Chapter 18: A Pirate's Life For Me

Elizabeth sat on her stool in Tia Dalma's home, silently killing herself inside. She'd just betrayed and killed the man she—

Did she love him? And if she did, what of Will? Then Tia Dalma silently came forth, offering rum, knowing what they'd gone through. Gibbs turned back in the doorway to face them, and said sadly, "Jack Sparrow is gone, and already the world seems a little bit darker. He had us all fooled up to the end, but I guess the noble part of him won out." He accepted Tia's drink.

"No other captain like Cap'n Jack," Ragetti said, choking on the words from sad tears.

"A gentleman of fortune, he was," Pintel said, raising his glass.

"He was a good man," Elizabeth added, barely keeping the tears out of her voice. Perhaps I really did lo

"If there were some way to get him back," Will began. She looked at him. She may have been wrong, but he may have just admitted that he wasn't the one for her. That Jack was.


The man she betrayed.

The man she killed.

The man she loved.

Tia Dalma cut him off. "Would ye do it? Would you sail to the ends of the earth to save Jack Sparrow, and his beloved Pearl?"

"Aye." Gibbs stood.

"Aye," came Pintel.

"Aye." Ragetti.

"Yes," Elizabeth said softly.

"Alright," Dalma grinned her toothy grin. "But if yer goin' to the World's End, ye'll need a captain who knows the way."

She looked up the stairs.

A man descended.

He wore black boots.

He was all dressed in black.

The monkey Jack swang to him.

All stood, one by one, disbelieving, in the presence of their new captain.

Then the captain came into full view, and he was—

He was—

Elizabeth, staring, wished she had the strength to rip her eyes out of her head for the third time that day; the first was when Jack had looked at her with those sad, loving eyes; the second had been when the last bit of the Pearl sank into the depths for what she was sure was for all time.

But even blind, she would see these three moments forever.

It couldn't be—

It wasn't possible—

It was...

Captain Hector Barbossa. "So tell me, what's become of my ship?"

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