Chapter Seven

As Sydney and Marshall were on the phone with Kendall, Willow sat silently and watched a Russian doctor remove the chip in Jack's head. She could not believe what was going on and wondered just how her friends were going to come out of this. She was glad that Irina gave Giles and the gang the go ahead to begin dismantling the initiative and that she sent along a few of her men to aid in the task. "Willow," Irina motioned to the door of the makeshift operating room and Willow followed her out. "This could all backfire at any time and so I wanted to speak with you in case I don't get the chance later. First off, my name is Irina Derevko and I used to be a KGB agent. I was sent here many years ago to spy on my country and that is how Sydney came to be born. I am ranked high on the United States list of most wanted people for some crimes that I did not do but many that I did. My reason for coming here this time is much the same as this initiative faction of your own country minus the mixing of human and demons or so I was told. However, when I saw the danger that my daughter was in, coupled with this insane attempt at mixing humans with demons in one body, I changed my course of action. I am in the process of striking a deal with the CIA here to gain a pardon in exchange for releasing the information I've gained to the government. I plan to give them the scanned images of Adam, Maggie Walsh and Jack's chip. I have decided not to remove the chip from Spike because he can do more good with it then without it. The chip of your friend Buffy will be removed as soon as we can capture her. I am very sorry that I was unable to tell you these things before and will understand if you no longer wish to see me after all of this is over."

After Irina finished telling her story, Willow stood looking at the woman. The look on Irina's face was a mask of no emotion and Willow figured this to be because she wasn't going to allow the redhead to see what she was feeling in the event Willow didn't take this story to kindly. In fact, Willow didn't know how to react or what to say and so she just stood there. "I need some time, I just, it's a lot to take in at once." The redhead finally managed to spit out, as Irina hugged her.

"Of course you need time," she stated, as Jack's shrill scream interrupted their conversation. "I've got to go."

She raced in the room where Jack was convulsing on the bed and Sydney followed close behind her. "Irina," he said in choked breaths. "Don't let them get her, please."

Irina moved quickly and took Jack's hands in hers. "Jack, you need to tell me the password to the documents on disk 37." Irina spoke in such a whisper that Sydney mistook her words for something in way of comforting.

"Laurie," Jack whispered freely, as he still had not gained his full mental capacity due to the drug the doctor gave him. "Irina, you have to know I would never hurt our daughter." The tears fell from Sydney's eyes when Jack said those words then closed his eyes.

"Don't you let him die!" Irina barked and raced from the room.

"Ira," Marshall stopped her in her tracks. "Kendall is coming with a written pardon if we give him the information."

"I will gather it up," she said and went into her bedroom. She promptly made copies of all the disks and slid the originals back in their pouches. She then copied the scans of Adam and again, put the originals with the disks. She put Jack's chip in with the disks also and then picked up the phone. "Lexi,, has the chip been removed from Miss Summers? Very well then, I shall pick it up in an hour and is she fairing well? Very well then, don't release her just now."

As she turned to leave the room after wiping out her hard drive, a shrill scream was heard. She picked up her laptop and put it in the closet and raced out of the room to find that Adam was about to kill Kendall just outside the front door. "Willow, file 9106 is what Marshall created from Adam's images. You've got to tap into him and fast!" Irina shouted and rushed out to try and save Kendall.

She fired her weapon several times. The blows were enough to force Adam to drop the frightened man but he fired back quickly. As Kendall raced inside the apartment, Willow tapped into the hybrid's circuitry and scrambled his signals. She wasn't quite fast enough however and Irina lay on the ground with a bullet in her shoulder.

Irina moved closer to the demon while the others were securing the house from the on coming demons. She shot a big hole in his chest and removed the brain that ran the hybrid. She then lit a fuse inside him and exploded the hybrid to ensure the CIA would resolve that he exploded on his own and there would be no trace of his brain was the reason that he exploded. She then got to her feet and began firing at the demons being joined by the scoobies, her men, Willow and Marshall.

- - - - - - -

Irina awoke several hours later in her bed and was greeted by Willows relieved face. "Your doctor wouldn't let us take you to the hospital but Jack, Kendall and Buffy are all there. The scientist said that he opened Buffy up and found a malfunctioned chip so I guess Jack's was the only one that worked right."

