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A few weeks ago a friend of mine shoved all thirteen episodes of 'Strawberry Eggs' into my hands and told me to watch it. Well... I have yet to return these wonderful episodes to my friend and, loving the series and loathing the ending, I decided to write a continuation fic. And even though I vowed not to turn it into a Crossover... Sigh... I just didn't work... In later chapters there will be a few cameos... For this story it will be YuYu Hakusho... I AM SOOO SORRRRY! I just couldn't help myself! And in the sequel to this, which I'll be starting soon... I'll have a true Crossover with Gundam Wing... I am so, so sorry... But think about it... Akira Fukae looks like younger, more laid back Heero Yuy... So I had to write in a Gundam Wing AU to go with me fanfic... I'm so sorry...

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NOTE: The first scene was inspired by the opening credits... The part where Hibiki-sensei is playing the piano...

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The upstairs music room was always empty that time of day. The students of Indigo class were outside enjoying the afternoon with the other students of Saitow Sannaomiya. Most of the teachers were in the faculty room, gossiping and grading papers. Hibiki shook his head and walked over to the piano.

"Always was the odd man out... Huh..." He smiled, caressing the piano lovingly, "But thanks for keeping me company." Grinning ruefully he kicked off his high-heels and wriggled his stockinged toes.

"Glad to be free?" He chuckled and it came out a low, feminine alto. Sitting down at the piano he touched the keys lightly. Pressing Middle C the note echoed pure and strong through the room. He chuckled again in a woman's voice.

"Perfectly tuned... But in a place like this I wouldn't have expected it any other way..." He tilted his head back to stare at the ceiling, "How long's it been since I've played the piano..?" He wondered out loud. He shook his head, "Too long." Slowly at first, then faster, he began to play the scales. Up one octave. Down one octave. Up again. Down again. He paused for a moment.

"I wonder what my voice would sound like if I sang?" He wondered. Almost as if on their own his fingers began to dance across the keys. Just as they had when he'd first learned the song. It was an English tune, but Hibiki still loved it. If he hadn't decided to become a Phys. Ed. Teacher he would have gladly gone into music. Physical Education had been his choice ever since Junior High, but music still held his attention and always would. He closed his eyes.

"I wonder what Kaa-chan and Tou-chan would think of me if they saw me now?" He murmured.


Fuko Kuzuha wiped her forehead and walked into the hallway. It was too hot outside.

"I wonder where Hibiki-sensei went?" She murmured absently. Suddenly the most heavenly sound reached her ears. It was a sad tune. Filled with something that Fuko would have called loneliness. It reminded her of when her mother had died, but in a different way. Like there was a tiny, aching hole in her heart. It brought sudden tears to her eyes.

"Where's it coming from?" She wondered, looking around. She looked up. The sound was coming from the ceiling.

"The upstairs Music room?" She whispered. She only tripped twice on the stairs as she followed the beautiful sound. The door was open a crack and Fuko paused before peering inside.

"Hibiki-sensei?" She gasped.


Like all the other times before he felt only the music. The notes, the rhythm. It gave him the same satisfaction he got from watching a student succeed. The pride he felt in making a thing of wood and string and ivory come alive under his hands gave him that sense of completion. The tune, as always, was compelling and he found himself singing along. It was different hearing himself with a woman's voice. But it also sounded familiar.

I sound like my mother... He thought absently.

"If I could save time in a bottle... The first thing that I'd like to do... Is to save every day, until eternity passes away, just to spend them with you..."


Fuko blinked and realized that she was crying. She yearned for something then. Something that she didn't quite understand. But it hurt. And she wanted to spend those times with Hibiki-sensei, because, in that moment, she looked like she yearned for something too. Her head was tilted back, slightly, her light brown hair was gilded by the afternoon sun, her blue-green eyes half closed. She was beautiful.

"An angel..." Fuko breathed.


He was about to begin the second verse when the feeling of eyes boring into him caught his attention. Snapping his eyes open he turned toward that stare just in time to see a pink ribbon and a light blue skirt flash away.

"Kuzuha...?" He murmured before realizing there was tears on his cheeks. He quickly dabbed them away, concerned that his make-up would run and reluctantly lowered the lid of the piano. He hated to play in front of an audience, even if it was an audience of one. But for some reason he didn't mind that it was Kuzuha that had watched him.


Fuko skidded to a stop when she felt she was far enough away not to get caught. She breathed in harsh gasps, her heart pounding. Has she seen her? Had she known she was there? Tears were still streaming down her cheeks and she wiped at them absently.

"So sad..." She murmured, "So lonely... Like me..." Placing a hand over her aching heart she smiled, "She's like me..." And that thought made her happy. Realizing that break time was almost over she raced to the bathroom to wash her face, half disappointed that she'd never gotten the chance to hear the rest of the song...


Six months later...

"... AND I TELL YOU THAT HIBIKI AMAWA IS A MAN!" The Vice Principal shrieked. And all of Indigo class's delusions were thrown to the wind.. It was only after Hibiki-sensei left that they realized that he had been right all along. It wasn't about the clothes or looks that made a person, but the heart behind it all. And Fuko knew that her feelings were still the same. Nothing had changed. But everything had changed. And Indigo class had to face it alone.