A/N: In case you're wondering where some of these powers come from, they're coming from my other Charmed story "Forever Charmed."

Chapter Four

Wyatt and Chris came home. Chris looked at the clock and decided to call Bianca. He closed himself off in his room.

"Bianca, hey," he said. "How are you?"

"I'm doing pretty well," she replied. "You?"

"I'm okay. I went to a family dinner tonight."

"I bet that would be a power rush if you could use your channeling power."

"I got it back. It wasn't a big family dinner, so there wasn't a major power rush."

"Do you like that power?"

"Yeah. It's alright."

"Pretty much makes you unstoppable, doesn't it?"

"Not exactly."

"Oh, come on, it has to make you feel strong."

Chris was starting to get uncomfortable. "Can we talk about something non-magical?"

"Sure. Like what?"


"I had a good time today. I got to do a presentation in my religion class. I did it 'on witchcraft. I think I did well on it. How 'bout you?"

"I had 2 exams."

"That sucks."

"Tell me about it."

"Chris, I know you don't want to talk about magic, but I really need some help."

Chris got concerned by the sudden change in Bianca's voice. "What kind of help?"

"I need to vanquish my family."


"They've gone on a killing spree, and they're working with demons. I need someone to help me stop them."

"Come by tomorrow."

The next day Bianca showed up at Chris and Wyatt's apartment with coffee and doughnuts. She also had a bag full of potion ingredients.

"I'll go get Chris," Wyatt said as he yawned. "He's taking a shower."


Bianca waited in the living room. Wyatt came in and sat down across from her.

"Chris said something about you vanquishing your family. Why?"

"They're killing good witches and innocents."

"Oh. I would offer to help, but I'm supposed to work at the club today."

"I'm sure Chris and I can handle it."

Wyatt and Bianca didn't really get along. Wyatt never trusted her because of her family's history. Bianca's being a Phoenix made Wyatt and Piper nervous. Normally, they trusted Chris's judgment, but in this case, they thought he might be getting himself into too much trouble.

"Hey, Bianca," Chris said as he came into the room. His hair was still wet as he gave her a kiss.

"Hey. I brought coffee and doughnuts."

"Yum," he said as he got a jelly-filled doughnut out of the box.

"I also got potion ingredients and my family's grimoire."

"Does it have a spell that could help us vanquish your family without having them come back to life?"

"A couple actually. There are also three potions."

"Good. We shouldn't go empty-handed."

Chris and Bianca spent the better part of the morning making potions.

"You know, I'll have to copy some of this into the Book of Shadows."


"We'll need some of the info and spells and potions."

"I would've thought your family would want to avoid dark magic."

"Some of this isn't dark magic, though."

Chris orbed Bianca to where her family was gathered. She told him before they left what powers they had so that he would know what to channel.

"Hey, Uncle Joe," she called and everyone turned. "I thought I'd say goodbye."

She threw two potion vials at her aunt and uncle. Another uncle tried to throw an energy ball, but he wasn't quick enough on the draw. Chris hit him with an energy ball. He kept making them and tossing them at the family members who weren't getting vanquished by Bianca. Soon everyone had been vanquished. To make sure none of them rose from their ashes, Bianca and Chris said a quick spell.

"Is that better?" he asked.

"I knew it would be difficult, but I didn't think it would hurt so much."

"They were your family," Chris said as he wrapped his arms around her. "Of course it's going to hurt."

"I just feel so alone," she whimpered.

"You have me," he replied softly.