.


Sora made an effort to disperse his bulk as the sandy beach transformed into dirt road. He knew this neighborhood. He knew these small houses. He knew these trees. A squealing, screen door shook him from his walking trance.

"You're home," Kairi told him.

This time, Sora made both of his eyes open. Just to admire the white, wooden two-story bathed in the moonlight. He reached out his hand (the one Kairi wasn't holding) and rested it against the doorframe. As much to make sure this wasn't a dream as to remove himself as a burden. Sora flexed his thumb back and forth, chipping a bit of the aged paint. He turned the rusted door handle-

Donald broke in front of him and took a peek inside. The house was dark. Even so, the layout hadn't changed. The same staircase ascended to his bedroom on the right. The same hallway littered with pictures. The same living room. Same couch. Same rug beneath their feet. Same smell.

The familiarity was more heart-warming than Sora expected.

He was home.

Goofy strolled past Donald and stood in front of the photographs. "Hey! It's Sora as a little kid!" He placed a pointer against the glass. "How cute," Goofy ha-yucked.

Donald threw his head over his shoulder. "Yeah. What happened?"

Sora grunted a sarcastic: "Ha ha."

Kairi giggled.

Donald cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, "Oh, Mrs. Soooorraaaaaa! We have a surprise for you!" The crook of his beak curled. He waddled toward the darkened living room. "Oh, Mrs.-"


Donald backpedaled into the hallway, twirled on his left heel, and fell flat on his back. His large eyes rolled around in dizzying circles. "Ohhh," he groaned.

A woman appeared. She was dressed in a blue bathrobe. Her long, brown hair lay tied in a messy bun at the nape of her neck. There was also a bat clenched in her fist. "Who are you?" she asked. "Why are you in my house?" Her astonishingly bright, blue eyes narrowed while Donald fought to sit upright.

Goofy held out his hand. "You must be Sora's mother."

The woman flinched. There was more than one intruder in her home. She tightened her hold on her weapon and raised it over her head.

"Mom…" Sora murmured.

The slender lady spun on a dime and her bat toppled to the floor. Her hands strayed to her open mouth. The visage that had been full of suspicion now overflowed with something powerfully indescribable. "Sora," she whispered, taking a hesitant step. She seemed on the brink of disbelief, but she moved forward anyway.

Kairi released Sora who fell victim to his mother's embrace. She hugged him as if she'd never let go. Her kisses against his forehead became too numerous to count.

Funny. What was once so impossibly annoying was now…

"Oh, Sora," she cried. "Where have you been?"

The Keyblade Master, what with his face planted against his mother's shoulder, was unable to respond. Because he'd finally released himself to slumber.


Sora opened his eyes to find his bedroom ceiling. Turning his head, he blinked across his room until he saw a suspended, toy sail boat. Two dolls lay sprawled out on its deck.

Sora yawned and stretched his arms over his head before propping himself up on his hands. How long had he been asleep this time? He noticed that his hooded jacket had been removed; his shoes were by the door. His socks, on the other hand, were still where he'd left them. Sora wiggled his toes, stifled another yawn, and swung himself out of bed. He turned his attention to the window. The sun was shining brightly without a cloud in the sky. The untainted blue stretched for miles on end. And, in the distance, his island beckoned.

A sensation assaulted his nose. The smell of bacon and eggs. Sora instantly dashed down the stairs.

His stomach would not be gainsaid. Not when it was this empty.

Sora descended the staircase two steps at a time. He vaulted over the railing, just like he'd used to. Sora landed cat-like in the hall, continuing on his way to the kitchen in a dead sprint. As always, he slid across the wooden floor (via his socked feet) and came to rest in his appointed chair. Breakfast being set in heaping helpings, Sora was all too eager to dive right in. He snatched up his fork and prepared to jab its prongs into the meal when he heard his mother's throat clearing itself.

Sora halted. He lifted his eyes to meet his mother's. Though she'd used her young-man-you-are-in-big-trouble drone, her expression was lively and a smile graced her lips.

"What have I told you about that, Sora? Your chair's going to collapse one of these days. I'll laugh at you with such abandon, you'll finally come to realize that your mother actually knows what she's talking about."

Sora flashed her one of his infamous grins. "Where is everyone? Doanld? Goofy? The King?"

"King?" she questioned. "Oh, yes. He was never here. Your little friend Donald informed me that he was helping Riku and his parents."

Sora set his fork against the side of his plate and furrowed his eyebrows. He couldn't remember either of them being in his house last night. Yet, at the same time, he couldn't remember when they'd left the party.

"Kairi, Donald, and Goofy explained everything to me," his mother continued. By her breathless state, she sounded overwhelmed. Sora could understand. "They left a while ago..."

To fill the silence, Sora shoved a mound of eggs into his mouth. He savored the taste before swallowing the little slice of heaven. If there was one thing he'd missed, other than his family and friends, it was his mother's cooking. Despite Donald's magical abilities, he had none in the kitchen. Sora took a moment to wonder how he'd survived at all.

"So…you know about…" He faltered.

His mother regarded him with that sure, parental-stare. "You don't have to talk about it," she said.

Sora nodded. His mother had heard enough of his trials. Unless he was ready to divulge, then it wasn't necessary. Maybe he would when he was ready. But, for now, Sora was content with the happiness that pumped through his veins. While the feeling persisted, he'd ride it for all it was worth. "I was thinking about heading out to the island today."

"Not until you've finished your breakfast…"

Sora compelled the last strip of bacon down his throat.

"…had a bath…"

He set aside his fork. Sora drained the glass of milk next to him, already knowing what was coming.

"…and your clothes washed. You're a mess."

He ridded his upper lip of its milk-mustache and submitted to her demands without a fight. Sora knew she'd win anyway. Right now, he was more than happy to oblige her. He also understood that this instant surrendering of his wouldn't last long; ergo, he should do his mother this one favor, after all.


Sora ambled past the island waterfall with his fingers laced behind his head. Lost in thought…

His mother had gone on and on about how much he'd grown whilst he'd frantically removed articles of clothing from his closet. She'd taken the outfit he'd been wearing when he was in the shower (which was refreshing and much needed) and Sora wasn't patient enough to wait for them to wash or dry.

So he thought.

He'd grown out of every single pair of pants he'd ever owned.

After his homestead escape, Sora'd visited Riku's house, wondering how the night had gone for him. But as he'd pondered about this, Riku's father answered the door and informed Sora that his son was still asleep.

"What about the King? Is he here?"

The burley man had hesitated. "No. He left." Then he'd shut the door in his face.

Sora had come to the realization that maybe the subject was best not brought up again. It appeared to be a tad touchy. Okay. More than a tad. He'd reconsidered checking up on Kairi following the confrontation and headed to the island alone…

Sora continued along, perfectly at ease with his musings. It was nice: not having to worry about your heart being sucked from your chest at any given second. His shoes slapped against the wooden ramp that led to the base of a gigantic tree. Sora allowed his eyes to wander up and down the thing before straying over to The Secret Place.

A string of memories played across his mind's eye like a film. The white door he'd seen the last time he was here…Kairi's lifeless body flinging through his outstretched arms…

Sora blinked, his breath short.

Other things resurfaced, too. Of simpler times. He and Riku exploring The Secret Place in search for a monster. Upon finding none, speaking of Kairi. Himself and the Princess sketching each other on the wall. She was an excellent artist at that age; made his drawing look like a scribble.

Sora's face split into a grin. He headed inside. The Key Bearer was surprised to feel the end of his spiky, brown hair brush the top of the tunnel. Sora bent his knees and moved deeper. The light from an opening above lit his way so he took his time analyzing each picture.

Wakka and Tidus had drawn Blitz Ball diagrams all over the place. Exactly like them. He was looking forward to playing a few rounds if he met the two today. But would they remember him? Even Kairi had forgotten. Sora shook the idea from his head. He turned away to where he knew his picture was scratched. And then he stopped. Sora peered at the sketch, thinking that what he saw was somehow his imagination. He leaned forward, placed a hand against the wall, and crouched down to get a better look.

There was something different. Another fruit?

Then it hit him: Kairi had seen his addition.

Sora's pulse spiked. The tips of his fingers caressed the white lines. "Kairi…" he breathed. Sora swallowed the lump in his throat and removed his hand. A stupid grin fluttered its way across his face as he made his way back out into the sunshine. Sora wasn't cognizant of where he was going. He trusted his feet wouldn't lead him astray. He couldn't focus on any given thing. It was plagued with thoughts of her. As he rounded the base of the tree, looking neither to the left or right, he was suddenly smack dab in front of a pretty face. Kairi's pretty face.

The Keyblade Master grew weak in the knees. His head was in more of a whirl than it had ever been before. He felt his sword answer him. It materialized in his hand, ready for battle.

Kairi giggled. The wind played with her hair.

Sora did a double take. Why was the Keyblade with him now of all times? It only appeared when there was a keyhole to seal (and there certainly wasn't one here) or if he was prepared to fight…perhaps afraid…

It was then that the Princess took a step toward him. Sora's chest tightened, revealing that he was, indeed, very much frightened. The trembling in his knees persisted and Sora struggled to swallow. Out of all the things he'd faced (thousands of Heartless and Nobodies) he'd never been so physically shaken. Never.

