The Charmed Sons

Chapter One

Chris had just met an incredible girl. She was kind and generous. She did have a dark past, though, which made sense since Halliwells tended to fall for the bad boys and bad girls. Bianca was a Phoenix. She was a witch, but unlike Chris, she was a "bad witch." She was trying to reform, but Chris didn't know if she could. He was on his bed staring at the ceiling when he heard a knock.

"Come in," he yelled as the door knob turned. It was Wyatt.

"Hey, there's some demon at Mom's restaurant. She can't reach Phoebe or Paige, so she wanted us to come in."

"You mean she wanted you. You don't need me to vanquish a demon."

"You're wrong. I need you there."

"For you to show off?"

"No, Mom needs both of us."

"What about Prue?"

"She's in New York for a school trip, remember?"

"I forgot about that."

"Yeah. Well, are you coming or not?"

Chris sat up. "I'll come with you."


The boys orbed to the alley behind Exquisite, Piper's restaurant. They saw a slimy green demon.

"What the hell is he?" Chris asked.

"He's a—" Wyatt began as the demon headed straight for the boys.

Chris kicked the demon, which caused his foot to stick to the demon. He struggled for a minute before finally working his way free. Wyatt started trying to use his powers to vanquish the demon, but it seemed like it wasn't working.

"How do we vanquish it?" Chris asked as he tried to regain his balance.

Wyatt pulled a sheet of paper out of his jeans pocket. "With this."

Chris ran to his brother. They chanted, "We call upon the ancient power to help us in this dark hour. The demon that is here before, we vanquish thee forevermore."

The demon exploded sending slime everywhere. "Who wrote that stupid spell?" Chris asked as he rubbed slime away from his eyes.

"I did."

"You mean to tell me that someone with all of your powers can't write a decent spell?"

"I did the best I could!"

"Sure you did," Chris responded as he stood up, rolling his eyes at Wyatt.

"You try it next time!"

"Fine. I'm better at spells than you anyway and you know it."

A familiar face peeked out of the back door. "Did you get it?" her soft voice asked. She didn't want her employees to hear her talking about vanquishing demons. She had tried so hard to keep her magic life separate from her "real" life.

"Yes, Mom. We did it," they said in sync.

"Good. You two look horrible! Go back home and get cleaned up!"

"You don't have to tell me twice," Chris said as he orbed back to the apartment that he shared with Wyatt.

Wyatt stayed behind to talk to his mom for a few minutes.

"He didn't want to come, Mom."


"He doesn't think he's strong enough."

"That's ridiculous. He's incredibly strong."

"You tell him that. He doesn't believe me."

"He wouldn't listen to me either. He'd say that I'm just saying it because I'm his mother."

"I doubt that."

"Do you even know your brother?"