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The Missing Years

Life Begins…

"Come on, Codes. Help me out." The blonde boy turned and clasped his hands in dramatic way, pleading with his brother.

"No, Zack. I'm not going to help you cheat." An identical boy raised his body in a prideful way, for once he wasn't going to give in to his brother. "If I help you, you'll never learn." He pushed past his twin brother.

"Yes I will. I'll just learn next time. Come on, Cody. You're my favorite brother." Zack said grabbing his twins arm. The hallway had now been empty for a few minutes.

"Zack. First of all, we're going to be late. Second of all, I'm your only brother." Cody sighed as he walked away.

"Does this mean you're going to help me?" Zack asked as he chased his brother down the hall.

Two Hours Later

Both boys had walked into the Tipton, completely ignoring everyone in the lobby. Cody walked slightly faster to try and get away from his twin. Zack was fuming.

"I can't believe you didn't help me, your only brother!" Zack said throwing one hand over his heart.

"It's not right to cheat, Zack." Cody answered as they both entered the suite.

"It's not cheating. It's one brother helping another. But what would I expect from a little goody two shoes." Zack said dropping his bag on the floor and walking over to the table.

"Well, do your homework and you won't have a problem." Cody responded as he sat down at the table and pulled out his math.

"I'll do it later. I'm going to Max's." Zack said as he walked out the front door and slammed it shut.

"Whatever." Cody said as he looked back down at his book.

In the Lobby

Mr. Moseby was standing at the front counter. Today was slow. The twins weren't down to annoy him or ruin the hotel. They were fighting, that's the only explanation to why they weren't around. And it was wonderful!

A man with dirty blonde hair came through the door and walked over to Moseby's desk.

"Hello can I help you?" Mr. Moseby asked, eying the man carefully. He looked a little too scruffy to want to stay here.

"Yes, I was wondering if you could tell me where the Martins are." The man responded, glancing around him.

"May I ask who you are?" Mr. Moseby asked.

"Kurt. Kurt Martin. I just wanted to see my boys while I was in town." He said shaking his head slightly to knock his hair out of his eyes.

"Upstairs. But Carrey isn't here right now. She left to go talk to our pianist. And I just saw Zack walk out the front door." Mr. Moseby said. He wasn't sure how much he could trust this man.

"What about Cody?"

"He's probably upstairs doing his homework."

"That's fine. I'll just go see him. Thanks." And with that Kurt Martin turned away and walked over to the elevator.

Martin Suite

Cody had just finished the last of his math homework, when he heard a knock on the door. Cody heaved a sigh and walked over to the door, he assumed that Zack had just left his key at home again.

He pulled open the door, "Zack, you shouldn't—Dad?"

"Hi, Cody." Kurt said as he stood at the door.

"What are you doing here?"

"Do I have to have a reason to see my son?"

"No…I guess not." Cody said glancing behind him.

"Hey, did you have dinner yet?" Kurt asked.

"No-but Mom'll be back in a bit to make dinner." Cody said gripping the door a little tighter. What was his dad doing here?

"Your Mom won't mind. Come on, I'll bring you out. Just you and me." Kurt said putting his hand lightly on his son's head.

"Well…" Cody looked up and smiled, "I guess. Just the two of us, no Zack?"

"No Zack. Come on. Grab your coat and we'll go." Kurt smiled at Cody.

"Yeah." Cody walked into the living room and grabbed his jacket from the couch.

"Let's go, kid," Kurt said as he put a hand on his son's back.


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