Sora tossed his Keyblade in effort to make it vanish. But the sword reappeared in his hand. He gaped in surprise.

Kairi moved closer. Each shuffle of her pink shoes increased his heart rate ten-fold. "What are you doing?" she laughed.

"Uh, n-n-nothing," he stuttered. Sora winced when his voice cracked.

Kairi leaned forward, tilting her head so she could see his face.

Sora balked.

"Sleep well?"

He didn't trust himself to speak. So he nodded. And he managed that poorly. Sora tried, once more, to drop the Keyblade, but it was in vain. "Y-You?"

Kairi righted herself as he lifted his eyes. "Yes. I spoke with your mom last night. Donald and Goofy took me home." She giggled. "My dad demanded to know why I was out so late and had a heart attack when the two of them followed me in." She whispered behind her hand, "I don't think he was expecting a dog or duck to be my excuse…"

Sora involuntarily retreated. Once her breath blossomed against his cheek, he was no longer in control of his actions. Kairi didn't seem to notice. She followed him, still talking as if this were ordinary.

"I also don't think he was expecting a mouse to be royalty…"

Sora felt himself scoot down the ramp he'd walked up before. He wasn't cognizant. Not fully. The heels of his feet balanced on the edge of the waterfall's pool faster than he could say 'Heartless'.

"They left. Donald and Goofy wanted me to tell you and Riku good-bye. He's still in bed. And I thought you were the lazy bum." Kairi poked him in the chest to emphasize what she'd said.

That was too much for poor Sora to handle. He shifted backwards again, lost all balance, windmilled his arms, and fell. But not before taking the hand Kairi offered. Which didn't help. She wasn't capable of supporting him. Sora tumbled in first, followed soon after by Kairi. The Key Bearer caught her as best as he could, but he'd practically pulled her on top of him.

What a mess. Down they went, accompanied by a mighty splash. The only good thing to come out of this clumsy display was that the Keyblade vanished.

Sora yelped. Cold, cold, and more cold rushed over his body. It was almost a welcomed thing because he felt like he was on fire. Sora propped himself up on his elbows, blinked, and shook his head, slinging water droplets all over Kairi. She held up her hands to shield her face.

"Sora! You klutz!" she laughed.

"I…I…" he sputtered. "I'm sorry, Kairi. You okay?"

"Yeah. I'm okay." She hid her smile "Wet, but okay."

Kairi stood and Sora followed suit. He watched the girl wring out her pink dress, not meaning to stare. When she stopped, he noticed what he was doing and removed his gaze at once.

"Oh…my charm…" Kairi examined the pool.

Sora caught sight of the hand-made star beneath the ripples of the waterfall. He knew it anywhere. He used to stare at the thing endlessly when he thought Donald and Goofy weren't watching. "Here it is," he said. "I got it." Sora waded over and reached down.

Along with Kairi.

They inevitably bumped heads.

Sora pulled back to massage his crown, but he didn't get very far. Again, he was face to face with those orbs of blue. And, again, he was unable to move as he was powerless to break eye-contact.

Kairi straightened. So did Sora. Neither said a word.

The star ended up transferring from his fingers to hers. Sora's hand lingered against them; this was only an afterthought. The center of his awareness was on Kairi's face. Her eyes…her nose…her lips...Sora's ears inflamed.

Kairi smiled. "Thank you."

The Keyblade Master opened his mouth to respond. Nothing came out. At least, he didn't think so. He still couldn't register sounds.

Kairi leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek before spinning around with the charm at her chest. She pointed toward the dock. "Oh! Selphie! She'll want to know you're back!"

Then she left.

Sora was dumbfounded. He didn't blink. He didn't move. He didn't breathe. To top it off, his knees gave out on him. Sora fell to his backside, underneath the waterfall. It poured over his head by the buckets, ice cold. But the chill it did not eliminate the warmth in his face. "Yeah…see ya…later…" he exhaled. Even though she was already out of hearing range.


The week had flown by quickly.

Sora reclined against the Paupou tree where he and Riku had spared with one another once upon a time. Now they rested, both uncommonly still, watching the sunset. They spoke of this and that. How their families reacted to the news. What really happened. How Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie almost forgot who they were. How and when the King and his companions mysteriously disappeared.

Sora missed them, but knew he'd be seeing the three again. It was enough.

Their speech turned from Heartless and Nobodies to the norm. Apparently, school was just around the corner. As strange as it was, they looked forward to returning to an average life. Sort of. The both of them were constantly on edge, no matter how relaxed they seemed on the outside. And, in private, they continued to build their skill.


