When Two Worlds Collide by Gina

Rating: R

Summary: this is a Alias/BtVS cross over, can Irina and Willow save Buffy and Sydney from the Initiative and find something more? Femslash

A/N: If this ship of Irina/Willow bugs you, don't read. I have modified ages slightly to make Irina younger, though she is still a bit older than Willow. I love these two characters so thought I'd give it a shot.

A/N 2: Warning for J/I fans, Irina does not love Jack in this story.

Disclaimers: I own nothing, just want to play with the characters from these two great shows.

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Chapter One

Irina Derevko sank down in her chair. It was September of 2000; twenty-four years after she had began her work with the infamous KGB, which was the well-organized and extremely lethal spy network for the former Soviet Union. It had also been fifteen years since the KGB extracted Irina from the USA. Her long-term assignment was to wed a CIA agent in order to gain pertinent information as to the Christmas project program, which she did with excellent results. This project entailed children spy training and aided her country immensely. Though she never loved Jack Bristo, she did love their daughter Sydney who was now twenty and a young CIA agent in training. Syd was the only reason or regret she had in betraying Jack Bristo.

Since the KGB was dissolved in 1991, Irina ran a world terrorism organization that was working to rebuild communism. Though she was her own boss, she occasionally did work for a secret faction of the FSB, Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. She was a stern woman once devoted to her motherland but life hardened her and she now appeared to be out for self-gain. Her former KGB handler, Alexander Khasinau, now took orders from her. To the secret faction of the FSB however, it appeared he was her superior still. Very few in the FSB knew his loyalties remained with Communism and apparently so did Irina's. Irina was a woman who never knew true love yet a woman who sheltered tears nightly for her daughter that she had to leave behind. She was glad Jack chose not to tell Sydney of her betrayal but sad her child had to go through life thinking her mother, Laura Bristo AKA Irina Derevko, was dead.

She was beside herself when her FSB director asked her to continue the assignment she had first been trained to fulfill. Irina was trained to be a super spy, a hired assassin, but first and foremost, a warrior. The secret faction of the FSB that she worked for was linked to world terrorism that didn't operate by any law and it was Irina's job to do their bidding. Her impressive record as a spy had landed her on the most wanted list at the CIA, a thought she found titillating seeing as she was now returning to the states. She had been credited for killing more than 30 CIA agents, accused of being involved in top-secret document stealing, and a few other things. This, in part, was what made her assignment so risky and she loved taking risks. She thrived and prospered on living on the edge. Her current assignment was to see how demonic creatures could better serve her country and destroy those who could not. Demonic encounters was what the defunked KGB had trained her for since the age of sixteen.

She was taking a huge gamble by returning to the states but she was assured the CIA had no dealings with such matters as demons. In edition, she was well equipped at disguising herself, as was the norm in the world of spies and espionage. She leaned back in her chair, pondered long ago memories of Sidney, and steeled her mind for her new assignment.

- - - - - - -

Willow Rosenberg walked the streets of Sunnydale just after dark. She knew she should not be out at this time and that Buffy would kill her, if Buffy were paying any attention. The fact was that Buffy had been too wrapped up in Riley Fin to worry about Willow who was her best friend for nearly three years now. She was one depressed wiccan wanna-be because her long-time boyfriend, Oz, had been acting strange of late. He was no longer the shy attentive boy she grew to care for in high school, no longer sweet and caring but for fleeting moments when he wasn't with his band or Veruca. Veruca was a young woman with looks to die for and had much more in common with Oz than Willow could even begin to have. She saw their smiles, frequent conversations, and Veruca's flirtatious passes over the course of the last three weeks and it pained her. She feared she was losing Oz and there was nothing she could do about it.

As she rounded a corner to where Oz kept himself locked down during the full moon, she saw it, two werewolves frolicking around on the cemetery grounds in animalistic passion. Her entire body began to shudder as she, not so smartly, let out a scream. She knew in her heart that this was Oz and Veruca. She turned to run off with tears streaming down her face but the female wolf was on her in a flash. As Willow's life flashed before her in her would-be last moments, something happened. The night became still and Willow found herself staring up into the face of the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on.

The woman knelt down, scooped the redhead up in her arms, and exited the cemetery just as quietly as she had entered. "Are you all right ma'am?" The woman asked with a heavily accented voice.

Willow looked into the dark mysterious eyes again, for what seemed an eternity. She found herself drawn to them as nothing had drawn her before. "Ma'am?" The woman probed again; as she shifted Willow's weight to her other arm.

"I-I-I t-t-think so," Willow stammered, as she withdrew her gaze from Irina's intoxicating eyes. "Y-Y-Y-You're not Buffy," Willow spat out before she realized what she was saying. Her head was in a daze from the small hit it took when Veruca shoved her over a headstone.

Upon recognition of Buffy's name, Irina knew she hit the jackpot and this young woman might be just what she needed to get a good foothold in this little town. "No, I am not Buffy," she said with a smile, as she helped Willow into a snazzy sports car. "My name is Irina Evans."

"Willow Rosenberg, um, I go to the University of Sunnydale and live at the dorm. That isn't really an American accent is it?" Well duh, of course it isn't." Willow clamped her mouth shut and blushed having realized she was coming into a full babble-fest.

