Chapter 1: New Victim, Old Wounds

"Olivia, Elliot, I need you guys in my office," Cragen told them one morning as they were taking off their coats.

They exchanged glances as they followed him.

"What's up, Cap?" Olivia asked, closing the door behind her.

"We've got a new case. She's real shaken up. She's in Interview C."
Elliot turned to Olivia. "I'll go talk to her family, see if I can get a lead on a suspect. Cap, you got an address?"

"312 94th Street, Lower East Side. She's living with her boyfriend and his daughter from another marriage."

"I'll see what she'll tell me," Olivia said as she left. What she saw in the interview room made her heart break. The woman before her was sobbing so violently that she trembled. She was covered in bruises, and her wrists were terribly swollen. Olivia stepped toward her, putting a hand on her shoulder, which made her look up.
"How long have you been standing there?" she asked.

"Long enough to see that you're scared. What's your name?"


"My name's Olivia. I'm a detective Can you tell me what happened?"

"I stopped at a Kum N Go on my way home from working a double shift at Gino's when he grabbed me. I'd just gotten out of my SUV, and he said if I screamed, he'd make it even worse. Then, he grabbed my wrists and dragged me toward an alley." She paused, sniffling, "He raped me, and then he left me there and told me no one would ever find me."

"When did it happen?"

"Around 6:00."

"Did you see his face?"

Bonnie nodded. "He didn't even try to hide it. He had brown hair, green eyes, and a strong grip. He looked about 20, and I think he was around 6' 4."

"Did anything about him seem familiar?"

"His cologne. It was Fire and Ice. My husband used to wear it. It smells sort of like cinnamon."

"Had you seen him before?"

Bonnie shook her head.

Olivia was about to speak again when Elliot knocked on the door. She flicked her eyes toward him and noticed he was motioning her into the hall.

"I'll be back in a sec, Bonnie," Olivia told her gently as she left. "What's up, El?"

He sighed. "We know who raped Bonnie."

"That's great. Who?"

"Livia, maybe you'd better sit down."

"El, you're makin' me nervous. What's up?" she inquired as she pulled up a chair.

"The crime lab matched the DNA from Bonnie's rape kit with a man named Aaron Catchum. His rap sheet says he was arrested in connection with your mom's case."

Olivia was in shock. "This guy could be my dad."

Elliot nodded, placing a hand on her shoulder. He could see that this was hard for Olivia, and he knew why. She'd never known her dad, for he'd run off after he'd raped her mom, and he was the only reason she was standing here today.

Olivia turned away from Elliot for a brief moment before turning back again.
Elliot squeezed her shoulder. "If this case is too hard for you, Fin and I'll cover you."

She shook her head bravely. "I've wondered all my life who my dad is and if he's ever stopped. Apparently not. Let's work this slow so we can work every angle."

Elliot nodded, impressed by Olivia's strength,