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Just give a girl one excuse and she goes the way of her brother. Which am I talking about? Ivy and James, or Will and Ren? Well, either cases, but one later. Ivy wanted a book so badly that she went back on the code of a librarian and…well…

She looked around quickly to make sure that everyone was still asleep as she pulled the black book from the sleeping man's arms. Slowly, slowly. She then was out of the tent faster than you can say "wrong book." Looking around again she rushed to their camp where Will had apparently fallen asleep at the watch. He had a gun in his hands.

She put the book down and looked around once more. 'The key,' she thought. She reached over into her brother's bag, luckily he was asleep. She got the feeling she was being watched so she looked around once more.

"that's called stealing, you know," came Will's voice.

"In my brother's words," she said, not turning around to face him, "it's borrowing without permission." She opened the key with a click.

"Is that the book?" Will asked, coming up behind her, "I thought it's supposed to be made out of gold."

"This isn't the book of Amun-ra, this is something else. By the looks of it, this is the Book of the Dead." She placed the key in the star-shaped hole in the cover of the book.

"The Book of the Dead?" came another voice. Ren kneeled down in front of the two, having escaped detection until then.

"How do you do that?" Will asked; "Are you a secret spy or something?"

"Of course not," Ren replied with a smirk, "I'm related to you, I was to clumsy in the academy. Are you sure you should mess around with the Book of the Dead, Ivy?"

"Why not?" Ivy said turning the key with difficulty, "It's just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book." She opened the book and a gust of wind blew past making the light of the fire flutter.

"Is it just me or…?" Ren began.

"That happens a lot around here," Will commented, "This doesn't feel like a good idea."

Ren and Ivy didn't acknowledge him. "What does it say?" Ren asked excitedly.

"Amun-ra Amun-dei," Ivy recited, running fingers across the words, "The night and day…" She continued reading the ancient Egyptian, the words skillfully playing from her memory to her tongue. "Yatuai, yatuai, yatuai." Another creepy gust of wind.

"That gives me a very bad feeling," Will said, clutching his shotgun.

"NO!" some one shouted, "You must NOT read from the book!" Everyone turned to see the Egyptologist from the American's company. "What have you done," he then whispered to himself.

Peter Pan: "What's that?" Ren asked pointing to a ruined gate of the city. A dark cloud slowly rose over the horizon. "It's definitely not good," she said getting up. The hiss of bugs filled the camp. "James," Ren said, kicking the poor man until he woke up.

Peter Pan: Will and Ivy took the book and ran as a swarm of locusts spilled over the gate. The Americans and Egyptologist were smart enough to follow suit. Ren Pushed James along and socked Beni, who was also sleeping. "Let's get the hell out of here," she yelled.