"My mother is Russian; father American. I was born here in the states then pursued my studies in Russia. I moved back here only a few months ago." Irina offered for an answer. She couldn't help but smile at the young woman who, for some reason, seemed quite nervous unless this high-pitched voice and muttering were common traits of the girl. "Would you like me to escort you to your dormitory or my apartment to assist you in cleaning up?" Irina offered more than asked in hopes of finding out just a bit more of Willow and Buffy. By Willow's reaction, it didn't take much for Irina to figure out that Willow would have expected Buffy to do such things as fighting werewolves. Irina felt it imperative to know just what this slayer she'd heard so much of was in terms of power and strength.

Willow knew going to her dorm would be fine as she could take care of her minor scratches and cuts easily. Nevertheless, she found herself accepting the kind offer made by the beautiful woman. She couldn't figure out how the woman knew what to do. She thought it might be a good idea to find out as well as, she was drawn to her appearance for some strange reason. "If it's no trouble, I'd rather not be alone, Buffy, my roommate is probably out with her boyfriend and," Willow found a loss for words suddenly, as she again looked into the eyes of this woman.

- - - - - - -

Willow sat in the quaint apartment as Irina made her some hot tea. She had helped Willow get her scrapes all cleaned up and they had decided to have something to drink and relax. Irina would have preferred something stronger than hot tea but figured Willow was not the vodka type. During their brief chat, Irina had learned Willow was a computer geek who planned on some sort of career in the field. She was also very good with computers and felt this was the best starting point. So she informed Willow she was working in the science lab at the university as a computer technology assistant. She also was a literature teacher for foreign students. This fascinated Willow who hadn't taken the time to realize that the college had a large foreign population.

As Irina sat down with their tea, she broached the subject of Buffy with bluntness. "So, this friend, Buffy, you expected her to rescue you from the werewolves? Why is this?"

"Um, well, I-I," Willow didn't know what to say. The slayer's existence was supposed to be a secret. Since Irina knew how to handle the wolves, Willow figured she might as well take a chance. She thought it was highly possible that Irina was involved in whatever military operations Riley was concerning demons and that her status at the college was a cover. "She's a vampire slayer and I know that all sounds crazy but it's true. I've seen all these creatures and stuff and no, I'm not on drugs. You saw the wolves so you have to believe at least some of what I just said."

"Of course I believe you," Irina said with a smile and placed her hand on Willow's. "Demonology has always been a fascination of mine and, in my free time, I trained myself to fight them if I should run across one."

Willow felt something strange when Irina touched her hand and more so when she ran her thumb over Willow's palm. Something was pulling her towards this attractive, intelligent yet mysterious woman. This prospect both excited and frightened her. "M-M-Maybe you would like to meet Rupert Giles," Willow said softly. "He is into this stuff majorly and, right now, could use all the help he can get."

"Of course that would be most interesting but I think I enjoy your knowledge and company immensely." Irina said with a big smile on her face. This girl had to be near the same age as Sydney but Irina would do whatever necessary to gain information for her assignment. She only hoped this assignment would not take years, would not mean almost forgetting she was Irina Derevko and not Irina Evans, as happened all those years ago. She vowed to never lose sight of who she really was again, never allow herself to be hurt as bad as giving up Sydney hurt her again.

Willow's face turned a crimson red. She didn't take compliments well from anyone but from this woman, they made her blush more. "Thank you; I don't have many friends outside the Scoobies, any actually. I'm looked upon as a geek of sorts. So it's nice to be able to talk with someone outside the gang."

"Scoobies?" Irina questioned with a look of amusement on her face.

"Well, we sort of help Buffy research and fight things, or did till Riley and his band came to town. So we called ourselves the Scoobies." Willow lowered her head and blushed again. Calling yourself a Scooby somehow sounded childish, especially when this someone was a well-educated beautiful woman.

"This all is very interesting, what exactly is Riley and his band?" Irina questioned surprised at how easily she was gaining information.

"I'm not sure exactly, some military group that is doing something or other. Buffy pretty much is shunning us now because of them and that is why I said Giles could use all the help he could get." Willow explained the best she could choosing her words carefully in case Irina was involved with the initiative.

"I tell you what, Willow; I shall go meet this Mr. Giles if you will allow me to cook dinner for you. I love to cook but it is no fun cooking for just one person. Willow is such a nice name," Irina said, with her voice lowered her voice in a more intimate tone, as she rubbed circles on Willow's palm. She knew by Willow's reaction that it was having the effect she wanted it to have.

"My friend Xander would love you. He loves to eat, and you love to cook."." Willow blushed with a part of her desiring more touching from this woman. Her head was heading so high in the clouds, she wasn't even thinking that she had never felt this way for a girl before which was a good thing because then she might freak out. He's twenty, just a year older than me but I can't imagine you are much older than that."

Irina laughed and her smile seemed to grow even larger than before, as she pushed a few strands of hair away from her eyes. "Are you trying to set me up with a young man? I am just turned forty, would the age bother you Ms. Rosenberg?"

Willow's face showed utter shock, there was no way this woman could be forty. She tried to imagine such a beautiful specimen dating Giles and just couldn't. "Wow, oh wow, um, wow," was all she could spit out, as she looked Irina over. "Wow, you, um, I, well gosh I hope I look half as good as you when I'm forty. No the age wouldn't bother me. It is how people act at different ages that makes a difference, I think. Well I don't know I," Irina lifted Willows hand in hers as a signal for her to get up.

"I shall let you off the hook for now Willow," she smiled as Willow looked at the floor rather enjoying how her name flowed with the thick accent. "I will pick you up at your dorm tomorrow at 2pm to meet this Mr. Giles."