Irina remembered that she was supposed to pick up Buffy's real chip probably hours ago. "Willow, could you get me some ice tea please?" She asked the redhead with a smile then quickly reached for her phone when Willow left. "Lexi, I've been delayed because of a bullet wound. Is it still in tact? Very good, the plans have changed so listen clearly. I have a package here and I want you to pick it up, take it along with the chip to Alexander pronto. Yes you've been promoted so do not fail me." She hung up the phone just before Willow reentered the room.

"Here you go, is there anything else I can do for you?" Willow asked, as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

"You could tell me where you stand now that this fiasco is over." Irina said and sipped her tea.

"Well they gave you a pardon and you helped save people, a lot of people and so I'm thinking you can't be so bad. Part of me says that I should stay away from you but then another part of me says for me to take a chance and see what life tosses my way." Willow replied honestly.

"Which part is winning?" Irina asked and placed her hand on Willow's. "Willow, I was fond of Jack Bristo because he was a good caring man. I have never allowed myself to have feelings of a deep nature for anyone but my daughter and those are entirely a different kind. I did not come here to gain feelings for another human being but my sister always told me that they would catch me and they have. You are quite a bit younger then myself and I realize this. But the heart cannot help who it is drawn to and I am very drawn to you. I will understand however, if you cannot reciprocate my feelings because of who I am."

"I want to know who you really are Irina." Willow said, as she looked into the beautiful Russian agent's eyes.

Irina pulled the redhead close with her good arm and kissed her lips passionately several times before she pulled away. "You get some rest and then we will have a lovely evening. I want to go check on Jack and Sydney." Irina kissed her lips again before she slowly got out of bed and Willow knew that there was no arguing.

- - - - -

A short while later, Irina was waiting at her front door for Lexi. She handed him the package, "once you give this to Alexander and he drives off. Push the numbers 419 on this device here. You then get back to the states straight away and ask no further questions on this matter. He will Parish and be fingered for trying to swipe information and this will leave me in good standing with the secret faction should I decide to align myself with their long term plans. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Miss Derevko," the man said with a beaming smile and quickly left.

Irina stood with a shrewd smile on her face. She had decided that this type of information was better if it were wiped off the face of the earth but did not want to fully give up her standing with the organization that she headed. She felt that offing Alexander, in what looked like a suicide, was the best way to neatly tie up everything. "Marshall," she said into her phone, as she got in her car. "I want you to push those numbers now before the CIA has a good look at the contents of the package. I do not want that information surfacing again. Then you let Sydney know that I am coming to the hospital after I secretly visit Arvin Slone because I still believe that he was in on this."

Satisfied that her plans were complete, she drove off in the direction of Arvin Slone's hotel room. 'How stupid of the government to bring him in on this.'

- - - - - - -

Irina arrived back to her apartment and found that it was cleaned spotless. "Hello Willow," she said and kissed the redhead. "I ordered us a nice romantic dinner, has it arrived?"

"Yes," Willow pointed to the table that she had set up with candles, wine and the meal. "How did it go with Jack and Sydney?"

"It went very well," Irina said and pulled Willow's chair out for her. "She wants to quit the CIA and become a teacher. Apparently that is what she wanted to do at first and when she found out that I really do love teaching, it was a done deal. She wants to complete her studies here and spend some time with me if I stay. Jack and I also had a nice conversation with a lot of apologies and he will be going back to LA very soon."

"Are you sure that I'm not in the way? You two share a daughter and a lot of history," Willow said in a concerned tone.

"No Willow," Irina leaned over and kissed her before proceeding to eat her meal. "There is nothing between Jack and myself, at least not on my end. I promise you this and I hope you can believe me." Willow's smile told Irina that she did believe her and that made Irina feel good inside. For the first time, she was finding out what this word called love meant. She never would have thought that she would find this out in a small town called Sunnydale but she did.

"So you're going to stay?" Willow asked, as Irina poured them another glass of wine.

"I would love to Miss Rosenberg," Irina said seductively, then placed several kisses on Willow's mouth being interrupted by her cell phone. "Thanks Marshall," was all that she said having got her confirmation that the information was gone and would be chalked up as a big blunder by a shaken CIA agent upon hearing of Arvin Slone's untimely death.

After the meal and wine were finished, Irina took Willow's hand and gently pulled her to a standing position. She turned on soft music and they danced in each others arms, with loving kisses, for what seemed forever. After the dancing, both women were content to retire to the bedroom for a night of passionate love making. All was well in their world for the time being, but in Irina Derevko's world, how long could that really last?

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