They weren't sure. Riku supposed it was out of habit. Sora had to agree. Nothing could rid them of what they'd seen and gone up against. It was impossible. That hidden urge to continue the fight was embedded into their system whether they wanted it there or not.

Sora sighed. He finally asked the question he'd been longing to know, but afraid to query: The door to the light. Where had it come from? How did it appear?

Riku rolled his eyes. He poked Sora's chest. As if the answer was unbelievably simple.

Sora thought about the response, powerless to keep a smirk off his face. His heart. His heart had brought him back.

'I want to line them up. Yours and mine.'

The smile wasn't leaving. He didn't expect it to for a while.

"Sora!" Kairi's voice washed over him like a balm. His cheek prickled. Sora forced himself not to touch his face. He turned to see her running in their direction. She clutched a small bottle in her hand.

Kairi handed it over, still trying to catch her breath. The King's symbol rested on the scroll inside.

Sora uncorked the thing and hastily slid the paper into his hands. He unrolled it for the three of them to see. He stared at the words as if he'd never read before. As if they'd been expected. He felt odd that he wasn't surprised.

"I guess we'll be heading out soon," Kairi said.

Sora looked up from the note. We'll? "Kairi…"

But she was already walking away.

Riku huffed. "I have a feeling that she thinks she's coming."

Sora pocketed the scroll. Leaving the bottle on the ground, he took a deep deep breath. "Yeah."

Riku frowned. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Go tell her that she can't."

Sora was horrified. "Me? Why not you?"

Riku shot him one of those don't-be-stupid looks with his steely eyes.

Sora's shoulders sagged. "Fine," he muttered. "I'll think of something to say. But you owe me."

Riku snorted. He turned his attention back to the sunset. "No…I think it'll be the other way around…" His silver hair wafted behind him while he chuckled.

Sora scowled, not understanding and not wanting to ask. Let Riku have his secrets. He was the one that was going to have to confront Kairi. If he was honest with himself, he wasn't sure he could complete the mission.

"Better hurry."

Sora about-faced. He started out in a sprint, but slowed to a walk when he reached the dock where Kairi was preparing to leave. He could tell that she knew he was there: she neglected to waver from her work untying the boat. Her fingers fiddled with the rope and she eventually gave in as Sora approached, knowing full-well that it was too late for escape. Still, she met him with a smile. With the sun positioned behind her head, Kairi appeared as if she were glowing. The waves lapped against the dock in soothing roars. They sparkled. Just like her eyes.

Sora stood before the Princess, not quite sure what to do next. If he wasn't careful, her beauty would silence him long enough for her to get away. Sora assembled the best sentence that actually made sense in his head as quickly as possible and went with it. "You can't come," he blurted.


"Why?" Sora opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water. He threw his hands into the air in defeat, not having come up with something she'd buy. "Because!"

"Because why, Sora?"

"Because…" He rubbed the back of his neck. "Because…I don't want you to get hurt," he tried.

"So you're allowed to risk your life, but I'm not?"

"Yes-" Sora shook his head. "I mean…I mean, no."

"Then why?"

Sora's mind drew a blank. He continued to stare at her, unabashed. She was so beautiful. And he didn't have a clue how to tell her. How to make her see. There was nothing left within him. Except…

"You care for her?"

"Yes! More than anything!"

"Show me how much."

Sora took Kairi's hand and lowered himself to his knees.


Heat tickled his cheeks. "Kairi," he interrupted. "You can't go because I don't want you–if you were harmed I…"

She knelt in front of him, searching his features as if she'd find the answer written across his face. Maybe it was. "Please?"

Sora felt like he'd been punched in the gut. She'd said please. She might as well have kissed him again. (A/N: Yay, Ted Dekker!) Tears filled her eyes. In small rivulets they trickled to his hand that held hers true. Sora reached out with his other before he could stop himself and placed it tenderly against her face. He used his thumb to wipe away the saltwater that clung to the bottom of her lashes.


Sora swallowed. He found that she was drawing him in. Not literally; her presence simply commanded that he come closer. So he did. Sora didn't realize how near he'd gotten until his spiky hair touched her forehead. Then he stopped, fear ripping at his chest. "Because…" Sora started again.


"…I love you." Sora was thrilled to discover that their lips met. He instantly regretted his impulsive decision, but that feeling melted away when she responded to him. Kairi not only smelled of honey and strawberries. She tasted of them, too. The kiss only lasted a moment. And it stole Sora's breath. His mouth prickled with warmth. He blinked in wonder at what he'd done. "That's why."


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