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Summary: What would happen if Izzie had reached Denny before he died?

Author's Note: This is my first fanfic so any pointers are helpful. If you like it, please comment. And I promise that it will get better once I get a feel for my writing style and where I am going to take the story. Enjoy!

The Perfect Ending

"I get a choice now and I choose you, Izzie Stevens, I choose you," Denny Duquette told her. "Okay, now it's your turn."

Izzie looked at him and turned and ran out of the room. The smile on Denny's face slowly melted.

Izzie paced back and forth in the halls of Seattle Grace. He asked me to marry him, she thought. He asked me to marry him. I can't marry him. But why, why can't I marry him. There is no one telling me I can't. It's my decision, not anyone else's'. The thoughts keep running around in Izzie's head. After calming down, she had made her decision. Even though visiting hours didn't start for another hour, she still went up to Denny's room, not caring if Bailey or anyone else saw her.

Izzie popped through the door of Denny's room. "Yes, Denny. My answer is yes," Izzie told him. "Visiting hours do not start for another hour, do I need to call security?" Dr. Bailey asked Izzie. "Wait," Denny told Bailey, "It's her turn to talk." Denny looked at Izzie with a dazzling gleam in his eyes. The transplant really had done wonders for him. "Yes," she told him again, confirming her undying love to him. "I choose you, too!" "Stevens, leave," Bailey shouted. "I'll be back later, Denny. I love you," Izzie shouted as she turned down the hall. Denny looked back at Bailey "I tricked her into marrying me," Denny said with a smile. "How smart am I?"

Izzie's room had become a war zone in the last 10 minutes. She had tried on multiple dresses, trying to find the perfect one to wear for Denny. The few that she didn't like ended up on the floor. She still had to do her hair and makeup. And she had to shave her legs. She would shave her legs for Denny. She thought back to the night she had shaved her legs for Alex. That night had been a disaster. But she knew tonite would be better. She knew that Denny actually loved her. She shaved her legs, styled her hair, applied her makeup and put on her dress. Izzie Stevens actually felt beautiful. She wanted to be beautiful for Denny.

Denny was writing in a notebook when he felt the first pang. It was dull at first but then it started to sharpen. He became dizzy and breathing became painful. His limbs became numb and cold. The world around him was starting to go black and the light that Izzie wanted him to stay away from seemed so warm and inviting. He was trying to fight but the light was so beautiful. So very beautiful.

Izzie stepped into the elevator that would take her up to her Denny. He is mine, she thought, My Denny. She stepped out on the third floor and immediately spotted Alex. A smile appeared on his face. "Wow, you look beautiful," he told her. "Thanks," Izzie said, "I wanted to look nice for Denny." Izzie noticed his smile slowly disappear. "He's a lucky bastard," Alex told her. Izzie tried her best to be sympathetic to Alex, knowing full well that he still had a thing for her and that it killed him to see her with Denny. "Thanks, Alex. You know, I feel lucky to have him," Izzie told him, "I'll see you later."