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A/N written by my friend rachel

The smell of dust and gunpowder filled the air as the opposing force streamed the horizon. An army of soldiers in cool, white cloth protected the borders of a ruined city. Only a few of the officers wore the decorative uniform, mainly because it was too hot. Among these officers was Will Davenport, and because of it, he was sweating like no tomorrow.

'I should've gone with the corporals,' he thought, wiping his forehead. The sun beat down on him with no mercy and suddenly he heard a yell and a horse galloping away behind him. The colonel just took off.

A corporal next to him looked back at the former colonel. "I think you've just got a promotion," he said.

Will shrugged and took aim on the approaching army. "Vons de positions!" he shouted, "so, you gonna stay or run away?"

The corporal winced when he saw the full force they were up against. "Is that an actual question?" he remarked. He didn't wait for an answer. He took off after the colonel. "Wait for me!" he yelled

Will rolled his eyes. "Nice answer," he muttered, then shouted an order. "Steady!" he said, then waited on the approaching force. It quickly grew closer and was no longer a single force, but many individual people. "Steady!" he shouted again. When they just close enough he gave his final order of the group. "FIRE!"

Most of the first row fell and those who didn't, jumped over the small wall that protected his army. He loaded his gun and shot, loaded and shot, until he ran out of those bullets. Then he smacked an enemy with the butt of the gun. It was pulled from his hand, so he ran.

He saw the corporal from before. "Get inside," he yelled, pointing to an opening in the wall, "Get inside." The man did so, but then started to shut the door. "Don't you close that door, corporal!" he shouted, "Don't close the damn door!"

He almost made it, but no.

Too late.

The door was shut and there was no getting inside in time. He ran for his life this time, not caring about honor. Most of the soldiers had abandoned anything resembling honor at the time. The bad thing about running for your life when you can't see through the dust is…dead end.

He heard the horses gallop up behind him. He didn't need to, but he turned to face them. He'd rather not be shot in the back. He raised his hands in surrender and shut his eyes tight when countless rifles were aimed at him. There was no shot, though. Just the sounds of spooked horses retreating. He opened his eyes and saw no one there anymore. He took his chance and ran into the desert, knowing he'd probably die out their, but somehow he thought he had a better chance their than back in the ruins.