Consolation Prize

Summary: John wants Bobby, and Gambit wants Rogue. But as long as Bobby and Rogue are together, they have to settle for what they can get SLASH
Fandom: X-men
Pairings: Bobby/Rogue, John/Bobby (One-sided), Remy/Rogue (One-sided), Remy/John
Warnings: Slash
Disclaimer: They all belong to people with expensive lawyers. I'm just screwing with them for my own twisted amusement.
Author's Note: I just read an issue of Uncanny X-men, and damn Bobby's a jerk in comic canon. Poor Northstar


As a matter of fact, he did avoid the hangover, but he was so exhausted the next morning that it didn't make much difference. It was a convenient arrangement, with something for everyone involved. There was good sex – actually, John admitted privately, pretty damn fantastic sex – and no danger of taking it too seriously. One week when he didn't spend the night in their room even once, Bobby confronted him about it. John, not for the first time, told him to shut up and mind his own fucking business.

Of course it got out, as such things do

They say that familiarity breeds laxity, and that was certainly true in their case, because one night they forgot to lock the door. In their defence, there was no way they could have known that no-one would be able to find Kitty the next morning. So when Jubilee looked for her in Remy's room, instead she saw the two of them asleep in bed – wrapped around each other and quite naked…only the covers preserving any shred of dignity. Of course, being Jubilee, she immediately ran off to find a camera. Five minutes later, there was photographic evidence.

John could never decide what was worse – the people (mainly boys) shooting them funny looks, or the ones (mainly girls) cooing about what a cute couple they made.

But once people had got used to it, John realised that it had been a good thing. Not only did it mean that they could dispense with all the secrecy, but – to his secret delight – Bobby started looking at Remy with what could only be described as jealousy. And Rogue seemed to have suddenly developed a similar dislike for John. Everything seemed to be going well, and it was only a matter of time before Bobby and Rogue admitted to themselves what was already obvious to everyone else.

John looked at Remy and grinned. He could wait.

:C'est finis: