Where'd You Go?

Chapter 1

Kim made her way into the hospital with her partner. They had been called by the cops to an car accident, it was a pretty bad accident, and they didn't know if their patient was going to make it. Kim had been working as a paramedic for 3 years now, and she loved it. She knew she would never have a fabulous life, but she made enough money to live comfortably. Especially with her 16 month old daughter Kylie.

Kim would never had thought she would have a daughter at the age of 22, she always figured she would be closer to 30, now just a couple months shy of 24, Kim couldn't be happier. It has been 16 months since her best friend Kyle did. They had been best friends since Kim moved Florida to train for the Pan Global's.

Unfortunately for Kim, she never got to compete. It was during a practice that Kim took a terrible fall, that landed her in the hospital for 3 months. Once Kim woke up from her coma, she fell into a terrible depression, and thus sent a letter to her long-time boyfriend Tommy, promptly ending their relationship. If it wasn't for Kyle, Kim would've killer herself 5 years ago. She felt worthless, as she could never compete in gymnastics again. To her, her life was over, why would Tommy, or anyone else want her for that matter.

Once the Pan Global's were over, Kim and Kyle moved to Miami. There Kim slowly came out of her depression, but not enough to ever start up a serious relationship. She dated, and did sleep with a guy she dated, but she never let them get to close, and she always ended the relationship, almost as soon as it began. Kim and Kyle had decided to become paramedics. Once they got their training and diploma, they quickly found a job working for a local hospital.

Soon, 2 years had passed. Kim still wasn't seeing anyone. She had severed all ties with her friends, after the disaster with Divatox, it was clear, she just didn't fit in anymore, and Tommy had moved on. So she no longer felt the need to keep in contact. Kyle had been seeing a guy from work, but it didn't last long. So one night Kyle, drunk, slept with some guy, she never got a name for. One month later, Kyle found out she was pregnant, determined, the two girls decided that they would raise the baby, until Kyle got married, until then, Kim was happy to help out her best friend.

Unfortunately, fate was not on their side. Kyle had a difficult pregnancy and during her 7th month, was forced into the hospital. She had only been in the hospital a few weeks when she went into early labour, during the delivery, Kyle started haemorrhaging and bleed out. There was little that could have been. Anticipating the worst, Kyle made Kimberly promise to raise her daughter as her own, and had all the paper work done. Honouring her best friends wishes, Kim took full custody of Kylie Elizabeth Hart, Kyle had decided on the name before her daughter was born, but told Kim that she wanted her baby to have Kim's last name, if she was not around.

Kylie was forced to stay in the hospital for a month before she could be released into Kim's care. This gave Kim enough time to find a small 2 bedroom apartment for the two of them and move everything in. When Kim brought Kylie home, it took her a while to figure out everything, she was still having difficulty dealing with her best friend being gone, and trying to raise a baby on her own was not as easy as she thought. Still, Kim had help from some of her friends at the hospital. Offering to baby-sit whenever Kim needed it, coming over to visit, so Kim wasn't always by herself. Once she started back up at work, she was thankful that they had day-care program, so Kim would be close by if needed, and Kylie would be surrounded by doctors. Kim and Kylie went on like that for over 16 months. Kim rarely thought about her old life, as she hadn't heard from or seen any of her old team-mates in over 4 years. Yet Kim was happy with her life. She loved Kylie more then anything in the world, even though biologically Kylie wasn't hers, she knew in her heart that she was her daughter, and she loved her unconditionally. Kim also vowed, that when Kylie was old enough, she would tell her all about her birth mother, and what a wonderful person she was.


Once Kim and her partner Marcus, brought their patient into the ER, Kim couldn't wait to get out of her uniform and go pick up her daughter. Kylie was at that age where she was getting ready to walk. She could already stand up on her own, but was having trouble walking. She also was starting to talk. Not a lot, mostly babble, but there were a few key words like Ma, Kim's heart nearly stopped when she first heard Kylie say it.

Saying a quick good-bye to Marcus, Kim was off to the change room to get ride of her bloody clothes, she would have to do laundry tonight before heading into work the next morning. She quickly changed and made her way to the nursery that was on the 3rd floor of the hospital.

When she walked in she saw her daughter playing on the floor with a pink ball. It didn't take long for Kylie to recognize her mother, as a big smile grew on her face and she clapped her hangs screaming, "MA! MA! MA!"

Kim laughed, her daughter had so much energy.

"I'm right here baby." Kim said picking her daughter up. "Did you have a fun time at day-care today?"

Kyle giggled and buried her head in her mothers neck.

"I'll take that as a yes." Kim gathered up all her stuff, with her daughter still in her arms, as she went to the front desk. "We are going to head home Sarah, but we will see you tomorrow."

The day-care nurse nodded, "No problem Kim, have a good night, and I will see you both bright and early tomorrow."

Kylie giggled as she waved good-bye to Sarah.

Kim and Kylie made their way out to the parking lot where Kim had her Honda CR-V parked. Kim had bought the car when Kylie was born, and couldn't imagine what she would've done without it. They didn't live within walking distance to a grocery store, and carrying a baby and groceries on a bus was just plain mad. So Kim bought the car. Things were very tight those first few months, but she managed to organize her finances and now she makes enough money that she and Kylie have a nice apartment, food on the table, and every toy Kylie has ever wanted.

Kim bucked Kylie into her baby-seat in the back, as they headed home after a long day. Tomorrow was Friday, and Kim couldn't wait, it was her weekend off this week, so she and Kylie would get to spend much needed quality time together. Some days Kim felt bad that she had to work all day, and didn't get to spend a lot of time with her daughter, but she then thinks of how much worse it could be. She could be working 2 jobs trying to keep food on the table, so she at least gets to spend nights, and every 3rd weekend with her daughter.

Traffic wasn't bad as Kim made her way home, it usually took them about 15 minutes to reach her apartment. Once they were there, Kim grabbed her bag and Kylie, she was thankful they had underground parking, because on rainy days, it could be a real bitch to be parked outside.

Kylie had fallen asleep on Kim's shoulder as they rode the elevator up to their apartment. Kim walked down the hallway till she saw someone standing in front of her door. The person looked very familiar.

"Can I help you?" Kim asked. Not getting any closer to her apartment.

The man turned around and gave Kim a small smile. "Hey Kim."

Kim stunned for a moment as she recognized the figure in front of her. Pulling her daughter as close as possible, Kim glared at the man, "What the hell are you doing here?"

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