Yay! Finally, I write a Bones fic! And of course, it has to be B/B-ish, 'cause I'm an insanely huge B/B shipper... Anyway, on with the drabble & a half/flashfic!


Writing to her was a from of expression. In her fiction, she could release her stress and worries. All of her fantasies could come true under another name on the pages, and filling them just freed her like nothing else.

Dedicating the stories, however, was another matter entirely.

She liked to thank the people who had inspired it, but somehow the actual dedication was hard. She blamed it on her social awkwardness.

But, eventually, she had dedicated her first novel to Angela.

When the second novel rolled around, she was beginning to dread the dedication and wondered if she should just leave it out altogether.

But then one night, it hit her.

There was only one person who she could really, honestly dedicate it to.

The one man who had been inspiring most of her recent fantasies.

And so, to him, she dedicated her work.


"This book is dedicated to my partner and friend, Special Agent, Seeley Booth."

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