Disclaimer: I don't own Pirates, and I honestly think that Jack's last line was the best way to end the film. This is just my idea of a follow-up. Enjoy the show.

Chapter 1: Devils and Black Sheep

The Black Pearl coasted through the seas of the Caribbean. The black sails were filled as they almost flew over the waves to their destination; Isla de Muerta.

Their captain, the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow was at the helm, quietly humming "A Pirates' Life For Me".

Once at Isla de Muerta, they'd take a fair bit of Barbossa's swag, and outfit the Pearl. The thing was about 10 years out of date, but still the fastest ship in the Caribbean. Jack could scarcely imagine what the Black Pearl would be like with a full retrofit. A fine thing it would be.

A fine thing.

"A fine thing, isn't she, lad?"

The young boy stared at the tall ship before him. The only ships bigger he'd seen were ones in the Royal Navy, and they were just barely bigger than this.

"Where'd she get made?" He looked up at the man next to him. He was tall, and wore a large leather coat. He wore a tricorn cap, and beads in his long hair.

"I dunno, lad. It was given to me by my adopted father after he died."

"Your adopted father?"

"Yeah. But that's a story for another time. For now, I would like to offer you a business proposition." He looked at the little lad. He was probably around 12 or 13, but he was an interesting lad, indeed; his stance was that of a man twenty years older, his vocabulary was that of a man even older than that...and his eyes. His eyes were dark, captivating, intelligent...and frightening.

"What type of proposition are we talking here, mate?"

"How'd you like to come aboard, and work on my ship? I like you, lad, and I think you look like a man made for the seas."

"Hmm." The eyes darkened as they entered deep thought. "I've always loved the sea...was born on it, too."

"Well, then, why don't you come aboard?"

"I don't know. My parents are long dead, and I've never liked life on land." He smiled broadly, revealing gold teeth. "Why not, mate? I'm in."

"Well, come on, then! We're leaving now." The boy smiled as he rushed aboard. "What's your name, boy?"

"Jack. Jack Seaborn."

The man looked at him funny. "No. It doesn't fit you. You just don't look like a Seaborn." He seemed to think. "The 'S' works, but..."

"But what, captain?" They boy looked up at him. As he did, a bird flew overhead. The older man looked at it a moment, and then looked at Jack.

The captain smiled. "Welcome aboard the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow."

Jack Sparrow. He liked the name.

Jack Sparrow. He still liked it-and his ship-to that day.