The Epilogue

Roger opened his eyes to a find himself still in the loft. How could this be? Had he been saved at the last minute? He jumped off of the couch, where he had been lying, and started to walk towards the bathroom. He suddenly felt someone's arms around his waist- something he hadn't felt in a long time. He whirled around and came face to face with-

"Mark?" The blond filmmaker smiled at him.

"Roger, I thought I told you not to do anything stupid."

"Well you know me, I'm just an idiot most of the time." He kissed Mark, and pulled him close. "I couldn't wait to see you."

The door of the loft banged open, drawing Roger's attention-

"ANGEL!" He yelled, running away from Mark to the drag queen, who was looking amazing, like she had before she got sick. "But… I'm dead, aren't I?"

"Yeah. It takes a while to sink in, but we're all dead, and we're in heaven I guess... I mean, the loft still has no heat, but that's okay. Oh, and we can look in on our friends on earth anytime we want." Angel grinned happily at him. "But Roger, why did you do that? How could you kill yourself like that? Collins is heartbroken. He thought you were better." Roger shrugged.

"I didn't want to be there any more. I wanted my Marky." He walked back over to Mark, kissing him again. "I missed you, my sexy Marky-"

"Roger, we have plenty of time for that. I thought you might like to visit someone..." Mark led him over to the loft door, opening it to reveal April, just as Roger remembered her...

"April... I missed you." He hugged her. "Sweetie... I didn't wait for you..."

She shrugged. "I know. I was watching, silly. I liked that Mimi- she was feisty. But I think Mark was your best choice." She smiled over at Mark, who blushed.

"So what does one do in heaven?" Roger asked.

"Let's give him a tour, shall we?" Angel suggested. They all walked out the loft door, and into the bright sunshine.

The End

All together now: AAAAAW. I made it less angsty:D So… I'm sorry, all of you people who were like "OH NOES DON'T END IT!" but I need to focus more on one thing at a time. -cough cough my AngelCollins high school fic cough- So anyway… I hope everyone liked the ending. It's happily ever after without the clichéd happily ever after line! Oh and then the rest of the bohemians died and went to the loft in heaven and Angel and Collins reunited and Maureen and Joanne never fought again because you can't cheat on anyone in heaven, and Mimi was happy again and not mad at Roger anymore and they were all best friends for ever and ever. :3