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"What the hell!"

Shikamaru stood from the couch in surprise, a surprising feat from one so lazy. The blonde-haired girl next to him sat in silence, also strangely out of character for one so loud. The cup of tea she had been about to sip a moment earlier fell to the ground, spilling the contents onto the wood floor below them.

"Calm down, son. It's not as bad as you think."

"Not as bad? Do you have any idea what you're saying!"

Inoshi sighed, rubbing his temples. Shikato coughed.

"It's already been decided, Shikamaru. Mr. Yamanaka and I have been contemplating this from the time you both turned two."

Ino looked at her father, her mouth slightly agape, unable to form words, he nodded in agreement, a slight smile on his face.

"It's always been custom for the families of great ninja clans to intermix, it keeps bloodlines intact and ties tight. That's how your mother and I got married, Shikamaru." Shikato said in anall-to-calm tone.

"But…We're only 16!" Shikamaru protested, specifically avoiding Ino's eyes at any cost.

"Oh no, my boy." Inoshi raised his hands in defense. "This still isn't going to happen for another few years. When you're 18 or 19, probably. We only thought it was fair to tell you both earlier, so the shock wouldn't be too great."

Shikamaru sank back down into his seat next to Ino, his shocked gaze intently on the floor. Ino finally found her voice and spoke for the first time.

"Daddy, why? Why did you decide this for us? Is there any reason?" Shikamaru turned to Ino, who met his gaze for an instant before looking back at her father.

"There were lots of signs, baby. You being born so close together, being chosen for the same genin teams, and how close you were when you were children."

Shikato spoke up, almost interrupting his friend. "And then, last month, the decision was made final, after the ordeal in the hospital." Shikato grinned, as both of the teenagers blushed, vaguely remembering the incident.


Shikamaru had just completed one of his most dangerous missions, A ranked and highly top secret. His team members had returned to Konoha without their genius leader, who had been mortally wounded after he ordered his team to abandon him for Konoha, to complete the mission at all cost. A retrieval squad returned, carrying his unconscious body in their arms. He underwent surgery for a full 11 hours, but his life was saved.

However, the young jounin had fallen into a coma and none of the nin could awaken him, no matter what they did.

Ino was on a mission in the wave country, returning a full week after Shikamaru. Upon hearing her friend was in the hospital, she rushed to him, tears beginning to form and mixing with the dirt and sweat on her cheeks, not bothering to stop and give her mission report or treat her own wounds.

After only pausing to hear Tsunade tell her the grim situation at hand and that there was only a 21 chance that he would ever awaken, she burst into the room, tears returning to her eyes as she gazed at the heavily bandaged boy.

Slowly, she walked to him, taking his white hand in her dirty one, not caring that the fresh blood from her many scrapes was seeping into the bandages.

There she stood, for what seemed like hours, days even, only moving when Sakura forced her into a chair to treat her wounds.

She never let go of his hand.

She later learned that she had sat there for only two days (although it seemed like twenty to her.) But when she opened her mouth for the first time since her arrival, she found that only a single sentence could form from her dry lips.

"If you can't come back, at least let me come with you, Shikamaru….I don't want you to leave."

In her hand, fingers twitched under white bandages.

His eyes shifted under his still-closed lids until they slowly opened, taking time to focus on her.

"Ino?" He croaked.

Even Tsunade said it was a miracle, the odds spoke for themselves. Ino and Shikamaru, on the other hand, convinced themselves that it was just a freak coincidence, and brushed it off.

/end flashback/

Shikamaru and Ino continued to redden under their joyful parents' gaze.

"Ino's dad didn't need anymore convincing after that, and now…here you are."

The two teenagers' eyes met and blushes deepened, Shikamaru frowned.



The many months passed, and the 'couple' endured many a torment from their peers. Still, neither ever issued a complaint, alike in their silence, submitting willingly to the wishes of their parents. Dates were set and plans were laid, the wedding approached.

Their relationship remained the same, the arguments and missions still came, but there were still times when their eyes would meet gently for a instant, or their hands would brush gently as he walked her home.

They chose their home together, accompanied by their ecstatic parents, both awkwardly silent as they toured what would someday be their bedroom. Shikamaru moved in, by himself, soon after the purchase, Ino helped decorate the apartment, ignoring Shikamaru's irritation at the slightly feminine décor.

Still, for all the time they were together, discussing plans with their mothers, or walking the dark streets after long mission, neither one ever said the words most couples exchanged.

I love you…

The engagement was eventually, their friends realized that this sort of thing, though rare nowadays, was family tradition, and blessings were given. Days continued to fly by, more planning, attire fitting, choosing locations, parties which they attended arm in arm, trying to look comfortable under the transfixed gazes of their family and friends.

Until the final countdown approached…

The day came and went, vows were said and rings were exchanged, both smiling ever-so-slightly when they thought no one could see.

Their Honeymoon was cut short by Ino accepting an urgent mission, but Shikamaru didn't complain, he still got his two weeks off, after-all.

The months continued to pass…still…the words never came.

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