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Anything in italics is Abby thinking, italics with "" is Abby thinking back about the day. Song lyrics have an extra space between them and the story. I had them in a different color, but o well. Too much formatting

Abby paces in her lab, thinking what to do about Gibbs.

"Hey, um, is Gibbs in yet?"

"I haven't seen him"

"Oh, okay."

Threw you the obvious

And you flew with it on your back

A name in your recollection

Down among a million, say:

"What do you think?"

"I'm not sure yet McGee, but I think this might be unforgivable."

Difficult enough to feel a little bit

Disappointed, passed over

"Something wrong?"

"No, nope nothing's wrong. It's just that every year Gibbs usually takes me out to dinner the night before my birthday. It's like a tradition."

"Well, he probably just forgot."

When I've looked right through,

To see you naked and oblivious

And you don't see me

"Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Find me a name."

"Now I know how Molly Ringwald felt in Sixteen Candles."

Well I threw you the obvious,

Just to see if there's more behind the

Eyes of a fallen angel

Eyes of a tragedy

"I've had a few wives Abby."

"And yet you know so little about women."

Here I am expecting just a little bit

Too much from the wounded

"What if he had a really good reason?"

"A good reason?"

"Yeah, like what if he was really stressed out or, like, overworked."

But I see

See through it all

See through

And see you

"McGee, that is so sweet. You know it's just a stupid birthday. Who cares if Gibbs forgot."

So I threw you the obvious

Do you see what occurs behind the

Eyes of a fallen angel

Eyes of a tragedy

"I could remind him when I…"

"No, don't remind him. It's really no big deal. I mean, I don't want to distract him and Gibbs is going to want a name to go with this patch, and that means I have work to do. Thank you for the flowers."

Well, oh well…

Apparently nothing

Apparently nothing at all

"Got anything?"

"Define anything?"

Gibbs shakes Caf-pow


You don't

You don't

You don't see me

You don't

You don't

You don't see me

Abby still paces and starts talking to herself. "Should I…no. No, he's busy and…but it's my birthday…" She stops and dials his cell number on her speaker phone.

"Gibbs" she hears when he picks up.

"I've got something. Come down to the lab."

"Abs I have no time."

She can hear impatience in his voice, but decides to press it anyway. "I swear it won't take long."

"Two minutes." He replies.

You don't

You don't

You don't see me

"Good work Abs."

Just get it out Abby. Tell him.

"I still have a minute and change left. Um, I know you're really busy with the case and I understand."

"Understand what?"

"That you forgot my birthday." Abby holds her breath.

You don't

You don't

You don't see me at all

"I didn't forget."

"You didn't?"

"Nope, I even remember how old you are."

"Oh! You can forget that."

"Check your desk."

Abby's eyes light up. "No. I have been working in here all night. There's no way you could have snuck by me."

Gibbs smiles and leaves while she walks to her desk.

Abby opens the present slowly. "This is so Pulp Fiction."

He does see me